Melasti beach is located in the south of Bali and has some of the clearest blue water. With the soft white sand and the impressive huge limestone cliffs, this beach is one of a kind. There are local restaurants as well as more upscale and luxury beach clubs around this beach. So there is something for everyone! With calm and shallow water, Melasti beach is a perfect get away for families and couples from the busier beaches. Read in this blog post everything you need to know about Melasti beach.

How to get to Melasti beach

Melasti beach is located at the most southern point of Bali in the Peninsula Ungasan. It takes about an hour drive from the Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta area. It’s easy to get to the beach location as the roads are pretty new.

For those staying in Uluwatu, Melasti beach is just a five minute drive from Green Bowl beach or Pandawa beach, so it’s a perfect spot to put on your Uluwatu beaches list!

We always rent a scooter to drive around Bali because it makes you so independent. But you can also book a private driver for the day. Usually a car costs around 500 000 IDR per day (for 4 – 5 people). Renting a scooter will cost you around 50 000 – 100 000 IDR depending on the model and CC’s you choose.


Entrance fee to Melasti beach

On arrival you will be charged for both parking and entrance. The entrance to the beach costs 5000 IDR (€0,30) per person and 2000 IDR for parking. You can also use the bathrooms with shower and change rooms on the beach for 5000 IDR. Additionally, there are sun beds and umbrellas for rent at the beach itself (not at the beach club) which cost roughly 100 000 IDR (€6).

What to expect at Melasti beach

As you head down to Melasti beach, the drive through the limestone cliffs is just incredible. The twists and turns through windy roads along the towering cliffs and the view on the intense blue Indian Ocean is something that’s typically south Bali.

Before you arrive down to the beach, make sure to stop at one of the viewpoints to capture a shot from above. The infinite views on the ocean with its turquoise waters are just so beautiful! Melasti beach is, just like the other beaches in Uluwatu, some of the cleanest beaches in Bali with amazing powdery white soft sand. And in south Bali you will only find white sand beaches, while the beaches along the north, east and south coast of Bali are mainly a black sand beach. 


There are a handful of warung shacks set up on the beach that offer cheap local food. The majority of the restaurants sell everything from traditional Indonesian noodles to beer and smoothies.

But if you’re into a day of relaxing in a luxury beach club, the newly opened Palmilla is the place to be at Melasti beach. With a gorgeous swimming pool that contrasts the wooden exteriors beautifully, Palmilla is a very photogenic beach club and definitely one of the better Instagram spots in Bali. With the limestone cliffs in the background, beautiful turquoise ocean with white sand in front and the dreamy boho vibes at Palmilla will make your afternoon here unforgettable!


Things to do at Melasti beach

Except relaxing at the beach, cooling off in the blue waters and enjoying a cold coconut, there are actually some other things to do at the beach!

Most Southern point of Bali island

At Melasti beach you can see, and stand at, the most Southern point of Bali! It’s the piece of land sticking out in the ocean, you will see it soon enough when entering the beach area. The entrance to this spot is free. 


Palmilla beach club

When you’re in for a more luxury laid back vacation day at a beach club, Palmilla will fulfil all your needs! The dreamy boho vibes of this beach club almost give you the Mexican Tulum vibes. If you’ve been to Tulum, you know what I mean!   


For the adrenaline junkies or the ones wanting to see the Balinese coast from a different perspective, paragliding is the answer! Near Melasti beach you can go paragliding with an instructor, an unforgettable experience!


One thing that is incredibly popular at a lot of beaches on the south coast of Bali, is (pre) wedding photoshoots. It’s the same story as at Balangan beach, where you will notice dozens of brides and grooms posing along the cliff tops, along the beach or sometimes even in the ocean!

Melasti beach is very rich with photogenic backgrounds and stunning views. The beautiful white sand beaches, limestone cliff walls, winding roads, clear seawater and beautiful platforms give many photo opportunities.

The scenery is even more beautiful when the sun begins to set into the sea. It gives the spectacular setting of the sunset with the beautiful beach and impressive cliffs a very romantic atmosphere.


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