Broken beach is a remarkable spot on the west coast of Nusa Penida. This natural rock archway is a result of the erosion of earth over millions of years. The spectacular cove of Broken beach with the crystal clear turquoise waters is one of the must see spots on Nusa Penida island. You can walk around the cove over the natural bridge to see all the different angles of Broken beach, but you can’t descend down to the beach itself. If you have a drone you will love to see the aerial perspective of Broken beach as well. Besides exploring this unique Nusa Penida beach you can also visit Angels Billabong which is located on the same site. Read in this blog post everything you need to know about Broken beach Nusa Penida. 

How to get to Broken Beach Nusa Penida 

Broken beach is located on the far southwest coast of Nusa Penida. From the main town of the island, Toya Pakeh, it’s about an 45 minute drive on asphalt roads. Since 2020 most of the main roads on Nusa Penida got an upgrade, only the last part towards the parking of Broken beach you will encounter a ‘broken road’ which makes it a bit of an uncomfortable bumpy last part. Can you imagine that half of the road towards Broken beach was like this back in 2018?! 

The best way to get around Nusa Penida Island by renting a scooter. However, you can also book one of the Nusa Penida tours so you will be driven around in a car with air conditioning. Prices of tours vary depending on what you want to include during the day trip. Check prices beforehand at different tour operators to get an idea of the average price. 

Renting a scooter on Nusa Penida will cost you anywhere between 70 000 IDR for a small scooter and 100 000 IDR for an NMax with 150cc. In our experience you can better rent an NMax with 2 people because you will need to extra power going uphill in Nusa Penida. 


Best time to go to Broken Beach Nusa Penida 

If you want to beat the crowds and heat, then the best time to visit Broken beach is in the early morning. Because there is not much effort required to get to Broken beach and Angels Billabong I would even advice to get here before breakfast. There is not much natural shade around Broken beach and Angels Billabong, just some trees on the side. When we got there around 7 AM it was already só hot and we were sweating like crazy. Around 9 AM it started to get busy already with many cars on the parking and people walking around to take pictures. 

So, if you want to enjoy this place with few people around and in somewhat bearable temperature, then come as early as possible. Preferably eat your breakfast after visiting to win some extra time! 

Another option is to come around sunset time. Also fewer people and a bit lower temperature than later morning or during midday. You can’t really see the sunset here, but if the sky turn in nice pastel colors it will give a magical feeling to the experience.


Sunset at Broken Beach

Entrance fee Broken Beach Nusa Penida

There is no entrance fee for Broken beach, just the parking fee of 10 000 IDR per vehicle. From the parking lot it is a 5 minute walk down the volcanic rocks when you get to the first point of interest, Angels Billabong, which is a natural pool. For Broken beach you just continue along the local shacks selling coconuts and snacks until you get to the natural arch of Broken beach. 

What to expect at Broken Beach Nusa Penida

Once you arrive at Broken beach after walking over the volcanic rocks and along the local shacks you will see the unique arch. It is truly mesmerising to think about how this has been naturally formed over millions years of time due to erosion. During and after the rainy season the vegetation around Broken beach will be lush green. But, in and at the end of the dry season most of the trees and vegetation will be brown. This might give a different experience after you’ve seen the pictures of us with the beautiful green trees.  


You can walk around the cove to explore Broken beach from every angle. From one side you can see the arch, from the other side you can see the beach at its best. If you have a drone you should definitely fly it here. Then you will see that Broken beach is circular and looks like a closed off beach. Only from the side you can see the beautiful arch where sometimes even boats sail through to see Broken beach from closer by. 


Unfortunately it is not possible to go down into the cove to walk on the beach or have a refreshing dip. The water is so crystal clear here that you can even see the reef. I can imagine that it must be beautiful to snorkel along Broken beach. But the current also looks strong, so it might be because of safety reasons and to keep nature as it is that there is no way of exploring the beach. 


Angel’s Billabong natural pool

If you fancy a dip in the salty water you can still do this, but at the natural pools of Angel’s Billabong which is right around the corner of Broken beach. You passed this spot on the way to Broken beach from the parking lot. This crystal clear tide pool looks almost like an infinity pool when the waves are calm. The water is then like a mirror and reflects the sky perfectly.


You can dip and float in this natural pool, but not when the ocean is rough. The waves will then come easily over the side and the current gets too dangerous. There have been incidents here when people got pulled into the wild ocean. So use your common sense and don’t go too close to the end and don’t go in when the waves splash over.


Manta Bay 

Another fun thing to know is that in the waters close to Nusa Penida Island are many Manta Rays. If you’re lucky you can see them at most of the beaches when you’re standing on the cliffs. But some of the best spots to watch Manta Rays are Diamond beach, Suwehan beach and of course in Manta Bay which is the southern bay of Broken beach. If you sit here on the cliffs and it’s a calm day in the ocean you can get very lucky to spot Manta Rays cruising around. This is such a unique experience! And if you’re not planning on snorkeling or diving in Nusa Penida, then you still had the chance to see the majestic Manta Rays in the wild from a distance! 


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