Tembeling beach & natural pools is a stunning off the beaten path location on the southwest coast of Nusa Penida. It’s a unique place to visit and offers natural shade by the forest, crystal clear water to have a dip in and a gorgeous secret beach. Visiting Tembeling natural pool is a must when you’re adventurous and like to see the lesser known spots on the island. However, the way down to Tembeling beach forest is risky and only recommended when you are really skilled in riding the motorbike. Make sure you know the brakes are working good! Find in this complete guide everything you need to know about Tembeling Nusa Penida. 

How to get to Tembeling beach & pool

To get to Tembeling beach and the natural pools you either have to have great motorbike skills to drive down safely, or put in the effort by walking, or ask a local to bring you. We went all the way down with the scooter but I wouldn’t recommend any tourist doing that. 

There are two roads going to the parking lot where to short hike starts towards Tembeling Beach. One of the roads can be accessed via the (broken) road that goes to Saren cliff point, and the other entrance comes from the main road that goes to Banah cliff point. Both roads are very steep and uneven and ask for seriously good motorbike skills. If you decide to go down by motorbike yourself, make sure to check your brakes because you’re going to need them a lot. Also for the way up you will need enough power of the bike to make it back up. 

If you want a local to bring you, then make sure to get to the entrance which you can find by typing ‘Pos Ojek Tembeling’ on Google Maps. From there you will be taking care of by paying a small fee.


Best time to go to Tembeling beach & pool 

Facing south west, Tembeling beach is a potential great spot to watch the sunset. However, it gets dark quickly in Tembeling Forest, so if you need to drive back up I wouldn’t directly recommend to stay here too long after sunset.

You can visit Tembeling natural pools at any time of the day as the location has lots of natural shade thanks to the forest. 

What to expect at Tembeling beach & pool 

Once you’ve made it to the final parking lot the short hike down to the natural pools start. Follow the spiral stairs which lead you through the forest and along the cliffs until you see the first glimpse of the turquoise natural pool. 


This beautiful natural pool is set below the large orange brown cliff which gives a beautiful contrast with the beautiful blue water of the sweet water natural pool. Here you can have a swim and cool off after the adventure coming down. 


Around the natural pool are some locals selling drinks, so if you’re in need for some hydration then you don’t have to look too far.  If you continue to walk down you will see the other natural pool which has views on the ocean and Tembeling Beach. This is another great spot to relax if the other place is too crowded. 


Tembeling beach

From this natural pool you also have direct access to Tembeling beach which is a beautiful rugged beach. There are no facilities around here which makes it a very natural feel. There are quite some rocks on the beach so it’s not the most comfortable place to lay down on your towel. But it absolutely is a great beach flanked by the towering limestone cliffs and with crystal clear blue water.  


Another beach can be accessed when walking through the cave towards the so called Secret beach. This isn’t really a beach to casually take a stroll as the waves here are super strong. There is a small elevated platform from where you can admire this impressive cove with the towering limestone cliffs. The roaring sound of the ocean and crashing waves onto the rocks make you realise why this isn’t a beach for swimming. It definitely is a super rugged beach and worth a quick visit when you’re at the lowest natural pool. 


Make sure to put Tembeling forest, beach and natural pools on your Nusa Penida itinerary. Especially if you like exploring off the beaten path places! Most of the Nusa Penida tours don’t include a visit to this place which is why it is still some of the lesser known places in Nusa Penida. It takes some effort to get here, but it’s totally worth it in our opinion! Bring you swimsuit and relax for some time at the natural pools and on the beach.

More things to do around Tembeling

After exploring Tembeling beach, forest and the natural pools you can continue exploring Nusa Penida’s beautiful coast. On only a 30 minute drive is the most famous beach of the island, Kelingking beach, located. But Saren cliff point and Banah cliff point are also both beautiful viewpoints overlooking the rugged coastline of Nusa Penida. Worth a visit! Especially if you can time it with sunset at one of these spots, you will be in for a great show!

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