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15 BEST ULUWATU BEACHES, BALI – The Complete Guide

The beautiful Uluwatu beaches are some of the best beaches in Bali with their white yellow sand and crystal clear blue water. Most of the other beaches in Bali have black sand beaches because of the volcanic history. But the south coast of this Indonesian island has totally different beaches accompanied by tall limestone cliffs, amazing surf waves, insane viewpoints to watch the sunset, high end clifftop bars and beach clubs. Around the Uluwatu area you can find plenty of hipster surf cafes, skateboard parks, traditional temples, healthy cafes and restaurants and much more! To find out about all the best things to do in Uluwatu, read this blog post. But in this guide I will share the 10 best Uluwatu beaches, here we go!

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Best Uluwatu tours

If you want to explore the best of Uluwatu with a private tour, then it is highly recommended to book a tour with a private driver. This gives you the chance to explore everything at your own pace. Because of Bali’s popularity it is highly recommended to book your tours in advance as it is likely that tours sell out. So don’t wait with booking until you get to Bali. Choose your favorite tours here and secure your booking! All of these tours include air conditioned transport with hotel pick up and drop off, certified guides and sometimes also lunch and the entrance fees. You can reserve now and pay later, with cancellation up to 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund.

  • Uluwatu beaches, GWK Cultural Park and Uluwatu temple tour. A combination of the best culture and nature activities that southern Bali has to offer. Explore the most southern region in Bali with a private driver and English speaking guide to learn more about the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park and soak in the sunshine at Uluwatu’s best beaches. You will finish the day with a spectacular sunset at Uluwatu Temple and watch the famous Kecak Balinese Cultural Dance.
  • Uluwatu beach club hopping tour. This private tour will take you to the best Uluwatu beach clubs to enjoy a day of relaxing at some of the best infinity pools and beaches that Uluwatu has to offer.
  • Customisable full day tour along the best spots in Uluwatu. Have your own private driver for a day to visit all the best spots in Uluwatu. Make your own itinerary and explore every location at your own pace.
  • Uluwatu white sand beaches tour and sunset at Uluwatu temple. Discover some of the best beaches in Uluwatu during this private tour. While visiting the beautiful white sand beaches you can swim and snorkel in crystal clear waters or rent a jet ski, fly-board or banana boat at your own expense. After the beach fun you will visit Padang Padang beach before watching the sunset at Uluwatu Temple and see the traditional Kecak dance show overlooking the sea.
  • Underwater Sea Walking Experience Nusa Dua. Explore Bali’s stunning underwater life while walking on the bottom of the ocean with a professional guide. The sea walker is a soft dive system that is designed specifically for those who are not confident swimmers or do not wish to dive.
  • Fly Board experience Nusa Dua. Fly high over the ocean with a Flyboard and get the adrenaline pumping!
  • Watersports Fun Package Nusa Dua: Jet Ski, Parasailing and donut boat. Have the best of three watersports activities in Nusa Dua. Soar in the air while parasailing, drive a jetski yourself and have fun on the donut boat.

General travel must haves for Bali

Before we dive into the best beaches in Uluwatu, let’s check a few things to make your travels in Bali easy and safe.

Have you thought about how to get around in Bali? A scooter is the easiest way if you’re comfortable driving one yourself.

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How to visit the Uluwatu beaches

The best way to get around in Bali is always on a scooter, if you are comfortable driving one yourself. Despite the traffic can get really busy and crazy, it’s always the fastest way to get around. The roads in Bali are narrow, so with all the cars driving around, traffic jam is ‘business as usual’. With a scooter you can manoeuvre easily through all the cars. Book your scooter or motorbike here in advance so you don’t have to look for it after arrival. With this service your scooter will be brought to your accommodation and picked up after the rental period is over. Super easy!

But if you’re short in time and you don’t want to drive yourself, you can also book a guided tour to the best Uluwatu beaches including a visit to GWK Cultural Park and Uluwatu temple. This tour is a great combination of some of the best things to do in Uluwatu. A combination of culture, nature and seeing the best what Uluwatu has to offer.

Best time to visit the Uluwatu beaches

The best time to visit Bali is roughly between April and October during the island’s dry season. But this doesn’t mean that the other months its only raining. In fact, rainy season in 2019 and 2020 was really dry! Only some days heavy rain, but mostly sunshine, some overcast and only a small shower at the end of the day. So don’t get discouraged to book your holiday to Bali in rainy season, it’s super green and lush during that period!

In terms of the best time to go to the Uluwatu beaches you don’t have to worry. The beaches are usually never crowded with tourists. However, as with anywhere in Bali, the best time to visit any location is always early in the morning! Make sure to plan ahead for the afternoons as well because the Uluwatu sunsets are insane! There are many viewpoints from where you will have an impressive sunset view on the Indian Ocean. If you’re a surfer then you’ll love Uluwatu as it’s a popular surf spot! There are many surf camps in Uluwatu, but you can also go out into the waters with your own surf board or rent one at the beach. Uluwatu is one of the best areas for catching waves in Bali!

Take the tide into account when visiting the Uluwatu beaches

All the beaches in Bali are affected by the tide. This means that you need to take into account when it’s high tide or low tide. Especially with the beaches who have a small stretch of sand like Green Bowl beach and Tegal Wangi beach. For surfers it is super important to know the tides, but also as a tourist! For example when you want to relax in the natural pools at Tegal Wangi beach, you can only see them and sit in them with low tide and when the sea is really calm. At Green Bowl beach there is almost no beach anymore with high tide. So be prepared and check the tides before planning a day trip to one of the beautiful Uluwatu beaches. 


Nunggalan beach – shipwrek beach Uluwatu

Nunggalan beach Bali is a beautiful hidden white sand beach along green cliffs in Uluwatu. It takes some effort to get to the beach by walking down a rocky path. So you won’t see many tourists here which makes a visit to Nunggalan beach very serene. So if you love a little adventure and work out to get to some of the beaches in Uluwatu, then definitely check out Nunggalan beach. Because the beach is so secluded, you can expect it to be very quiet. There are no facilities around except a little beach shack that sells coconuts and where you can rent an umbrella. So Nunggalan beach is without a doubt some of the best beaches for peace seekers and off the beaten path adventurers. It also has a ship wreck on the beach and therefore Nunggalan beach is also known as Shipwreck beach in Uluwatu.


Nunggalan beach – Best Uluwatu beaches


How to get to Nunggalan beach

Nunggalan beach is located next to Nyang Nyang beach. It is actually the extension of Nyang Nyang but seperated by a small headland. Nunggalan beach is easy to find with Google Maps and well signed along the main road. Drive all the way to end where you will see Villa Plenilunio, here you can park your vehicle. The parking fee is 5000 IDR. After grabbing your stuff for some relax time, it’s first a 20 minute hike down the cliff. Be prepared for this. You can do the little hike on flipflops but it will be sweaty on the way back up.

What to expect at Nunggalan beach

Once down at the beach you will see the beautiful white sand stretch with the green cliffs as backdrop. In the rainy season the cliffs will be bright green and in the summer season more brownish because the foliage is less grown. Close to where you enter the beach you will see a shipwreck covered in graffiti. This is a very cool photo spot, as well during the day with blue skies as with sunset. However, keep in mind that if you watch sunset at Nunggalan Beach you will have to make your way back up in the twilight or dark. The beach shack where you enter Nunggalan Beach offers umbrellas for rent. This is much needed as during sunny days it gets so hot here and there’s almost no natural shade. We got 1 umbrella for 50.000 IDR and 2 coconuts for another 50.000 IDR. 

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Nunggalan beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

Suluban beach

Suluban beach is a spectacular beach in Uluwatu Bali. Also known as Blue Point beach and Pantai Suluban Bali, this place is super interesting with all the caves and coves, beach bars and amazing surf conditions. Suluban Beach is popular for its amazing surf waves. But there are many more things to do as there are many hipster surf cafes and it’s one of the best places to watch sunset in Uluwatu!


How to get to Suluban beach

Suluban beach Bali is located in Uluwatu on the very southwestern tip of Bali. The best way to get here is on your rental moped. You can easily rent a moped  in all the busier places in Bali like Uluwatu, Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta and Ubud. Make sure to have an international drivers license and always wear a helmet!

What to expect at Suluban beach

Before you can enter Suluban beach, first you have to make your way down the winding stairs. Your will past dozens of clifftop bars, small warungs, souvenir shops and surfboard rental shacks on your way until you reach the Suluban Beach Cave. From there, you have to find your way through the cave until you get to the hidden Suluban beach. 

From the Uluwatu cliff you have an amazing view on the ocean. So this is the perfect spot to enjoy the afternoon after exploring the beach. Go to Single Fin or one of the other warungs to drink a beer or coconut and watch surfers in action before the sun sets.

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Suluban beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

Padang Padang beach

Padang Padang beach, also known as Labuan Sait beach with locals, is one of the most popular beaches in Uluwatu. There are several reasons for it, one being because this beach made its appearance in the Eat Pray Love movie. But Padang Padang also has one of the best waves to surf in Uluwatu. Besides these reasons, Padang Padang is just a beautiful, pure and almost adventurous beach with unique rock caves, natural swimming pools and secluded beaches.


Drone shot Padang Padang beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

How to get to Padang Padang beach

Padang Padang beach is located in the southwest of the Bukit Peninsula in the Pecatu region. The best way to get around in Bali is on a motorbike. You can rent motorbikes at many spots throughout Bali such as Uluwatu, Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta and Ubud. Motorbike rental is usually between 50,000 and 100,000 IDR per day depending on the model and CC’s you choose. When you arrive at the entrance of the beach, you will see that there is quite a large parking area at the opposite of the stairs to the beach. There you can park your motorbike for 2000 IDR. 

What to expect at Padang Padang beach

The crystal clear blue- greenish seawater and its beautiful white sand beach combined with several caves makes Padang Padang beach an unique spot. You can rent sun beds and an umbrella on the beach, or find a nice spot on the sand to spread your towel. There are a few beach shacks where you can get a drink or order some food. Depending on the tide, Padang Padang beach has some of the best waves in Bali for surfers. But with low tide you can enjoy the natural pools and reef that’s been exposed. 

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Padang Padang beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

Thomas beach

Thomas beach is one of the most undiscovered and underrated Bali beaches. The beautiful 200-meter long soft white sand beach and turquoise water makes it the perfect tropical beach getaway. To avoid the crowds, head towards Thomas beach for a more tranquil beach day. 


Thomas beach topdown – Best Uluwatu beaches

How to get to Thomas beach

Thomas beach is just a little further than Padang Padang beach (also known as Labuan Sait beach). The beach is signed from the road where you have to follow the unpaved road down to the parking lot. There is no parking fee, so you can walk straight down the stairs to the beach which takes you a short ten minutes.  

What to expect at Thomas beach

Thomas beach is a very pretty 200 meter long beach with fine soft white sand, turquoise crystal-clear water and a few beach shacks. Here you can rent sun beds and umbrella’s for 50,000 IDR per day. If you’re into surfing you can also rent surfboards at one of the beach shacks. Thirsty or hungry? Then you can buy some food and drinks at one of the warungs. Because Thomas Beach is not a popular tourist beach destination yet, you will likely have this hidden gem almost entirely to yourself! 

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Nusa Dua beach

Nusa Dua beach is not particularly located in the Uluwatu area, but it is still very easy to enjoy this beach when you’re staying in Uluwatu. It’s only a 30-40 minute drive from Uluwatu and it’s definitely some of the more easier beaches to reach in the Bukit Peninsula. For some other Uluwatu beaches you mostly have to walk some stairs down the cliff. But Nusa Dua beach is located right where you can park.

Nusa Dua beach is also known as Mengiat beach by the locals and is a beautiful wide beach with perfectly calm turquoise water that is great for swimming. In general the Nusa Dua beaches are very clean because they are being well maintained by the resorts that are located along the beaches. There are plenty of sunbeds with parasols for rent and enough warungs around where you can order drinks and food.

Nusa Dua beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

How to get to Nusa Dua beach

Nusa Dua beach is easy to find via Google navigation, here is the address: Benoa, Kuta Selatan, Benoa, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80363, Indonesia. When you get to the parking you will have to pay the parking fee of 2000 IDR for motor bikes. There is no additional entrance fee for the beach.

What to expect at Nusa Dua beach

Nusa Dua beach is the perfect place to have a relaxing beach day, swim in the calm waters and order drinks and food from your sunbed. But, if you’re in for more action, then there are plenty of water sports activities to book at Nusa Dua beach!

Things to do at Nusa Dua Beach 

  • Rent a glass bottom boat to explore the underwater sea life without getting wet
  • Go snorkelling to see some fishes
  • Visit the water blow to see the power of the waves crashing against the rocks
  • Watch the sunrise from Nusa Dua Beach. Facing east this is the perfect spot to watch sunrise in Bali
  • Rent a jetski for some adrenaline fun
  • Go parasailing to see Nusa Dua from a higher perspective 
  • Rent a kayak to explore the bay and get some exercise 

Nusa Dua beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

Tegal Wangi beach

Tegal Wangi beach has a lot to offer, either with low tide or high tide. Therefore it’s one of our most favorite Uluwatu beaches. We already came here 3 times!

Many locals come to the cliffs of Pantai Tegal Wangi to watch the sunset. But the hidden gems are at the beach! You can watch the sunset from the cliffs or beach, explore the caves along the beach, bath in one of the natural rock pools (only with low tide!), or even go cliff jumping!


Tegal Wangi beach viewpoint – Best Uluwatu beaches

How to get to Tegal Wangi beach

Tegal Wangi Beach is located on the Southern tip of Bali along the west coast, also known as the Bukit Peninsula. The beach can be found right behind Ayana resort in the Jimbaran region. You can easily get to Tegal Wangi beach with your own rental motorbike from the Kuta, Canggu, Seminyak area.

What to expect at Tegal Wangi beach

The beach itself is not the perfect sunbathing spot. With high tide there is not even a real beach to spread your towel. But the caves on this beach are interesting, especially for photographers. You can get a really cool angle at the last cave on the beach with sunset. We waited here until a big wave hit the rocks so it would create a huge splash. See the end result we created during our last time visiting Tegal Wangi beach. The best time to visit this beach is with low tide. Only then you can visit the caves and you might be able to relax in the natural rock pools.

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Tegal Wangi beach sunset cave – Best Uluwatu beaches

Green Bowl beach

Green Bowl beach is located at the base of lush verdant cliffs and is one of the most secluded and beautiful Uluwatu beaches! Once you’ve conquered the 300 stairs down to the beach, you can find shelter in the cave and enjoy the unending views on the Indian Ocean together with the soft white sand. These are the only few ingredients you’ll need for a perfect day at the beach. Green Bowl beach is our most favorite of the Uluwatu beaches because it still has that untouched feel. 


Green Bowl beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

How to get to Green Bowl beach

Green Bowl Beach is located on the far southern tip of Bali in the Bukit Peninsula in Ungasan.

If you are coming from the Kuta, Seminyak or Canggu area, it is a 1 to 1.5 hour journey to reach the beach, also known as Pantai Green Bowl in Bahasa. From anywhere in Uluwatu it might only take you about 20 minutes of driving. You can find Green Bowl beach on Google Maps and it’s easy to find. 

What to expect at Green Bowl beach Uluwatu

When you arrive at the carpark of Green Bowl beach, you have to pay a small parking fee of 2,000 IDR. To get to the beach, you have to descend the 300 concrete steps down. The hike might feel a bit strenuous at first, but once you start you will soon realize that it’s nothing too exhausting and totally worth it! The fifty meters long stretch of white sand and the unending views on the ocean are ready to welcome you. The impressive Bali cliffs above you and the cave on the beach will still give you a secluded feeling. And when you’ve had enough sunshine on your skin, the cave gives a perfect hiding spot. 

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Green Bowl beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

Gunung Payung beach

Gunung Payung beach is a real gem near Nusa Dua. This beautiful beach takes a bit more effort to get to and is therefore probably not a very busy beach. However it has a beautiful stretch of soft sand, lovely turquoise water to swim in. And.. even a very cool cave to explore!  For surfers the waves at Gunung Payung beach are great as well. So either if you’re looking for a more quiet beach or you love to do some surfing, Gunung Payung beach has it all!


Gunung Payung beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

How to get to Gunung Payung beach

Gunung Payung beach is located towards the south eastern end of the Bukit Peninsula. It’s easy to find when you follow the navigation towards Gunung Payung Cultural Park where the beach is located. Once you arrive at the entrance of Gunung Payung beach, you will have to pay the 8000 IDR entrance fee. Then you can park your vehicle where you will find the warungs, and from there the little hike down to the beach starts. You will first have to cross a theater kind of area where sometimes Balinese dances and other events are being held.

What to expect at Gunung Payung beach

After you’ve parked you vehicle will have to conquer 500 steps down until you get on the soft sandy beach. Make sure to bring enough water as there are no beach shacks down at the beach where you can buy water or snacks. Gunung Payung beach is not the longest beach and therefore feels intimate and chill. There is also a very cool and big cave to explore. Perfect if you’re looking to relax in the shade.


Gunung Payung beach cave – Best Uluwatu beaches

Bingin beach

Bingin beach in Uluwatu, also known as Pantai Bingin, is one of our favorite Uluwatu beaches. There is such a charming vibe at this beach where you can only enter by following the winding stairs down along cute beach cliff houses. It almost gives you the feeling as if you are in Greece with a Balinese vibe. Besides the chill atmosphere, Bingin beach is also a surfers paradise. The amazing waves bring surfers in from around the globe and of all sorts of levels. Besides the activities, there are also some great restaurants ON THE BEACH which is quite unique in Bali. Therefore Bingin beach is a perfect spot for a sunset dinner with your feet in the sand. 


Bingin beach with sunset – Best Uluwatu beaches

How to get to Bingin beach

Bingin beach is located along the western coastline in the region Pecatu, which is composed of hilly landscapes with limestone cliffs and isolated small beaches. The best way to get to get around in Bali is on a motorbike. You can rent motorbikes almost everywhere in Bali, especially the busier spots like Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, Ubud, and Uluwatu. After parking and paying the parking fee of 2000 IDR you have to walk down the stairs down along cute cliff houses until you reach the beach.

What to expect at Bingin beach

On the beach you can expect restaurants having their table set up on the beach. Surfers running up and down the beach to catch the waves. Vacationers who are tanning the day away and of course enough cafes to relax in the shade with a drink. Before sunset, the beach vibes really come to life when people gather to the restaurants to eat fresh fish and drink a beer or coconut while watching the sunset.

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Balangan beach

Balangan beach Bali is a 200 meters stretch of white soft white with panoramic views on the Indian Ocean. Located on the west coast of Bali, Balangan beach is every evening blessed with a spectacular sunset which you can witness either from the beach or the cliffs. 

How to get to Balangan beach

The best way to get around in Bali is to hire a motorbike and drive yourself. It’s roughly just over an hour drive from Canggu, Kuta, Seminyak.

What to expect at Balangan beach

Once you’ve arrived at the car park of Balangan, you’ll find a few local restaurants and shops selling refreshments and snacks. You can either walk directly to the beach or to the cliffs to get to the popular viewpoints. If you only want to go to the viewpoint, you can keep driving towards the right all the way up the cliff. To get to the beach, park your vehicle and head straight down the stairs. Don’t be surprised to see many photoshoots going on with, in particular, Chinese wedding couples. Fortunately, there is enough space at the cliffs to find a spot to sit down and admire the sunset and beautiful views. Balangan beach itself is covered with palm trees and in pristine condition with soft white sand and it’s pretty quiet. The left of the beach is typically where you’ll find surfers catching the waves. Towards the right of the beautiful beach you’ll find sun beds and umbrellas available for rent.

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Balangan beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

Melasti beach

Melasti beach is located in the south of Bali and has some of the clearest blue water. With the soft white sand and the impressive huge limestone cliffs, this beach is one of a kind. There are local restaurants as well as more upscale and luxury beach clubs around this beach. So there is something for everyone! With calm and shallow water, Melasti beach is a perfect get away for families and couples from the busier beaches.

How to get to Melasti beach

Melasti beach is located at the most southern point of Bali in the Peninsula Ungasan. It takes about an hour drive from the Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta area. It’s easy to get to the beach location as the roads are pretty new.

What to expect at Melasti beach

As you head down to Melasti beach, the drive through the limestone cliffs is just incredible. The twists and turns through windy roads along the towering cliffs and the view on the intense blue Indian Ocean is something that’s typically south Bali. The beach itself is beautiful with soft white sand and crystal clear water. The newly opened boho beach club Palmilla is the perfect spot for people who are looking for a luxury, relaxing day at the beach. But there are also sun bed and umbrellas for rent at the beach.

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Melasti beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

Pura Geger beach

Although Pura Geger beach is more located towards the Nusa Dua side, I do want to mention it here as some of the best Uluwatu beaches to visit. Because if you want to explore more of the Bukit Peninsula, this area and especially this particular beach is totally worth it. It’s only a 40 minute drive from the other side of the Peninsula, so if you’re looking for a day trip to some other beaches than the ones you’re already explored, then Pura Geger beach and Geger beach (both different beaches), are worth it.

Pura Geger Beach is located near a Hindu temple that is situated on a cliff and looks out over the ocean. The beach is very small but has some beautiful rocks and cliffs to explore. However, it needs to be low tide if you want to walk on the beach. With low tide you van explore the little caves and temple that is tucked away between the cliffs. Absolutely a beach for the ones that are looking for an off the beaten path experience and don’t like to be surrounded by other tourists. The views on the green cliffs here are incredible! The entrance fee is 5000 IDR per person. 


Pura Geger beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

Dreamland beach

Dreamland beach is also known as New Kuta beach and is located in the village of Unggasan. The shore of Pantai Dreamland is lined with luxury resorts and is known for the New Kuta Beach Golf Course. Although the development around Dreamland beach, it is still a great place to relax or surf the waves. There are plenty of facilities around such as beach shacks and shops. So if you’re looking for an Uluwatu beach with everything you need on a stone throw, then Dreamland is your beach to go!

How to get to Dreamland beach

Dreamland beach is easy to reach by motorbike and has a dedicated parking spot where you pay 2000 IDR per scooter.

What to expect at Dreamland beach

For the beach goers that like to have plenty of facilities around, Dreamland beach is a great place to go. The pristine beach, great waves for surfing, plenty of restaurant options and enough choices of  beach resorts to stay, it is a great place for families to hang out.


Dreamland beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

Pandawa beach

Pandawa Beach, locally referred to as Pantai Pandawa, is a beautiful white sandy beach in the south of Bali surrounded by high limestone cliffs and aqua blue water of the Indian Ocean. The approximately 1 km long beach is flanked by two small capes on the left and right side as a kind of barrier. It makes the beach look like a crescent moon when seen from the sky. 

With stunning panoramas and a serene and quiet atmosphere, this beach is perfect for a day of relaxing, snorkeling and enjoying one of the best Uluwatu beaches.


Pandawa beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

How to get to Pandawa beach

Located in the Bukit Peninsula, Pandawa beach is a bit outside of the route that tourists normally take in Bali. But if you’re a beach lover, you have to go south to explore the beautiful white soft sandy beaches in Bali. As most of the other beaches in Bali have black sand due to the volcanic activity.

Pandawa beach is easy to reach with motorbike or car from the busier areas like Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu. It is a 60 – 80 minutes ride to get to Pandawa beach and its all concrete road. Before entering the beach area, you have to pay the entrance fee of 15 000 IDR per person at the toll gate. Then you will get a ticket which you (sometimes) have to show upon entrance to the beach. You will see lots of parking spots at the entrance of the beach and shops to buy drinks, snacks or ice cream.

What to expect at Pandawa beach

When entering the beach, you will be amazed by the beautiful panoramas of high cliffs, powdery white soft sand and aqua blue water. It’s definitely worth a day trip. Especially for families, or couples seeking for a quieter beach to relax, but still with the conveniences of a popular beach. Sun beds and umbrellas which are scattered around the beach are for rent. And if you’re hungry or thirsty, there are many shops offering different food. The seawater is calm, shallow and completely safe to swim.

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Pandawa beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

Nyang Nyang beach

Nyang Nyang beach is a beautiful stretch of 1.5 kilometre coastline. It’s one of the most cleanest and untouched beaches in Bali due to the location and the effort it takes to get down to the beach to reach it. The soft white sand, clear water and ship wrecks give this beach a true untouched and natural feel. Don’t expect to find any warungs, beach clubs, umbrellas or other tourists here. Nyang Nyang beach really is an off the beaten path destination, and is therefore a perfect little adventure for people who like to explore deserted beaches.

How to get to Nyang Nyang beach

Nyang Nyang beach is located in the Bukit Peninsula in the Southern point of Bali. Getting to the parking area is easy, especially if you are using Google Maps. Set your destination to Nyang Nyang Beach and Google Maps brings you there! From Jl Raya Uluwatu Pecatu Street you will have to turn right if you are coming from the Uluwatu Temple direction, along the street you will see a sign where you will drive straight into the parking lot.

What to expect at Nyang Nyang beach

The path down to beach is a steep unpaved road, so bring some comfortable shoes or slippers with you. After rainfall the trail can even be a bit slippery, so be aware of loose gravel.

It takes around 20 minutes to walk down to the beach and the path is well sign posted. The views during the walk down are just beautiful, an extra good reason to take a break and admire the stunning panorama of the Indian Ocean. When you’ve reached the end of the steep road, the gravel turns into dreamy white soft sand and you will most likely see an empty beach which you’ll have all for yourself!

When we visited Nyang Nyang beach it was completely clean, no plastic or washed up wood. But this can vary entirely depending on the season. It depends on the season that you visit Bali in which state you will find the beaches. Trash is known to wash up from the ocean towards the end of monsoon season.

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Nyang Nyang beach – Best Uluwatu beaches

Best Uluwatu beach clubs

Besides relaxing on the beach in Uluwatu, there are also plenty of amazing day beach clubs in Uluwatu. You can either choose from cliff top clubs overlooking the ocean or beach clubs with chairs on the beach. Some of the day clubs are being turned into party clubs in the weekend. Savaya and Ulu Cliffhouse are great examples. World famous DJ’s get booked at these clifftop clubs to give a huge show. If you love party’ing then a night in Uluwatu can’t be missed!

A few examples of (beach) clubs in Uluwatu are the following.

  • Sundays beach club
  • Ulu Cliffhouse
  • Savaya
  • Palmilla beach club
  • El Kabron

Best places to stay in Uluwatu

If you plan on staying in Uluwatu then there are plenty of luxury cliff top resorts and private villa’s to choose from. We have stayed at some of the most amazing cliff top resorts and villa’s in Uluwatu, so hereby our recommendations.

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Super Luxury resorts in Uluwatu

Book here your stay at Alila Villa’s Uluwatu

Alila Villas Uluwatu is some of the most luxurious resorts in Uluwatu, and even in whole Bali. The modern Balinese-style villas boast an elevated outdoor pavilion with private swimming pool. The 46 meters wide outdoor swimming pool, two restaurants, Spa and gym will make your stay at Alila Uluwatu complete.

Book here your stay at Bulgari resort Uluwatu

Bulgari Resort features spacious luxurious villas in traditional Balinese design with a private sundeck and plunge pool. It’s 1 km long beach is accessible only through the resort’s inclined elevator. The resort also offers an infinity swimming pool overlooking the ocean, a Spa and gym.

Book here your stay at Six Senses Uluwatu

Six Senses Uluwatu is a fantastic 5 star resort perched on the cliff. With incredible views over the Indian Ocean, private villa’s with swimming pool, a gym, Spa, 2 restaurants, sunset views and a huge main swimming pool there is almost no reason to leave the resort.


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