Madeira Island has a great selection of restaurants scattered around the island. From Michelin star restaurants to casual dining, vegan restaurants, but also some of the best sushi we ever had! Feeling more for hamburgers or a dinner including meat? Then definitely try the traditional espetada that can’t be missed when visiting Madeira! After living on Madeira island for more than 7 months, we have tried many different restaurants in Madeira. So here is our selection of the 20 best restaurants in Madeira in random order. You will find all the information in this ultimate guide on where to find them and what to expect! 


Santa Maria

Santa Maria restaurante was one of our most favourite restaurants in Funchal. During the 7 months that we lived in Madeira, we went here at least once a month, but twice a month could be possible as well. Santa Maria Restaurante is located in the old town of Funchal in the charismatic Santa Maria street. With indoor and outdoor seating in their beautiful garden in the back, you will be assured of a relaxing dinner away from the hustle and bustle of Santa Maria street.


The sushi at Santa Maria Restaurante is the best sushi in Funchal. Order a white sangria with your dinner and your taste buds will tingle from pleasure! The meat steak and tuna steak on hot stone are also fantastic as you can make them exactly how you like it. Absolutely highly recommend to try this amazing restaurant in Funchal!


Uva Restaurant at Hotel the Vine 

The Uva restaurant is located on the rooftop of La Vie shopping Mall and part of Hotel The Vine. The incredible 360° view from the restaurant and bar overlooking Funchal city and the ocean will keep you in awe while eating. The gastronomic cuisine offers a great variety of delicious food that is cooked with fresh local products. French creative cuisine with balanced flavours well mixed in an incredible explosion of textures and tastes. The plates were very nicely prepared and presented and will give you an unforgettable fine dining experience in Funchal. Prices for the meals are not cheap, but it’s worth paying for the high quality.


Kampo by Chef Julio Pereira

Kampo is a very unique restaurant in Funchal with an incredible experience. The concept is that you can sit at the chefs table and watch how your food is being prepared. The amazing ambiance, high quality food and great service all contribute to a wonderful experience. Their Fushion cuisine is creative in terms of combination of the ingredients. Great seafood and the meat is soft and melts in your mouth! You can choose different plates to share which makes the experience of tasting different dishes a fun night out. Highly recommend this amazing and unique restaurant in Funchal! 


Prima Caju Funchal

Prima Caju is one of our favourite restaurants in Funchal to eat breakfast or lunch. Their incredibly stylish interior is super instagrammable with lots of jungle plants around. With a super healthy but tasty menu, this is your to go spot if you love smoothie bowls, want vegan options or a super tasty bowl filled with veggies, salmon or chicken and rice or couscous. Prima Caju is located at the ground floor of the Hotel Caju Le Petit Hotel, but you won’t notice that. We particularly liked the smoothie bowls, Prima bowl with Thai chicken and Meraki bowl with salmon. If you’re in for a sweet dessert of snack, the pancakes of Prima Caju are also highly recommended! 



Aconchogo is located in the São Martinho district, so not in the centre of Funchal. However, this restaurant offers amazing front seat views on the ocean! From the outside it does look a but like a tavern, but once you enter the restaurant you will see it has a lovely garden with sea view. The cosy atmosphere of Aconchego restaurant invites you to try their menu including seafood, Mediterranean, European and Portuguese dishes. A great extensive menu with choices for everyone! 


The Loft

Located in the São Martinho district, this is one of the more hip cafes in this area. With a retro 80’s style interior The Loft sets the vibe with relaxing music and friendly staff. Their varied menu has a selection of savoury breakfast options, salads or a great Açai smoothie bowl for the sweet tooth. The Loft offers pretty big plates for a reasonable price. The choice of egg dishes are varied but their menu also has vegan options. Great place for brunch, defiantly worth a try! 


Restaurante Santo Antonio

This is the best espetada restaurant in Funchal! If you want to try the local favourite dish espetada, then Santo Antonio Restaurante is the place to go. However, this restaurant is not in the centre of Funchal located. You have to get here with a rental car or taxi. The restaurant has little atmosphere inside, however the food is really good. The espetada and Bolo do Caco was at Santo Antonio some of the best we had in Madeira. The meat of skewer is very tasty and perfectly prepared. 


Three House 

On top of Oudinot building, The Three House offers an endless panaromic view over Funchal city and the Atlantic Ocean with great food and cocktails. It’s actually a hotel, but outside guests can eat at the restaurant as well. Their stylish and instagrammable rooftop bar with swimming pool invites you to enjoy this place for not only a quick breakfast or lunch. You can really see they have eye for detail in the selection of their menu, presentation and colour combination of the interior. The Three House provides some of the best rooftop bars and restaurants in Funchal with an extensive contemporary menu and beautiful presentation of the food. 



Goût is a pretty new restaurant in Funchal located near the Farmers Market. Their menu offers a great choice for lunch and dinner in Funchal with creative and fresh food served in an aesthetic way. It’s maybe not the cheapest place for dinner in Funchal, especially when you compare the prices, but the quality is very good and the food has a lot of taste!  


It’s Fresh by the Snug 

Tucked away in one of the streets close to the Farmers Market you will find this cute restaurant in Funchal. With the tropical feel interior, It’s Fresh provides a great varied many of colourful poke bowls, smoothie bowls and all sorts of wraps and toasted bread. It’s next to The Snug and part of that restaurant. We really liked the poke bowls here. Definitely worth a stop to grab some food in Funchal!  


The Snug Smoke House

For big burgers and smokey meat, you have to go to The Snug Smoke House. Their menu offers a great variety of burgers, chicken wings, pulled pork, smokey ribs, wraps, salads and more. Perfect for meat lovers, but if you want a vegetarian dish you can order it from the menu of It’s Fresh which is their other restaurant in the same street.


O. Giro Churros & Paninis 

In the heart of Funchal centre is the cute restaurant O. Giro Churros & Paninis located. It’s on the same street as Prima Caju and offers great paninis, salads, wraps and churros for the sweet tooth. The portions are pretty big with reasonable prices and the fries that come with the sandwiches are amazing! Absolutely a great spot for lunch in Funchal with indoor and outdoor seating. 


Mundo Vegan

Mundo Vegan is just like The Loft located in the São Martinho district. This Vegan restaurant in Funchal offers a variety of hot and cold dishes such as vegan pancakes, colourful salad bowls, pasta, burgers, and risotto. For the sweet tooth there are cakes, smoothies, and fresh juices available. The interior felt a bit ‘cold’ to us, in terms of not a super cosy place to have lunch or dinner in comparison to the other mentioned restaurants in Funchal above. That’s why I mention Mundo Vegan as last one in this section about the best breakfast and vegan restaurants in Funchal. 


Abrigo do Pastor in Camacha 

If you’re in for traditional Portuguese food with lots of meat choices, then Abrigo do Pastor is the place to be! Surrounded by nature and fresh air, this restaurant offers a great atmosphere with a pinch of history and culture from Madeira Island. The meat from Abrigo do Pastor is melting in your mouth and the traditional Bolo do Caco is well prepared. Portions are big and reasonably priced. Order a poncha or the traditional Madeira wine to make this a typical Madeirean evening out for dinner in Madeira. 


Estalagem de Ponta do Sol 

Another great restaurant in Madeira with wonderful ocean and sunset views. Estalagem Da Ponta Do Sol Restaurant is part of the hotel but also welcomes guests from outside. The restaurant has tables around the hotel garden, set into the cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a fantastic setting for a meal and their menu had a good choice of Mediterranean and European dishes. You have to make a reservation and take into account that the prices are a bit higher than the standard restaurants in Madeira. However, it makes sense given the standard of food and beautiful view overlooking the ocean.


Maré Alta Ponta do Sol 

This restaurant is one of the few restaurants in Madeira which are located on the beach. Maré Alta is a great choice and value for money. Here you can eat delicious traditional Madeirean food such as the meat espetada skewers and fish espetada. With beautiful sunset views, this restaurant in Madeira is a great place for families and couples for a cosy dinner evening. Bring a jacket because after the sun has set it can get colder along the coast.  


Leme Marisqueira in Calheta 

Leme Marisqueira is a great restaurant along the marina of Calheta. They have a varied menu of seafood, European, Portuguese and Mediterranean food accompanied by a great selection of wines. Price quality is well balanced for the food especially considering the great location, looking out over the boats that are docked in the marina and a little sunset view from the side. 


O Fio Tea House in Ponta do Pargo 

O’Fio restaurant is located at the viewpoint do Fio and offers an incredible view on the cliffs and Atlantic Ocean. The cute cottage which is the restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful garden where they grow some herbs. You have to stop here at least for a tea or coffee, and if you’re hungry O’Fio is also a great place for lunch or dinner. Serving mostly traditional dishes you are here at the right spot to try the fish espetada with potatoes and salad. A ‘simple’ meal but very tasty and great price. 


O’Forno in Ponta do Pargo

This restaurant located in Ponta do Pargo is some of the best BBQ restaurants in Madeira. The meat is mostly prepared on the wood oven BBQ giving it a great and tender taste. Their menu is varied from chicken, meat and fish options to vegetarian dishes and of course the traditional Portuguese options. Dishes are great portions and reasonably priced. You will have the evening sun on the terrace, so it’s a great place for outdoor dining. However, the restaurant is directly located along the road. But if you want to sit inside, there is plenty of space as well.  


 Aqua Natura Restaurant in Porto Moniz 

Located in Porto Moniz, the Aqua Natura restaurant is part of the same named hotel. With undisrupted ocean views, you can feel the breeze of the sea on your face while enjoying your meal. The menu is a fine selection of local specialties, and very well prepared with great seasoned meat and vegetables. Prices are reasonable and staff is friendly. This restaurant is the best choice to go in Porto Moniz!