Padang Padang beach, also known as Labuan Sait beach with locals, is one of the most popular beaches in Uluwatu. There are several reasons for it, one being because this beach made its appearance in the Eat Pray Love movie. But Padang Padang also has one of the best waves to surf in Uluwatu. Besides these reasons, Padang Padang is just a beautiful, pure and almost adventurous place with impressive rock formations, super clear water and secluded beaches. Read in this blog post everything you need to know about Padang Padang beach Bali!

How to get to Padang Padang beach

You will find Padang Padang beach in the southwest of Bukit Peninsula in the Pecatu region. Our best experience to get around in Bali is to rent a motorbike. You can literally rent motorbikes everywhere on the Island. The rental price is usually between 50,000 and 100,000 IDR per day depending on the model and CC’s you choose. It is possible to visit this beach when you stay in Canggu area or Seminyak area. The ride from there will take you around 1-2 hours, depending on the traffic. We’ve visited Padang Padang beach during the days we stayed in Uluwatu. Uluwatu offers so many beautiful beaches which you can’t visit in one day, so it’s absolutely worth to stay longer in this area. Read more about the other beaches HERE.

When you arrive at the entrance of the beach, you will see that there is quite large parking area at the opposite of the stairs to the beach. There you can park your scooter for 2000 IDR. 

If you don’t want to ride a motorbike, you can hire a private driver (or private guide, however you like to call it), for a day tour. You can make your own itinerary and visit the highlights of Uluwatu in one day. The price will depend on how many persons join the car. But mostly it will cost you around 500,000 IDR.


Entrance fee to Padang Padang beach

After you’ve parked your scooter, you will find a ticket counter at the top before you head down to the beach. You need to pay 15,000 IDR entrance fee to get access to Padang Padang beach.

Walking down to Padang Padang beach is already an adventure. Be aware of the many cheeky monkeys hanging around here and keep your food and bags out of reach from them, or better almost everything that they can catch easily! The staircase splits into 2 different sections but ends at the same point. It’s really a spectacular feeling walking down from the top of the cliffs between the limestone cliffs of about 8 meters high. We must say, the way up is pretty hard after chilling a few hours in the sun, but that’s something to worry later. Now it’s time to enjoy the beach first!


What to do at Padang Padang beach

The crystal clear blue- greenish seawater and its beautiful white sand beach combined with several caves makes Padang Padang beach an unique spot. Some people might even remember this beach from the movie ‘Eat Pray Love’ with Julia Roberts. It’s a fact that after this movie came out, Bali gained a lot of attention. More and more travellers came to Bali after that for their own ‘Eat Pray Love’ experience. Therefore, this beach also gained more visitors over the time, and is now one of the most famous beaches in Bali to visit.

The beach offers enough space for everyone. However, when there are many people, it can quickly give a busy, but cozy feeling. You can rent sun beds and an umbrella, but there is also some natural shade due to the cliffs. Also a toilet is available on the beach. And if you’re thirsty or hungry, there are enough possibilities on the beach to get drinks, snacks, coconuts and lots of different Bali souvenirs. So if you’re in need of a sarong, hat, t-shirt, bracelets or other things, you will most likely find it here!


Surfing at Padang Padang beach Bali

If you like to go surfing at Padang Padang beach, you can rent surf boards at the beach. The boards will cost you around 100,000 IDR for two hours. Because Padang Padang is considered as one of the best surf spots on the south part of Bali, it can get busy. Surfers from beginner to professional from all over the world are coming to Bali’s south coast to surf the waves. With the amazing, beautiful scenery of the Indian ocean, the stunning limestone cliffs and lush vegetation in combination with the great waves, it is understandable why! 


A birds eye view on the beach. As you can see there is a resort with private villas in front of the beach. Would you like to stay there?


Other things to do in Uluwatu

Uluwatu has many things to offer, but the impressive limestone cliffs and beautiful white sand beaches are the main attraction of Bali’s south-coast.

If you have some time to explore Uluwatu, you can’t miss these spots


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