Diamond beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Nusa Penida with towering limestone cliffs and bright turquoise blue water. When exploring Nusa Penida island you can’t miss visiting this beach which is located on the east coast of the island. The viewpoint on Diamond Beach is already picture perfect, but to get down to the beautiful and rugged beach you have to hike along a pretty steep and narrow path with is cut out from the limestone rocks. The hike even involves a little bit of climbing with a rope, but nothing too dangerous to skip it. However if you’re short in time and just want to snap a quick picture of this iconic beach with diamond shaped rocks, then you can easily get to the viewpoint. If you’re lucky you can even spot Manta Rays in the crystal clear blue water!

Read in this complete guide everything you need to know about Diamond beach Nusa Penida.

How to get to Diamond beach Nusa Penida 

Diamond beach is located in East Nusa Penida and can be perfectly combined with a day of exploring the Thousand island viewpoint (watch sunrise here!) and taking a picture at the famous (but little bit overrated and expensive photo spot) Rumah Pohon treehouse. 

You can include Diamond Beach during a Nusa Penida east tour where you can also visit Atuh beach, Suwehan beach and the Teletubbie Hills. 

Entrance fee Diamond beach Nusa Penida

The entrance fee for Diamond beach Nusa Penida is 10 000 IDR per person and 5000 IDR parking fee. From here you can also visit Atuh beach which is just a walk down the stairs from the viewpoint. 

Best time to visit Diamond beach Nusa Penida

Because Diamond beach is located on the east side of the island it has the most sun exposure during the morning and early afternoon. Therefore I advice to visit Diamond beach after watching sunrise at the Thousand island viewpoint. Visiting this beautiful beach in the early morning will also give you the chance of seeing it without too many tourists. And if you’re planning to hike down then it’s not too hot yet if you go early morning. 

However, when visiting later in the afternoon, Diamond Beach will be completely in the shade. This might be a bit better considering the heat, however for photos its not ideal since the beach will be completely in the shade and the water won’t look as bright blue as it is when the sun is directly above the ocean. 


What to expect at Diamond beach Nusa Penida 

After you’ve payed the entrance fee it’s only a few minutes walking to the viewpoint of Diamond beach. If you continue along this path you will get to some other great viewpoints overlooking the ocean and some small islands. You can also see Atuh beach on the opposite of Diamond beach viewpoint. You can also hike down to this beach which has sunbeds and warungs if you’re in need of a cold coconut and a comfortable sun bed to chill. 


Atuh beach seen from the viewpoint

Diamond beach viewpoint 

The view on Diamond beach is perfect with two palm trees hanging over the beach towards the diamond shaped rock. The white sand is a fantastic contrast with the crystal clear turquoise water and the white limestone rocks and makes it a picture perfect tropical beach. 

But not only the viewpoint is perfect for some pictures. If you stand on the stairs a little bit further from where they start, you can also take some fantastic shots. And either if you walk all the way down or not, you will then at least have a nice picture! 


Hiking down to Diamond beach Nusa Penida 

The hike down to Diamond beach is sweaty and tough. The stairs are cut out from the limestone cliff and are at some parts very narrow. You have to make a few sharp turns which involves a good coordination as well a short part where you need to hold yourself to a rope.

You can do the hike on flip-flops but make sure to walk with caution. All together it won’t be more than 10 – 15 minutes until you get down. The way up is the same route so you might encounter some ongoing traffic walking down which could slow down the hike as the path is so narrow.


Exploring Diamond beach

Once arrived down on Diamond beach you will feel really small with the towering limestone cliffs surrounding the beach. The soft white sand and beautiful silky turquoise water make you feel you’ve entered a tropical paradise. The waves aren’t usually too big at Diamond beach, but always be careful if you plan to swim in Nusa Penida. The current and waves at some places in Nusa Penida can be daunting.


More things to do nearby Diamond beach

Once you’ve finished exploring Diamond beach viewpoint and the beach itself you might want to relax or explore some other places in Nusa Penida. 

If you still have the energy it is highly recommended to hike down to Atuh beach and order a cold coconut while enjoying this other beautiful Nusa Penida beach. 

But you can also continue exploring more of Penida’s south east coast and continue to the Teletubbies Hills, Suwehan beach, Sekartaji cliff or some other popular spots such as Kelingking beach. Of course the famous T Rex can’t be missed on your Nusa Penida itinerary. 


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I hope you enjoyed this complete guide about Diamond Beach Nusa Penida.

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