Faja dos Padres is one of the hidden gems in Madeira and a kinda off the beaten path experience. This huge organic farm is located by the Atlantic Ocean and is only accessible by cable car or boat. Once you arrive at the bottom of the cliff with the cable car, you will walk in between the fruit trees, banana trees and different herbs and vegetables towards the ocean side where the restaurant is located. There are also cottages on the property which you can rent for a few days. Visiting Faja dos Padres is a fun and relaxing day experience on Madeira Island. You can learn more about horticulture, the produce and history of Faja dos Padres and enjoy a biological lunch with amazing ocean view in the organic restaurant. Read in this blog post everything you need to know about Faja dos Padres, how to get there, the entrance fee and what to expect more!

How to get to Faja dos Padres

Fajã dos Padres is located on the south coast of the island in Quinta Grande on a 15 minute drive from the main town of Madeira, Funchal. There are free parking spots available when you arrive at the cable car station. The easiest way is to get here is with a rental car or taxi. I would highly recommend to rent a car in Madeira as it’s the most convenient way to get around the island.

Another option is to get to Faja dos Padres by boat. The boat “Malvasia” can carry up to 10 passengers and makes daily transfers from Funchal or from the nearby port of Camara de Lobos. This experience needs to be reserved beforehand and costs €10 for a one way trip from from Câmara de Lobos and €15 for a one way trip from Funchal. You can make a booking here.


Entrance fees

At the ticket booth of the cable car you can pay the the entrance fee and ticket for the Fajã dos Padres organic garden and cable car which is €10,-. But there is also an option to book one of the guided tours.

If you want to learn more about the history of Fajã dos Padres, the different fruits, vegetables and horticulture, you can book a guided tour for €7,50 extra. For an extra €15 upon the €10 entrance fee you can have a guided tour with fruit tasting.


History of Fajã dos Padres

Fajã is a Portuguese term which doesn’t have an English equivalent translation. Fajã describes a piece of flat, fertile land which is created by flowing lava and is located at the bottom of the cliff in between a cliff and water. There are a few of these places in Madeira to explore, but one of the most interesting is Fajã dos Padres with a biological farm and restaurant. It’s history goes back to the 1700s when priests lived on this piece of land for over 150 years and gave it its name Fajã dos Padres. This can be translated into ‘land of the fathers’ in English.

What to expect at Faja dos Padres

After paying the entrance fee you enter the cable car cabin which takes you down a 300 meters high cliff to the entrance of the garden. Once you’ve arrived at the entrance of the garden, you will first walk through the banana tree plantation, several different crops and fruittrees.

The production of the Faja dos Padres biological farm is since 2008 certified with the label of organic farming. You can see here a large variety  of agriculture because the microclimate favours the growth of several subtropical species. The bio eco organic farm consists of more than 20 different kinds of fruits and grapevines. A few examples are mangoes, avocados, banana and papaya. But you will also find figs, pitanga, passion fruit, pineapple and the vineyard. All these tropical species fill the garden with color and diversity.

It is, of course, not allowed to pick the fruits. If you want to taste the fruits you can book the guided tour with fruit tasting, or have an organic lunch in the restaurant of Faja dos Padres.

Faja dos Padres restaurant

The Faja dos Padres restaurant is at the end of the path which leads you through the organic farm. The restaurant has an amazing view on the beach and Atlantic Ocean. After exploring the farm, the restaurant is a welcome spot to relax and taste the fresh ingredients from the organic garden. The menu is quite extensive with biological fruits and vegetables and of course fresh fish. I would advice to try their couscous and fruit salad, it was very tasty!


Faja dos Padres beach

Before or after the lunch, you can enjoy the beach below the restaurant. Take a swim in the refreshing Atlantic Ocean or simply soak up the sunshine! The wide rocky beach of Faja dos Padres is maybe not the most comfortable to lie on. Therefore you have the option to rent beach chairs and umbrellas. You can also walk on the pier or jump from the pier into the Ocean. There are stairs to help you get out of the water. At the entrance of the property next to the restaurant, there are showers and cabins available.


Faja dos Padres villas and bungalow

If you want to enjoy the serenity of Faja dos Padres a bit longer, you can stay in one of their houses overlooking the ocean. The nine houses from which some are the former homes of settlers have been turned into tourist homes. The houses are simple yet comfortable and vary between double and single beds. For a booking, have a look on their website.

Short video about Fajã dos Padres

Watch the short video we’ve made about the experience at Fajã dos Padres below!

Other things to do near Fajã dos Padres

If you’ve explored the beautiful organic farm and had a tasty lunch but you still have some hours left in your day, there are a few other nice places to explore close to Fajã dos Padres. Head over to the Cabo Girão skywalk to watch sunset for example. Or go to Camaro de Lobos to see the fisher boats and cute streets of this little town. If you stay in Funchal it is also really worth it to check out the promenade at Praia Formosa to have a sunset stroll, and of course to eat dinner in one of the amazing restaurants in Funchal!