Balangan beach Bali is a 200 meters stretch of white soft white with panoramic views on the Indian Ocean. Located on the southwest coast of Bali, Balangan beach is blessed with spectacular sunset views. Pantai Balangan is also very popular amongst surfers, in particular experienced up to professional surfers. The cliffs surrounding Balangan beach are the perfect viewpoint on the ocean with incredible sunset views. Along the beach are some warungs where you can have drink and relax with the amazing views. Read this blog post to find out all the information you need about Balangan beach!

How to get to Balangan beach

Balangan beach is located in the south of Bali in the Uluwatu area. It’s roughly just over an hour drive from Canggu, Kuta, Seminyak. The best way to get around in Bali is to hire a motorbike and drive yourself. You can rent a motorbike for around 50,000 IDR – 100,000 IDR per day (€3 – €6). The drive down south can be quite busy and chaotic, especially around the Kuta area. So make sure you are a confident driver, or hire a private driver or book a taxi. The price to rent a driver, which is pretty popular for day trips around Bali, start around 500,000 IDR per day (8 hours).


What to expect at Balangan beach

Once you’ve arrived at the car park of Balangan, you’ll find a few local restaurants and shops selling refreshments and snacks. You can either walk directly to the beach or to the cliffs to get to the popular viewpoints. If you only want to go to the viewpoint, you can actually keep driving towards the right all the way up to the lookout to avoid walking from the carpark. To get to the beach, park your vehicle and head straight down the stairs. Don’t be surprised to see many photoshoots going on with, especially, Chinese wedding couples. Fortunately, there is enough space at the cliffs to find a spot to sit down and admire the sunset and beautiful views.

Balangan beach itself is a long, low strand at the base of rocky cliffs. It’s covered with palm trees and in pristine condition with soft white sand and it’s fairly quiet. The left of the beach is typically where you’ll find surfers catching the waves. Towards the right of the beautiful beach you’ll find sun beds and umbrellas available for rent.


Things to do at Balangan beach

Besides the two opposite extremes wedding photoshoots at the cliffs and surfers riding the waves, there are some other more relaxing things to do at Balangan beach!

Balangan Bali sunset viewpoint

The Balangan beach viewpoint is a popular spot to watch the sunset in Bali and to admire the beach below. Because the cliffs are facing west, you will have a beautiful sunset right in front of you. Plenty of  (mostly Chinese) wedding photographers are known to use this location for photoshoots, so don’t be surprised to see dressed up couples walking around in suits and wedding dresses and a photographer shouting to give instruction.

There are two main viewpoints on the cliffs. The first and most popular is a small rocky edge that overlooks the turquoise water and beach. Be careful if you decide to get a photo as the rocks are sharp and some are a bit loose.

The second lookout spot is a little further and is a large circular platform covered in lush vines. On the opposite side of the cliff, you’ll also have a perfect view of the beaches and beautiful coastline. This viewpoint is one of the best places in Bali to watch sunset, so if you’re exploring the Uluwatu beaches, you should definitely put this one on your list!



With the reef just off the coast that creates one of the longest left-hander breaks, Balangan beach is known to be one of the biggest surf breaks on the island. Skilled surfers are completely in their element here. Check the tides here.



Bring your snorkel gear and enjoy the still waters along the cliffs and the reef. Especially with low tide, snorkelling is a great activity here! Check the tide times here 

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