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Green Bowl Beach is one of the beautiful Uluwatu beaches. Situated at the base of lush verdant cliffs, Green Bowl beach is one of the most secluded and beautiful Bali beaches. The beach may be small, but it gives you a true feeling of being away from it all. After a short hike down the stairs you’ll reach Green Bowl beach which is also famous for its cave. This is the ideal place to relax if you don’t want to lay in the scorching sunshine all day. Furthermore there is no natural shade on Green Bowl beach, so the cave is a perfect, cool place on the beach to relax. Green Bowl beach also has perfect waves for surfers and you sometimes you can even spot locals catching fish. Read in this blog post everything you need to know about Green Bowl Beach Bali.

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How to get to Green Bowl beach

Green Bowl Beach is located on the far southern tip of Bali in the Bukit Peninsula in Ungasan.

If you are coming from the Kuta, Seminyak or Canggu area it is approximately a 1-hour to 1.5-hour journey to reach the beach, also known as Pantai Green Bowl in Bahasa, depending on the traffic around Kuta.

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Pantai Green Bowl beach has a dedicated parking area where you can safely park your vehicle near a warung.


Best time to go to Green Bowl beach

The best time to get to Green Bowl beach is in between high and low tide, once the calm crystal clear waters provide nice snorkeling options. But if you only want to relax at the beach or watch the sunset, any time is possible except high tide. Keep in mind that during high tide there wont be much beach left. If you’re on the beach with high tide, please be aware of the current and power of the waves. Don’t go swimming because there is no beach guard on this beach.

During the week Green Bowl beach is mostly uncrowded, but it draws more people in the weekends, including a few persistent vendors.

In terms of the best months to visit Green Bowl beach, right after rainy season and some weeks after, the cliffs in the Uluwatu area are super green. As months go by in dry season, there is almost no greenery left on the cliffs when foliage turns brown. 


What to expect at Green Bowl beach

Green Bowl beach is found behind hills and trees. When you arrive at the carpark at the top of the cliffs, you have to pay a small parking fee of 2,000 IDR. Some warungs and shops line the edge of the carpark if you wish to grab a meal or a drink before heading down to the beach.

To get to the beach, you have to descend the 300 concrete steps down. The hike might be daunting at first but once you start you will soon realize that it’s nothing too serious. You might feel your calves the next morning haha!

Make sure that you don’t have loose items hanging around. Like sunglasses or a hat or food, because the monkeys here are very cheeky and can potentially rob you. This also applies to your scooter, don’t leave anything behind! We left a bottle of water in the cup holder in front of the scooter, and guess what, the bottle of water was gone when we got back from the beach! With dusty finger prints all over the scooter, it was very clear who was the suspect.


Things to do at Green Bowl Beach

The fifty meters long glistening patch of white sand and the far reaching view on the ocean will give you the feeling as if you are on a castaway island. But the impressive Bali cliffs above you and the cave at the beach will still give you that secluded feeling.

Green Bowl beach is the perfect spot for peace seekers, if you want to take an afternoon nap, or to watch a romantic sunset with your loved one.

Wander through the crystal clear shallow waters and discover how incredibly turquoise it is. Sometimes it even doesn’t seem like there is water at all, because it is so clear and calm. Perfect to go snorkeling, so don’t forget your snorkel gear if you’re in for some underwater activity! There is so much marine life around the reef and rocks. But always be care full with the current!

But apart from the pristine sandy shores and relaxing vibes, this is also a popular surf spot for die-hard surfers. The reef breaks just offshore producing excellent swell and it is far less crowded than the more popular surf spots like Blue Point and Padang Padang. It attracts skilled surfers favouring the uncrowded waves and exotic location of this beach.

Also among the unique features of Green Bowl Beachare massive limestone caves that enclose little rock shrines, and additionally offer shade and shelter for beachgoers. A fun thing to explore once you’re done sunbathing, relaxing or snorkeling.


Take the tide into account

All the beaches in Bali are affected by the tide. This means that you need to take into account when it’s high tide or low tide if you want to undertake specific activities such as surfing, snorkeling or other water activities. For Green Bowl beach is also matters in term of how much beach there actually is left. With high tide you will only have a really small patch of sand which makes it dangerous to lay on the beach. It is the perfect time to surf then, but beach goers have to come in between the tides or with low tide. Check the tide times here


More Uluwatu beaches to explore

Uluwatu has many more beautiful beaches to explore. While Green Bowl beach is the perfect place for peace seekers, there are plenty of other beaches in Uluwatu that have more facilities around. Suluban beach, Pandawa beach, Bingin beach, Melasti beach and Dreamland beach are some examples where you will find plenty of beach cafes, restaurants, beach clubs and more. These places are often more crowded and lively. So there is a beach for everyone in Uluwatu!


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