With incredible viewpoints all over the island, Madeira offers fantastic spots to watch a magical sunrise or sunset. Most of the viewpoints are located close to the road so you don’t have to walk for too long. From being above the clouds in the mountains, to the rugged ocean cliffs, there are plenty of different sunset spots on Madeira island. After living on the island for 7 months, I have put together this complete guide with the 15 best sunset viewpoints on Madeira. Here you’ll find all the information you need from how to get there and pictures from our experiences of the best sunsets in Madeira! 


Ponta do Tristão sunset viewpoint Madeira

Ponta do Tristão is the northernmost point of Madeira Island, located in the Porto Moniz parish. The viewpoint of Ponta do Tristão offers another incredible ocean view with the rugged cliffs of Madeira’s north coast  on the left side. Although that this is not the most well known viewpoint of Madeira, it offers an incredible off the beaten sunset experience in Madeira. There are no facilities at all here, so bring your own drinks, towel and snacks and enjoy this quiet place with some of the most beautiful views in Madeira. It is a short 5 minute walk down a dirt path to get to the best view. 


Ponta do Pargo lighthouse sunset viewpoint Madeira

Located on the far western point of Madeira Island you will find Ponta do Pargo and the lighthouse. Situated on a 300 meters high cliff above sea level, this viewpoint is a fantastic sunset spot. It is a pretty well known spot and very easy to access. With unobstructed ocean views you can see the sun setting in the horizon on a clear day. Ponta do Pargo viewpoint is situated along the rugged coastline approximately two kilometres outside the town of Ponta do Pargo. There are no seats around so bring a towel if you want to sit down to enjoy the sunset.

After watching the sunset at Ponta do Pargo, I highly recommend to have dinner at O’Forno in Ponta do Pargo which is one of our favourite restaurants in Madeira. 


Ponta da Ladeira sunset Madeira

Ponta da Ladeira is another wonderful viewpoint on the north western coast of Madeira island. Just like Ponta do Tristão there are also no facilities here and it’s also not a very well known spot. So if you’re looking for an off the beaten path sunset spot in Madeira, then you can choose from either Ponta da Ladeira and Ponta do Tristão. My personal favourite would be Ponta do Tristão as I think the view on the cliffs that touch the ocean is such a breathtaking view. From Ponta da Ladeira you will see Fajã da Quebrada Nova which is a tiny coastal village, isolated from the rest of the island by tall mountain cliffs and the Atlantic ocean.

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Cristo Rei viewpoint Madeira

The Cristo Rei monument is a sacred statue of Jesus Christ on Ponta do Garajau, a headland between Caniço and Funchal on the south coast of Madeira Island. This viewpoint offers panoramic views on the Atlantic Ocean, Funchal Bay and Desertas Islands. You can watch a beautiful sunset here when the sun sets all the way to the right lighting up Funchal city. There are plenty of facilities around such as benches and a cafe. If you want to have a short walk, you can descend down the 220 stairs to the end of the promontory.

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Pico do Arieiro trail sunset

Pico do Arieiro is not only a great sunrise viewpoint in Madeira, but along the trail towards Ninho da Manta viewpoint and Rija viewpoint are also great sunset spots. Photographers flock to these spots along the trail to catch the phenomenal colours and impressive mountains in their shot. But also if you finished the Pico do Arieiro to Pico Ruivo hike and you return to Pico do Arieiro around sunset time, it is highly recommended to have a break and admire the sunset along the trail. 


Cabo Girão sunset viewpoint

Cabo Girão is the highest cliff in Europe standing at 580 meters above sea level. At Cabo Girão is a skywalk with amazing 180 degree panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean. That’s why this is a great sunset spot year round. Cabo Girão is also very easy to access and even wheelchair friendly. The skywalk platform itself is with a transparent floor so for some people it might be nerve wrecking to stand on it. But the views are totally worth it! You can even see Fajã de Cabo Girão which is the small land sticking out underneath the platform. 

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Pico Ruivo sunset

This is the first sunset viewpoint in this list for which you have to put in a little bit more effort to get there to watch the sunset. Pico Ruivo is with 1862 meters above sea level the highest peak on Madeira Island offering a panoramic view on the mountain range and Atlantic Ocean. So, if you’d rather spend some time in the mountains watching the sunset instead along the coast, then head up to Pico Ruivo! The easiest way to get to Pico Ruivo is from Achada do Teixeira which is only a 30 – 40 minute hike to the highest peak of Madeira. Don’t forget to bring a headlamp so you have some light for on your way back. 


Raposeira sunset viewpoint

Raposeira viewpoint is located along the south coast of Madeira island, but because it is orientated towards the south west, you can see a great sunset from this spot. It’s a short 10 minute walk down from the parking spot along a dirt trail to the viewpoint which is a kind of platform where you can relax and take in the views. Also here are no facilities around so bring your own drinks and enjoy the wonderful sunset view. 


Ponta do Sol 

Ponta do Sol is together with Calheta some of the towns in Madeira that benefit the most from sun exposure on the island. From Ponta do Sol beach you can enjoy a wonderful sunset view, as well from the restaurant Estalagem de Ponta do Sol which is also mentioned in our blog post best restaurants in Madeira. But if you want to sit closer to the shore, you can either choose to have dinner at Maré Alte which is a beach restaurant in Ponta do Sol. Or find a nice spot on the beach.


Paul da Serra 

The Paul da Serra plateau is 1640 meters high which gives great opportunities to be above the clouds on the right day. If you’re lucky to be on Paul da Serra during a day with low hanging clouds, then there is no reason to leave to plateau for sunset. Because the more you go back to sea level, the lesser sunset view you’ll have with the low hanging clouds. So although I don’t have a dedicated spot to tell you where to watch sunset on Paul da Serra, I can tell you that anywhere between 25 Fontes hike towards the ER210 road have some great viewpoints along the road to watch the sunset from. 

Atiba&Ilse above the clouds

Anjos waterfall in Ponta do Sol 

Some of the most unique waterfalls in Madeira is the Anjos waterfall in Ponta do Sol. This waterfall is located in Ponta do Sol along the old coastal road and you can drive underneath it! With wonderful ocean views facing west, you’ll have a fantastic sunset view from this spot. The Anjos waterfall also turns golden when the afternoon light hits the water. A great relaxing spot in Madeira to enjoy a waterfall and sunset view at the same time. 


Miradouro de Boa Morte

This viewpoint located in Ponta do Pargo is another hidden sunset viewpoint in Madeira. Not known to many people, so you’ll most likely have this viewpoint all for yourself. You will pass a small church on your way to the viewpoint. From here you’ll have incredible 180 degree panoramic views over the Atlantic Ocean and rugged cliffs of the western part of Madeira Island. 


Calheta beach and Calheta marina 

From Calheta beach and it’s marina you will have almost year round a great sunset view. Only during the winter months the sun disappears a bit behind the cliffs. But if you’re located in Calheta and want to enjoy the sunset after a day of exploring, then you can just sit down at one of the restaurants along the marina and take in the sunset view over the marina. Also along Calheta beach are some cafes located which serve drinks and food. Great combination to watch the sunset with a beer or glass of wine! 


Jardim do Mar 

Jardim do Mar is another spot on Madeira Island that has year round sunset views. This town is mainly known for its great surf, but is also in general a very laid back village to stay for a few days. The beach of Jardim do Mar offers beautiful sunset views towards the west and has a very nice boulevard to walk along the ocean. And with some great seafood restaurants in Jardim do Mar, you can have the perfect evening with sunset drinks and delicious food. 


Achadas das Cruz

The small parish of Achadas was Cruz is a so called Fajã. A Fajã basically translates to a piece of flat, fertile land which is created by flowing lava and is located at the bottom of the cliff in between a cliff and water. The village is called Fajã da Quebrada Nova but if you want to get down you have to take the Achadas was Cruz cable car. From this piece of land close to the ocean you’ll have a fantastic sunset view accompanied by the tall cliffs of Madeira’s west coast. But keep in mind that the cable car doesn’t go back up after sunset, so you have to hike back up the cliff to the car park. 


Rooftop terrace in Funchal 

Funchal is the beautiful charming capital of Madeira Island with plenty of rooftop terraces. Some of the hotels and Airbnbs in Funchal even have their own rooftop terrace which will give you a wonderful opportunity to see the sunset.


But if your accommodation doesn’t have a rooftop terrace, then there are enough restaurants in Funchal that do have a rooftop terrace with sunset view! Some hotels also have the option to dine in as day guest. This will give you the opportunity to experience their wonderful rooftop terraces without having to stay there. A few recommendations are;

  • Three House hotel and restaurant
  • Galaxy Skybar at Savoy Palace
  • The Vine hotel, Uva restaurant
  • Allegro hotel and restaurant

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