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Who are Digital Travel Couple?

Hi! We are Atiba & Ilse, founders of Digital Travel Couple. Welcome on our blog, we’re happy to have you here and hope you enjoy reading all our travel, photo & videography tips!

If you want to get to know us better, read our FAQ on this page. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We’d love to get in contact with our readers and followers!

Where are you guys from?2019-06-14T18:33:28+08:00

We were both born and raised in the west of The Netherlands, nearby Rotterdam in small villages.

How did DigitalTravelCouple start?2019-04-14T08:23:10+08:00

We think our name says everything about what we do and who we are. We work online, using digital tools, we travel, and we are a couple. DigitalTravelCouple! When we were brainstorming about our website and social media name we wanted to keep it personal and a name which is easy to remember. We started our Instagram at the beginning of 2018 and this website and blog in January 2019. 

Since when are we traveling fulltime?2019-04-14T08:57:58+08:00

On 8-8-2018 we got on a flight to Bali without a return ticket. We didn’t realize this while booking the flight on this specific date, but the three numbers eight in this date mean a lot to us. If you turn the 8 to 180 degrees, you see the sign of infinity. And that is exactly how this adventure feels to us, as an infinite journey 🙂

Why did we choose to become fulltime travel content creators?2019-04-14T09:21:39+08:00

Having our fulltime jobs, owning a house, and having the ability to practice our sports on top level, people would say we have ‘everything’. But we felt that we didn’t want to be ‘stuck’ in one place. The adventure was calling us. We had the urge to develop our creative and entrepreneurial side. We felt that we want to tell a story through visuals, explore the world as content creators. Becoming the best photo and videographers we can be.

Also we realized the value of time and how important it is to use it wisely. We didn’t want to be stuck in a weekly race of office work, training etc. We wanted to have the time to develop ourselves as better persons, entrepreneurs and as a couple. This would give us the opportunity to build on our own dreams and create a life we don’t need a vacation from. And that’s exactly the position where we are in now. We love our work so much, and we are living our lives in the most beautiful parts of the world. So we don’t need ‘vacation’ from this life anymore! 🙂 

What did we prepare to travel as content creators?2019-04-14T09:25:36+08:00

We started our own business, developed ourselves as photo and videographers, quit our jobs, sold our house and all our belongings and packed all we needed in our backpacks. Of course these steps took time. From the start of this plan to the implementation and the date on which we left for Bali, months of preparation have preceded it. 

How does our daily life look like on the road?2019-04-14T08:32:23+08:00

In the first weeks of traveling fulltime, we needed to find a balance between traveling, creating content, working on our blog, keep social media up to date, and have time for each other. Our vision is to travel slow and really get to know a country instead of seeing as many places as possible in a short time. We prefer to stay at least one, or two months in a country. That also gives us the possibility to have enough time to work, explore the country and make the best content during the best times of the day. It also gives the possibility to get to know other travelers, creators and digital nomads which we meet along the way.

Which gear do we use?2020-03-06T14:20:09+08:00

Have a look HERE for all our gear 🙂