Ponta da Ladeira viewpoint is one of the beautiful sunset spots on Madeira island. As this viewpoint on the north western coast of Madeira island has clear views over the ocean and is looking down along the coastline, it is definitely one of the best sunset viewpoints in Madeira. Also known as Miradouro Ponta da Ladeira, this coastal spot near Porto Moniz is a great way to end the day on Madeira island. We went to Ponta da Ladeira viewpoint without any expectations, but were blown away by the beauty created by nature. Thanks to the crazy colours that appeared in the sky, this sunset was one of the best in Madeira we’ve seen! In this complete guide you will find all the information you need about Ponta da Ladeira sunset viewpoint, how to get there, what to expect, and our favourite photo spots. 

How to get to Ponta da Ladeira viewpoint

Located on the north western coast of Madeira island, Ponta da Ladeira is a perfect combination after a day of relaxing at the Porto Moniz Natural Pools. Or when you’ve done one of the hikes on the west coast such as Ponta do Pargo hike or Levada do Brasiliero. 

You can drive all the way to the entrance of the viewpoint which is only a few steps down a dirt path. Put into Google Maps ‘Miradouro Ponta da Ladeira’ and you will get there. From the parking lot, it’s only a few minutes walk down the path until you get to the cliff sides. From this spot you’ll have an amazing view down the coastline with the sun setting on your right side. I would recommend to wear proper shoes when walking down as the dirt path can be slippery due to loose stones and gravel.

What to expect at Ponta da Ladeira viewpoint

When we made our way down along the dirt path we saw only a ramshackle fence at the first section. But as soon as you make your way down on the cliff, there is no safety fence anymore. So be careful and don’t go too close to the cliff sides. Especially on a windy day! 

The beauty of Ponta da Ladeira viewpoint is that you can look down along the coastline. This gives some beautiful settings for a nice sunset photoshoot. Which was the reason I brought my fancy pink dress in case there would be a stunning sunset. And oh boy what a sunset we got that evening!


The view on Fajã da Quebrada Nova

In the far distance you can see Fajã da Quebrada Nova which is a tiny coastal village, isolated from the rest of the island by tall mountain cliffs and the Atlantic ocean. You can only get to this village via the Achadas Da Cruz cable car or when you hike towards it. A few years ago it was only possible to get here by boat! No one really lives in this village, but the huts belong to farmers who have their plots of crops here or go fishing. If you have some time left, definitely head down with the cable car of Achadas Da Cruz to Fajã da Quebrada Nova. 


A bomb of sunset colours

After a bit of exploring around and figuring out what the best angles were to shoot, we waited for some nice light to come through. In the first place it was a bit cloudy when we got to Ponta da Ladeira viewpoint. But after the sun had set, the sky went on fire! The clouds, which we initially thought would ruin the sunset, started to lit up. In a very short time after the sunset, the entire sky turned into a vibrant red, pink and orange colour bomb. We all got so excited and couldn’t stop shooting this insane sunset! This is the reason why we have so many photos of Ponta da Ladeira viewpoint, because it was just too beautiful to stop photographing! We hope you will have the same luck as we had this evening so you can witness some of the best sunsets on Madeira.


Best photo spots Ponta da Ladeira viewpoint

Some of the best photo spots at Ponta da Ladeira viewpoint are directly accessible once you’ve made your way down. We choose to use the coastal line on the left side in our frame as it is one of the reasons to walk down to this spot. The sun sets on your right hand into the ocean and might differ some of the exact location depending the season. But wherever the sun sets, you will have some beautiful side light on the cliffs which makes them look orange. With some luck the sky might turn into an epic colour bomb of sunset colours which we had this evening. 

You can also face straight towards the ocean, especially when the colours lit up the sky and reflect on the water. But this won’t show the beauty of this viewpoint with the epic coastline which is why it’s worth it to go here! 

If you have a drone you can capture the viewpoint from further away which is a nice angle as well. Position yourself or a friend in the frame so you can show the perspective of the impressive cliffs in comparison to the human size. 


If you’re already flying the drone it’s definitely worth it to check out the cliffs from further away. Make a panorama shot or topdown of the cliffs touching the ocean. Be creative and of course take your time to enjoy this beautiful spot as well! 


Why you should go to Miradouro Ponta da Ladeira instead of Miradouro dos Pombais

Very close to Ponta da Ladeira viewpoint is another viewpoint called ‘Miradouro dos Pombais’. You can watch the sunset from here as well, but this viewpoint is just a parking lot which makes it less interesting for photography and less adventurous to experience. At Miradouro dos Pombais you also can’t look down the impressive coastline. That is a huge plus from Ponta da Ladeira viewpoint which is why we choose to go there in the first place. So I would definitely recommend to go to Miradouro Ponta da Ladeira viewpoint and walk down to the grass area instead of going to Miradouro dos Pombais. But if you prefer to not walk, or you’re a bit afraid of heights, the Miradouro dos Pombais might be a better option. If you have the time you can check them out before sunset so you can make the decision which one suits you better.