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Massive jagged peaks, turquoise glacier lakes, ancient forests, and an abundance of wildlife. Canada is a dream for outdoor lovers. 

Discover the most amazing hikes and adventures in British Columbia and Alberta through our blog posts.  

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Costa Rica is an eco paradise that will enchant you with its biodiversity, majestic volcanos, lush rainforests and beautiful tropical beaches.

From the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean Sea, discover Costa Rica through our blog posts.

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Portugal, one of the popular beach destinations in Europe with its breathtaking coastline in the Algarve has some of the most beautiful European islands. Madeira, also known as the ‘Hawaii of Europe’ offers everything for outdoor lovers.

Together with the Azores and Porto Santo, these are the most underrated islands of Europe that have endless nature beauty to offer.  

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New Zealand, the land of turquoise lakes, snow capped mountains, ancient forests and glacier-carved fiords brings you breathtakingly views at every corner.

Explore the most beautiful hikes and best things to do in our New Zealand blog posts! 

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Plan your next trip to the United States effortlessly with the help of our Travel Guides.

Create your itinerary based on the best things to do and places to visit in the USA. We are here to save you precious time to sort out your next trip to the United States.