The Cambugahay falls on Siquijor island is a 3-tier waterfall with some of the most beautiful turquoise water you will ever see! Originated from natural springs, the water is not only crystal clear but also nicely warm. This is one of the most popular tourist spots on Siquijor island and we totally understand why! With a rope swing, bamboo raft and wonderful natural pools to relax, the Cambugahay waterfalls are a must visit and fun little day trip. In this complete travel guide you can read about everything you need to know before visiting the Cambugahay falls Siquijor. 

How to get to Cambugahay falls Siquijor

The Cambugahay falls entrance is easy to find on Google Maps. If you’re comfortable driving a motorbike then renting one in San Juan is the best option to explore Siquijor island. The price for a motorbike is usually around 250-350 pesos per day. From San Juan where most of the accommodations are located it takes about 25-30 minutes to drive to the Lazi area where the falls are located. The roads are paved and you can park right near the stairs where you head down to the waterfalls. 

If you’re not comfortable driving a motorbike yourself you can also ask a tricycle to bring you there. Make sure to bargain the price and eventually make an agreement for pick up as well. However, this won’t give you the flexibility to enjoy the falls as long as you want.

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Entrance fee Cambugahay falls and opening times

The parking fee for Cambugahay falls is a donation and the actual entrance fee for the waterfalls is 20 pesos per person. If you want to make use of the rope swing or bamboo raft it costs 50 PHP for unlimited time (but check if other people want to rent it as well of course). 

The opening times for Cambugahay falls is from 7 AM until 5.30 PM.

Best time to visit Cambugahay falls

The best time to visit Siquijor island in general is between November and April, the island’s dry season. But in terms of the best time of the day to visit the Cambugahay falls we always advice to go as early as possible. Best is to arrive right at the opening time of 7 AM to beat the crowds. Because the waterfall is some of the most popular tourist spots on Siquijor island, you can expect not only locals but also lots of tourists. 

Another important thing to keep in mind is to visit the Cambugahay falls after dry days. Because when it has been raining on Siquijor island, the crystal clear blue water unfortunately turns muddy and therefore brown. This takes away the charm of the beautiful contrast between the turquoise water and deep green color of the surrounding jungle.


What to expect at Cambugahay falls

When you’re making your way down the 130 steps which is only a few minutes walking, you will first arrive at the main pool of Cambugahay Falls. This is the largest pool with a wide waterfall of about 2 meters height. Although Cambugahay Falls doesn’t have a spectacular drop, it is a very charming waterfall and there are plenty of things to do here instead of just admiring a waterfall which is sometimes the case at bigger waterfalls. 


The Cambugahay Falls originates from natural springs which is why the color is so intense blue. It flows about three kilometers downstream while making several beautiful lagoons before it discharges into the Lazi Bay.

Most of the visitors will be at the main pool where you can use the rope swings and bamboo raft for 50 PHP each which is perfect for pictures, especially when you have a drone! But also make sure to walk upstream to explore the other small lagoons and waterfalls. You can also walk on the bamboo bridge to see the main falls from above.


More things to do on Siquijor

Siquijor Island is a tropical dream and one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. We highly recommend adding this to your Philippines island hopping itinerary! You can plan several day tours to explore the island before making your way to the next destination. 

Diving in Siquijor is one of the fantastic activities as this beautiful island has some of the best coral reefs in the Philippines. There is such a big variety of marine wildlife which will make your diving experience unforgettable.

Salagdoong beach on the far east tip of Siquijor is the perfect spot if you love cliff jumping. Here are several concrete diving boards where you can jump in to the crystal clear waters. If you want to explore another, lesser known waterfall then head to Lugnason falls. And for some underground adventures, head to the Cantabon Cave. End the day at beautiful Paliton beach to watch the sunset. 

More Philippines travel inspiration

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about the Cambugahay Falls on Siquijor island.

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