Than Sadet waterfall is one of the most scenic waterfalls of Koh Phangan, made up of huge granite boulders and some freshwater pools where you can take a dip in. It is a cascading fall, similar to Wang Sai, and is in total about three kilometres long. It’s not a spectacular waterfall with a huge drop, but a fun place to relax for some time and to cool off in the natural pools. In this blog post you’ll find all the information you need to know before visiting Than Sadet waterfall.

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How to get to Than Sadet waterfall

Than Sadet waterfall is located on the eastern side of the island. You can easily find it if you type in it’s name. The entrance is located at the side of the road, where you will also see a shop. You don’t have to pay parking or entrance fee. But the old man at the shop appreciates it if you buy something to drink at his place 🙂 From the parking area it is only around 100 meters walk until you reach Than Sadet waterfall.

What to expect at Than Sadet waterfall

Than Sadet waterfall is made up of huge granite boulders and some freshwater pools where you can take a dip in. The three kilometre long cascading fall actually consists of 3 waterfalls: Thong Nang, Sampon and Daeng waterfalls which are together being called the Than Sadet waterfall. It has the advantage of having water all the year long even at the peak of the dry season. Of course the stream is less spectacular in the dry season, but it is still worth a visit then instead of the other Koh Phangan waterfalls where no water will be running at all.

This waterfall is not only visited because of its refreshing waters, but more importantly for an inscription that was left on a rock by King Rama V in 1988. Thai King Bhumibol has also visited the Than Sadet waterfall if we may believe the rumours. If you want to see the inscription of King Rama V, you have to walk further down the stream of Than Sadet.


Best season to visit Than Sadet waterfall

The best time to visit any of the Koh Phangan waterfalls is from July – October, in the monsoon season. But if you can’t make it in these months, monitor the weather forecasts and try to visit one of the waterfalls after a heavy rainstorm. Of course you don’t heavy rain during your time on the island, but most waterfalls dry up when there’s no rainfall for a longer period. Or the water flow decreases significantly what makes the waterfalls not that spectacular anymore.


Things to keep in mind when visiting the Koh Phangan waterfalls

  • The best time to visit any of the Koh Phangan waterfalls is from July – October, the monsoon season. Or if you can’t make it in that period, after a heavy rainstorm. Most waterfalls dry up at other times, or the water flow decreases significantly so the waterfalls aren’t spectacular anymore.
  • Always carry drinking water with you as most waterfalls are located in the dense jungles and it get’s very hot. You will be thirsty after the hiking as well!
  • Be very careful about where you step! The trails and rocks near the waterfalls can get slippery from all the moisture. Also watch out for rocks with dangerously sharp edges!
  • Wear proper hiking shoes. For example special shoes which have good grip and can get wet because sometimes you have to cross a little stream of water. Good grip is most important, hiking in flip-flops is a bad idea!!
  • Don’t forget to bring your swim clothes, a towel and dry clothes.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption is forbidden at most waterfalls.
  • If you see a stream of water that is flowing fast, don’t try to cross it. The current is probably stronger than you think! And if you’re not sure about how deep the stream is, test it with a stick to find out where the bottom is.

Best time to go to Koh Phangan

You can visit Koh Phangan year-round, although there is a rainy season which lasts from September until November. The dry season is from late December to March and this is also the peak season. The weather is hot, bright and not too humid, just the perfect circumstances for lounging on the island’s fantastic beaches. We spent two weeks in June on Koh Phangan which is shoulder season, and had perfect sunny weather every day!