Nyang Nyang beach is a beautiful stretch of 1.5 kilometre coastline. It’s one of the most cleanest and untouched beaches in Bali due to the location and the effort it takes to get down to the beach to reach it. The soft white sand, clear water and ship wrecks give this beach a true untouched and natural feel. Don’t expect to find any warungs, beach clubs, umbrellas or other tourists here. Nyang Nyang beach really is an off the beaten path destination, and is therefore a perfect little adventure for people who like to explore deserted beaches. In this complete guide you will find everything you need to know about Nyang Nyang beach.

How to get to Bali Nyang Nyang beach

Nyang Nyang beach is located in the Bukit Peninsula in the Southern point of Bali. Getting to the parking area is easy, especially if you are using Google Maps. Set your destination to Nyang Nyang Beach and Google Maps brings you there! From Jl Raya Uluwatu Pecatu Street you will have to turn right if you are coming from the Uluwatu Temple direction, along the street you will see a sign where you will drive straight into the parking lot.

There is no parking fee, and also the entrance to the beach is completely free!


What to expect at Nyang Nyang beach

Once you’ve reached the parking lot and parked your motorbike, the walk down to the beach starts. Make sure to bring enough water and some snacks, as there won’t be any stalls to buy water or snacks at the beach. There is a shop near the parking, so don’t worry if you haven’t brought some from your accommodation.

The path down to beach is a steep rocky road, so bring some comfortable shoes or slippers with you. After rainfall the trail can even be a bit slippery, so be aware of loose gravel.

It takes around 20 minutes walking down to the beach and the path is well sign posted. The views during the walk down are just beautiful, an extra good reason to take a break and admire the stunning panorama of the Indian Ocean.

When you’ve reached the end of the steep road, the gravel turns into dreamy white soft sand and you will most likely see an empty beach which you’ll have all for yourself!

When we visited Nyang Nyang beach it was completely clean, no plastic or washed up wood. But this can vary entirely depending on the season. It depends on the season that you visit Bali in which state you will find the beaches. Trash is known to wash up from the ocean towards the end of monsoon season.


Things to do at Nyang Nyang beach

There’s not that much to do on Nyang Nyang beach as its still a kind of ‘secret beach’. More and more tourists and locals flock to this beach, but you won’t see it as busy as the more popular beaches in Uluwatu like Padang Padang beach or Suluban beach. But still, there are some fun things to do here, especially with the two ship wrecks that have washed up on the beach. This gives fun photo opportunities and absolutely deserves a click with your camera! The artwork on the sides of the abandoned graffiti boat vessels is constantly changing thanks to the local artists that visit regularly and let their creativity flow. There’s also a little hidden swing which is an awesome photo opportunity using the ocean as a stunning backdrop.

For the shell lovers is enough to do at the beach. There are sooo much beautiful shells to find here! It’s a lot of fun to just wander around the beach, looking for the nicest shells.


Swimming and sunbathing

Unfortunatly, Nyang Nyang beach is not the best spot for swimming. Especially with low tide, when you will only see the reef. But with high tide, the waves can get strong which can get dangerous with the reef only 3 feet below the surface. So not the best place to cool off after the walk down, but the ship wrecks and secluded feeling of this beach make up for it!

Despite that Nyang Nyang beach is deserted and hidden, you can still rent umbrellas if you need some shadow. Which is actually needed because there is no natural shadow at the beach. An umbrella costs 50 000 IDR per day, but with 2 sun beds the price goes up to 100 000 IDR.


You will also notice that there are a lot of paragliders along the coast. That’s because the take off spot if right above Nyang Nyang beach, which is super cool to just look at! But if you’re a real adrenaline junkie, maybe paragliding above the cliffs of Bali’s south coast is something for you? We asked some information from the Bali Paragliding Club about the options. They told us that you can book a 15 minute flight over Nyang Nyang beach with a licensed professional paragliding tandem master for 2,500,000 IDR including personal insurance coverage.


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