Uppuveli beach is the main beach in the centre of Trincomalee. A lot of hotels and restaurants are located along this beach which is why most tourists stay within walking distance of Uppuveli beach. Therefore Uppuveli beach is a vibrant place but sometimes feels a but touristy. There are a few restaurants and beach bars we would recommend to go to. Read everything you need to know about Uppuveli beach in this blog post!

How to get to Uppuveli beach

Because the beach is located in Trincomalee town you can easily get there by foot. However, if you want to explore other places around Trincomalee, then make sure to rent a scooter if you’re comfortable driving one. The price is around 1500 LKR per day to rent a scooter, but it’s really worth it because all the small trips with a TukTuk add up fast.


What to expect at Uppuveli beach

Similarly to Nilaveli Beach, Uppuveli is also a long, sandy beach with clear waters and no waves. It attracts a bigger crowd than Nilaveli Beach because there are more restaurants, cafes and hotels in the area. This also has it’s downside, because Uppuveli is not as untouched as Nilaveli beach. There is more pollution along the shore.

Uppuveli is clearly a more popular beach destination with a few fancy beach bars offering a chill and festive vibe. Nilaveli in comparison is the more relaxed, local and laid back Trincomalee beach of these two.


Where to eat at Uppuveli beach

The best beach bar is without a doubt Fernando’s. The chilled atmosphere in combination with great tunes and fancy hammocks and swings makes it the perfect place for sundowners or just a relaxing time on the beach. But there are some other great restaurants and cafes in Trincomalee. These are out other favourites:

  • Cafe on the 18th. For an amazing coffee, smoothie bowl, mango or banana porridge or vegan food!
  • Gomes’z Pasta Hut. When you’re craving carbs or a good pasta you have to eat here!
  • Trinco restaurant. For a cheap but good local Sri Lankan dish.
  • Fernando’s Bar. The best place for a chill sunset drink.
  • Be Cool Juice. For a healthy juice and breakfast! Here you can choose from many different juices, Yum! 

Things to do around Uppuveli beach

In addition to relaxing on the beaches of Trincomalee, there are some other things to do and places to visit in and around Trincomalee. If you’re in the right season, one of the best things to do in Trincomalee is whale watching. The season starts around May and ends in September / October. Make sure to ask other travellers who have been on whale watching to check if they’ve seen whales. Otherwise it might be a waste of time and money.

Other things to do in Trincomalee are visiting Fort Frederick and a few Hindu temples. You can also go on safari or travel further to Sigirya from Trincomalee!


Best time to go to Trincomalee

The best time to explore Trincomalee and the beautiful untouched Trincomalee beaches is between February and August. Around this time the weather is most pleasant. The east coast monsoon season runs from October to early January which is why most shops and restaurants are closed during this period. But when you want to come to Trincomalee for whale watching, make sure to plan your way up here between May and September / October.