Atuh beach is a beautiful beach located in a remote cove under steep green cliffs on the east coast of Nusa Penida island. Atuh beach, also known as Pantai Atuh by locals, is a perfect beach to relax and swim for the day. Therefore it’s one of the best beaches on Nusa Penida if you ask us. Located in the next bay to Diamond beach you can perfectly combine these two wonderful Nusa Penida beaches. Both have some of the most crystal clear water and are surrounded by towering limestone rocks. With Diamond beach being a rugged, untouched beach without any sunbeds or warungs, Atuh Beach offers a handful of warungs where you can order drinks, food and rent sunbeds. Read in this complete guide everything you need to know about Atuh Beach Nusa Penida.

How to get to Atuh beach Nusa Penida

Located on the eastern side of Nusa Penida island, getting to Atuh Beach is a scenic drive. If you are used to driving motorbikes you can rent a NMax bike on Nusa Penida for about 100 000 IDR per day. With some steep roads it is highly recommended to rent a powerful bike with about 150 cc, so an Nmax is a great option. Always check the brakes before using the bike on Penida island because you’ll use the brakes a lot! 

Atuh Beach is clearly signposted along the way. If you follow the navigation of Google Maps it will take you about 50 minutes from the main tourist spot on the island in Toya Pakeh. Drive carefully because there can be potholes in the road and sharp turns. 

Entrance fee Atuh Beach 

The entrance fee for Atuh Beach in 2022 is 10 000 IDR per person and the parking fee is 5000 IDR per vehicle. This entrance feel includes Diamond beach as well. 


On this drone picture you can see Atuh beach and the parking lot and entrance road on the left side of the cliff. When you follow this path there is an intersection to hike down to Atuh beach and the other stairs cut into the cliff go down to Diamond beach which you see on the left side of the picture.

Best time to go to Atuh beach Nusa Penida 

Facing east, Atuh Beach gets most of the sunshine in the morning and early afternoon. So that’s why the best time to relax on Atuh Beach is in the morning hours. You can perfectly combine a visit to Atuh Beach after you’ve seen the sunrise from Rumah Pohon tree house for example at the thousand island viewpoint.


Rumah Pohon treehouse at the Thousand Islands viewpoint is a famous Instagram spot

You also have to keep the tides into account because with low tide there is not much ocean left to swim in. It will just be the beach with exposed rocks and the ocean will be too far away to take a dip in. If you’re planning to come in the morning you will most likely have high tide, but check a tides app to be sure. 

You can perfectly combine Diamond beach and Atuh Beach because it has the same access road. If you want to visit both then be prepared to climb a lot of stairs! For accessing both beaches you have to descend some steep stairs. The stairs to Atuh Beach are safer than Diamond beach which is a challenging walk along narrow stairs cut out from the cliff wall.  


What to expect at Atuh beach Nusa Penida

Coming from the parking lot you will first pass Diamond beach viewpoint which is absolutely worth a stop and photo. This beach is like a perfect postcard so even if you’re not making your way down Diamond beach, a photo is a must here. 


If you continue the walk you will see Atuh Beach on your left hand. The stairs down to Atuh Beach are easy to find and you’ll only have to follow them all the way down to get on the beach. Be prepared for some sweat! Especially on your way back up! It’s gonna be a good work out but with a stunning tropical beach to rest and cold coconuts or beers waiting for you! 


The Atuh Beach cliff

What makes Atuh Beach so unique is the stunning arch and rock formations out in the water. If you’re at Atuh Beach for sunrise you might be in for some great photographs. But also during the morning when the ocean gets it bright blue color thanks to the sunshine, the interesting shaped rock formations make a fantastic point of interest for photos. The contrast between the turquoise blue water, light yellow sand and green cliffs creates the perfect tropical setting! 


Warungs, sunbeds and umbrellas at Atuh Beach 

If you’re down for a chill day by the beach then Atuh Beach is without a doubt some of the best and most beautiful beaches on Nusa Penida to do this. What we loved so much about Atuh Beach are the comfortable sunbeds which are for rent in combination with umbrella’s for some shade. The warungs also offer all sorts of drinks from cold coconuts, beers, juices and local food like Nasi Goreng and all sorts of other dishes. After we watched sunrise at the Thousand Island viewpoint and hiked down to Diamond beach, we recharged our batteries for the rest of the day at Atuh Beach. 


Swimming and snorkeling at Atuh Beach 

The crystal clear turquoise water at Atuh beach looks very inviting to take a dip in. It it definitely some of the safer beaches in Nusa Penida to swim. However, you should always keep the current into account. The further you go out, the higher the chance that the current of the ocean gets stronger. Especially if you go snorkeling, which is actually a great idea at Atuh beach, you might forget how far away from the shore you are. And because there is no lifeguard on duty at Atuh beach, you really have to keep yourself safe.

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