Suluban beach is a spectacular beach in Uluwatu Bali. Also known as Blue Point beach and Pantai Suluban Bali, this place is super interesting with all the caves and coves, beach bars and amazing surf conditions. Suluban Beach is famous for its left-hand point break that is very popular among skilled surfers. But there are many more fantastic things to do as it’s also one of the best places to watch the sunset in Bali. In this complete guide you will find everything you need to know about Suluban beach. How to get there, the best time to visit and what to expect!

How to get to Suluban beach Uluwatu

Suluban beach Bali is located in Uluwatu on the very southwestern tip of Bali. The best way to get here is on your rental scooter. You can easily rent scooters in the main tourist hubs throughout Bali such as Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, Ubud, and Uluwatu. Make sure to have an international drivers license and always wear a helmet!

Scooter rental is mostly around 50,000 – 100,000 IDR per day depending on the model and CC’s your motorbike has. Monthly prices are from anywhere between 700,000 IDR and 1,500,000 IDR.

From the Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu region, it’s approximately an hour to 1.5-hour journey to Suluban Beach Bali. Alternatively, if you are not comfortable driving a scooter, you can rent a car in Bali or a private driver. Or try GoJek or Bluebird as taxi.


Suluban beach entrance fee

There are two entrances to Suluban beach Uluwatu. We always took the Single Fin entrance, and via both ways you need to walk down for about 10 minutes until you reach the beach. The beach is free to enter, but you must pay parking fee at both parkings.

Beach entrance parking fee: 3,000 IDR.

Single Fin entrance parking fee: 5,000 IDR for a motorbike / 15,000 IDR for a car.


Best time to visit Suluban beach

The best time to visit Bali Suluban beach is during low tide. During that period you will have more beach space to spread out your towel. It’s also easier to access and explore the Suluban Cave beach and small rock openings that lead to the hidden beach with low tide.

The sunset in south Bali is stunning, so if you’re a sunset lover make sure to get here on time! Order a drink at one of the beach bars and find a good spot somewhere on the beach or on the cliffs at one of the beach bars.


What to expect at Suluban beach Uluwatu

From the carpark, it is approximately a 10-minute walk down concrete stairs before you reach the Suluban Beach Cave. You will zigzag past dozens of clifftop bars, small warungs, souvenir shops and surfboard rental shacks. From the Uluwatu cliff you will have an amazing view on the ocean, the famous Uluwatu surf break lies adjacent to the Uluwatu cliff which offers the most incredible view of the surfers from above. So after you’ve explored the beach, this is the perfect spot to enjoy the afternoon and see surfers in action before the sun sets.

The first thing you should know before you go to Suluban Beach Bali, is that you should check the tide times. If you’re going there to relax you want it to be low tide to not get washed away by the waves. However, if you’re going to surf, you can visit at any time. You can check what time the tide is out here.

There are always surfers around at Suluban Beach Cave who are either paddling out to surf or coming back in from a session. The cave is the main entry and exit point for surfers who are game enough to surf Uluwatu’s famous left-hand break at Blue Point. Although the beach is not the most ideal spot for sunbathing, it is a great place to watch surfers and have the feeling of a ‘hidden beach’.

The beach itself is completely different to all the other Bali beaches. It’s a real adventure, climbing down the windy stairs, passing the clifftop bars, the surfers vibe and exploring beneath the limestone cliffs and caves. Half of the beach area is shaded by the caved cliff, ideal if you need some shade throughout a day on the beach. The other half of the beach catches the sun throughout the day and has a fun piece of shipwreck on the beach. This little gem is definitely one of our favourite Uluwatu beaches with so much things to offer!


Things to do at Suluban beach Uluwatu

There are many different things to do at Suluban beach. Either for the active or relaxing people, you can choose to hit the beach, drink a beer or do some Bali water sports!


Before you find the beach, you will have to pass the Suluban Beach cave. It is very interesting to see how this cave is formed by the power of nature! If you’re looking for some shade, the cave is the best place to be!



It almost feels like a real adventure crawling through the Suluban Beach Cave to reach the sand shores at the hidden Suluban Beach! There is a pretty fun shipwreck at the foot of Uluwatu cliff on the southern end of the beach. It seems that graffiti artists have creatively used this shipwreck as their blank canvas to express their artworks which is cool to see!



The most popular water sports at this beach is without a doubt surfing. You will see surfers everywhere, and that’s for a reason… The Uluwatu Surf is a very famous left-hand barreling reef break at Blue Point Uluwatu. This particular spot can be surfed on all tides, but it typically breaks best on a mid to low tide. Uluwatu Beach is home to many international surf events each year that attracts professional surfers from all around the world. The best months to surf at Suluban Beach is in the dry season from May to October. The surf here works best in offshore winds from the east and the ideal swell direction is from the south-west.



Not only is Suluban Beach one of the top things to do in Uluwatu, but a sunset drink at Single Fin Bali Uluwatu is absolutely a must do. Every day of the week Single Fin Uluwatu offers beers, snacks, live music and the best views overlooking the Indian Ocean. But, Single Fin Bar is best renowned for its famous ‘Sunday Sessions’ on the top of Uluwatu Cliff where resident and international DJs play hourly long live sets. It has people flocking to down Uluwatu Beach just to experience a Sunday session at Single Fin. So if you’re around on a Sunday, you can’t miss Single Fin! But make sure to get there early as it can get super crowded.


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