Blue Lagoon beach is some of the best beaches in Bali. While other beaches on the island are black sand beaches, Blue Lagoon is a beautiful white sand beach in a green cove with crystal clear water. Located in East Bali, it is not overrun by tourists and therefore a great place to relax for the day. With some local warungs where you can order food and cold drinks, you only need to bring your towel and swimsuit for a day at Blue Lagoon beach Bali. Find in this complete guide all the info you need to know! 

How to get to Blue Lagoon beach Bali

Blue Lagoon beach is located in East Bali, close to Manggis and is the next cove of Padangbai. More beaches along Bali’s east coast are beautiful white sand beaches such as Virgin beach which is only 40 minutes up north from Blue Lagoon. The best way to get around in Bali is by motorbike which you can rent, depending on the model, for about 80 000 to 100 000 IDR per day. 

Entrance fee Blue Lagoon beach Bali

There is no entrance fee for Blue Lagoon beach Bali but for parking you pay a small fee of 2 000 IDR. 


Best time to visit Blue Lagoon beach Bali

Blue Lagoon beach is, just like all the other beaches in Bali, affected by the tides. With low tide the beach is exposed with rocks, so for swimming high tide is much better. However, with high tide there is not much beach left, so somewhere in between would be the very best timing. 

Considering the season you can expect the cove where Blue Lagoon is located in to be much greener. Along the east coast it tends to rain less, so during the dry season the foliage turn brown quickly. When we visited in March the trees were bright green which is a nice contrast with the turquoise water. 


What to expect at Blue Lagoon beach Bali

Once you make your way down to Blue Lagoon via the stairs a turquoise bay is awaiting you. The warungs are located at the tip of the cliff where you can rent sunbeds, have a cold coconut and beer and relax in the shade with views on Blue Lagoon. 


Although Blue Lagoon isn’t a very wide beach, it won’t feel crowded quickly because it is a quite undiscovered area. The perfect place for couples or families looking for a Bali beach to get away from the crowds. And with just enough facilities such as the warungs with sunbeds, it won’t feel overdeveloped as well. 


If you love diving then Blue Lagoon is a great place to do this activity. But also snorkeling is a great thing to do here because of the reef which is just of shore. You can rent snorkels and swim fins at the warung so if you plan to do this spontaneously or don’t have them, they got you covered!  

If you want to stay close to Blue Lagoon you can book a room at the Bloo Lagoon village which is a nice resort with pool and ocean views. On the picture below you can see a topdown drone photo from the beach with the resort on the right side. It is the nearest tourist accommodation to the beach and looks pretty nice! However we haven’t stayed there, so can’t give a detailed review. 

More things to do around Blue Lagoon

East Bali is a bit of an underrated region in Bali. But the Karangasem area has lots of history and beautiful beaches to offer. Visit the Taman Ujung water palace to admire the beautiful architecture and serene water gardens. Or head towards some of the best viewpoints in Bali with views on Mount Agung which is Bukit Cinta. Another beautiful beach in East Bali is Virgin beach which is in our opinion even better than Blue Lagoon! There are plenty of other places to visit in East Bali, so make sure check them out!


Taman Ujung water palace in Karangasem is absolutely worth the trip