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ALING ALING WATERFALL HIKE – Jumping, Sliding & Hiking

Aling Aling waterfall is a beautiful twin waterfall in North Bali of about 35 meters height. Tucked away in a lush green canyon, Aling Aling is super photogenic and some of the must visit Bali waterfalls. There’s lots of mist blowing around, so be prepared to get wet. Besides Aling Aling waterfall, there are three more waterfalls to explore during the trek. From these three other waterfalls you can do cliff jumping into a deep pool. However, you need a guide if you choose this option. Only for visiting and photographing the Aling Aling waterfalls you can do this short hike self guided. Read in this complete guide everything you need to know about Aling Aling waterfall and the three other stunning waterfalls with crystal clear turquoise pools.


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How to get to Aling Aling waterfall Bali

Aling Aling waterfall is located in North Bali at the Sambangan Secret Garden. From the main tourist areas in Bali such as Canggu, Ubud and Kuta / Seminyak it’s about 2 hours driving. Because you will need a guide anyway to jump off and slide down the waterfalls, it’s the easiest to book the hidden waterfalls day tour with Four Elements Adventure. During this tour you will visit 12 hidden waterfalls including the ones at Sambangan Secret Garden where you can jump and slide from some of the waterfalls. The tour includes pick up and drop off, all adventure equipment, water, lunch and an English speaking guide.

Eventually you can book 1 or 2 nights in Munduk or Lovina to explore more waterfalls in the surrounding area such as SekumpulBanyumala Twin falls and many more. 

The entrance to Aling Aling waterfall is easy to find on Google Maps. As soon as you arrive you will see the ticket booth and a parking spot. Here you can park your car or scooter safely before hiking to the waterfall garden. The trail is well signed and you can’t get lost when following the path and river. 

Aling Aling waterfall entrance fee 

There are two types of entrance tickets for Aling Aling waterfall. If you only want to visit the waterfalls, take photo’s and enjoy the nature surroundings, you pay 20 000 IDR per person. But, if you want to include cliff jumping and swimming at the waterfalls, you are obliged to take a local guide. This is for your own safety because the guide will help you find the right spots to jump and knows where the natural pools are most deep. 

Book a day tour to 12 amazing waterfalls with Four Elements adventure including jumping and sliding down the waterfalls.


Best time to visit Aling Aling waterfall

The opening hours for Aling Aling waterfall are from 8 AM until 6 PM. The rule in Bali is always that the earlier you go, the more chance you have to have a spot completely for yourself. However, Aling Aling is not an overrun Bali waterfall yet, so it won’t be as busy as other famous spots. 

Regarding the power of the falls, you can expect the waterfalls to be pretty year round. In rainy season the waterfalls in Bali are usually even more powerful, but therefore also a bit hectic sometimes. There’s not a specific best time to visit, just try to get there in the morning and avoid weekends if possible. In total you will need about 2-3 hours to see all waterfalls, but you can do it faster if you’re having a busy schedule. When you add the cliff jumping to it, it totally depends how often you want to jump and how long you want to swim and chill at the falls. 


What to expect at Aling Aling waterfall

The Aling Aling waterfalls are a collection of four beautiful waterfalls in total. From the ticket booth you walk a little bit uphill and then go left in the first alley. You will walk along a rice field and local homes before you make your way into the forest. You can walk on flip-flops, but we always recommend to bring sturdy shoes as the steps can be super slippery because of the moss growing on it. From the ticket booth it is only 10 – 15 minutes of walking to the first intersection. Here you can choose to either go down to the Kroya, Kembar and Pucuk waterfalls which are the cliff jump spots. Or directly make your way further towards Aling Aling waterfall. This is another 5 – 10 minutes of waking along the jungle path. 

Aling Aling waterfall 

Aling Aling waterfall is without a doubt the most photogenic waterfall of all. The powerful twin waterfall plumps about 35 meters down into the pool and it’s so strong that you can feel the spray on your skin. Here swimming is not allowed so you will only have people come and go to take pictures. You can walk down the slippery stairs to get down to a small deck where you can take stunning photos from Aling Aling. Below some of the pictures we took from the stunning Aling Aling waterfall. 


Kroya waterfall 

Kroya waterfall is the first waterfall you will see when making your way down from the ticket booth. This 5 meters high waterfall has a stunning turquoise pool and a cement platform from where you can jump from. Besides that, Kroya waterfall has a natural slide. So if you feel like sliding into your day, then ask your guide to go to the top of the waterfall so you can have some adrenaline pumping! If you’re not a very strong swimmer then it is recommended to put on a life jacket as the force of the waterfalls tends to push you down a bit. Besides being a fun jump spot, Kroya is also a beautiful, photogenic spot. See below the pictures we took at Kroya waterfall. 


Kembar waterfall 

Kembar waterfall is just a minute walk away from Kroya waterfall and is another cliff jump spot that takes it to the next level! Where Kroya was only 5 meters high, Kembar waterfall, which means double falls, is 10 meters high. There’s a lot of foam below so again, you need to be a strong swimmer and a bit of an adrenaline junkie to do these jumps! 


If you’re not into jumping, then the pool at Kembar waterfall is great to take a dip in. You can easily enter the water and it gets slowly deeper the closer you get to the falls. Besides swimming, being at the bottom of these two falls is also a great photo spot! The river then connects Kembar with the last waterfall you can spot here which is Pucuk waterfall, the highest fall of these three.


Pucuk waterfall

Pucuk waterfall is the last of the three waterfalls you can see at this part. This 15 meters high waterfall offers a serious cliff jumping spot. Not for the faint hearted! However when we visited in December 2021, there was a huge landslide and half of the stairs was wiped out. It looked like there was no other way anymore to go down to the bottom of these falls. Which also means there’s no way up when jumping from this one. They will most likely first have to make new stairs before cliff jumping from this spot is possible again. So we flew the drone to get a better perspective of Pucuk waterfall, as it was only possible for us to see this one from the top. 


More things to do close to Aling Aling waterfall

If you have time left after exploring Aling Aling waterfall, or when you’re staying for a few days in Lovina or Munduk, then there are plenty of other things to do in this area. Above all, North Bali is waterfall heaven, so you can explore many more waterfalls. But besides that, there are some other things to do such as:


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