This super photogenic waterfall nearby Ubud is a must visit when you’re in Bali. The beautiful jungle surroundings combined with the curtain of water falling down in a straight stream makes Tibumana waterfall one of our most favorite waterfalls in Bali. Nungnung and Sekumpul are our other favorite Bali waterfalls. In this blog post you will find all the information you need to prepare your visit to Tibumana waterfall. You will read how to get there, what to expect and what to bring before you head out to Tibumana waterfall Bali. For the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali you need to visit, read this complete guide of all the most beautiful Bali waterfalls!

About Tibumana waterfall Bali

Tibumana waterfall is a beautiful waterfall close to Ubud, located in the village of Apuan in Bangli Bali. The height of Tibumana waterfall is about 5 meters. During rain season there will even be a second stream flowing down making Tibumana a twin fall! What makes this waterfall so unique is the perfect straight form of the water gushing down and because there is a kind of cave behind the waterfall. But it’s not allowed to go there!

Once you arrive at the path leading to Tibumana waterfall, you will walk through the beautiful jungle which is a perfect opportunity to admire the exotic Balinese vegetation. The 10 – 15 minute walk down to the waterfall is super easy with the well-maintained steps. It is easy to do for young children or seniors. After rain the steps might be slippery so always be careful 🙂 You can do this hike on flip-flops, but water shoes might be a better idea as there are some rocks at the pool of Tibumana.


Before you arrive at the Tibumana waterfall, first you will pass another smaller waterfall which is showed on the picture below. After this waterfall you have to follow the bamboo bridge to reach Tibumana.

Once you’ll get to the beautiful Tibumana waterfall, take a minute to read the rules and respect them. This is the list of the rules.

  • Don’t swim too far or too close to the waterfall
  • Going inside the cave is prohibited
  • Do not stand near the cliff
  • Don’t swim under the waterfall; the power of the water could injure you and things as rocks and branches can fall down from the waterfall
  • Keep Bali clean and always take your garbage with you or put it in the garbage bins!

How to get to Tibumana Waterfall

From Ubud centre it is just a 15 km drive East before you reach Tibumana waterfall. From Canggu it is more-less an hour drive, but be prepared for the traffic along the way! Google Maps will easily show you the way.

The drive towards Tibumana waterfall is beautiful through the local villages and nature. When you get closer to Tibumana waterfall, you’ll notice endless rice fields and palm trees. Take your time to enjoy this authentic Balinese view with rice terraces and local people at work. Or take a picture of them, or yourself wandering through the rice fields.

Right before you enter the car park at the Tibumana waterfall entrance you will pass a spectacular palm tree road! Super cool to take a picture 😉
Once you arrive at the car park, there is a small Warung where you will find a restroom to change clothes or have a sanitary stop. You can also order great food at the Warung with a beautiful view of the rice fields.

The best way to get around in Bali is to rent a motorbike. Be aware that you need an international license to hire a motorbike! For around 50.000 IDR you can rent a motorbike with helmet in Bali. 

Another option is to hire a private driver who will drive you around the whole day for around 500.000 IDR, depending on the places you want to see and the number of people sharing the car. 


Tibumana waterfall entrance fee

The entrance fee is only 10.000 IDR. After you’ve parked your scooter (close to the temple), follow the path along the rice fields until you find a small booth where you have to pay the entrance fee. From there you only have to follow the path until you see the stairs who will take you down to the Tibumana waterfall. If you need a locker you can rent one for 5.000 IDR to keep all your belongings safe. 

Best time for photos

Of course you want to capture some stunning photos of your visit to Tibumana waterfall. I can give you a few advices so you won’t be disappointed. The first tip is to arrive as early as possible. Preferably around 8AM or if you can make it even earlier, the better! There are a few reasons for this. Most tourists aren’t early morning birds, so you will have the chance of only seeing another photographer, instagrammer or a local enjoying the silence before the storm.

Tibumana waterfall isn’t a hidden gem anymore, unfortunately. So if you arrive after 9AM or even later, then be prepared that you have to share this beautiful waterfall with other travelers and tourists. In 2020 we have visited this waterfall again and even saw weddings, or wedding shoots going on!! 

So, if you’re coming to Tibumana waterfall to get the best photos, make sure to arrive early. Sunrise or at least early in the morning is the best timing to take the best photos. Morning light is always much better than the harsh light at the middle of the day. The shadows on the water or direct sunlight on the waterfall will blow out the whites. And shadows on the pool of Tibumana waterfall  will look a bit weird as well. As if there are dark spots which you can’t really fix with editing.

Another reason to come early, actually to any Bali waterfall there is, is because of the heat. In the morning it isn’t that humid yet, and you always have to walk some stairs before you arrive at the waterfall. Enough reasons to start exploring early!


Photo tip

There are some really nice angles to capture the waterfall. Low by the water, from the left corner, with leaves as a foreground to create more depth, or from the right corner with some rocks and the little stream in front. At this waterfall you can perfectly practice your long exposure skills. See the different shutter speeds we used to create different results below.


Where to stay in Ubud

Ubud has many amazing places to stay. From luxury boutique hotels to big jungle resorts and guesthouses around Ubud. Most of the accommodations are super nice and clean! But if you really want to spoil yourself for a special occasion, it is highly recommend to book a luxury accommodation with rice terrace view or jungle view in Ubud. Below some of our recommendations.

Luxury: Goya Boutique, Hanging Gardens, Adiwana resort and Kayon resort to name some of the amazing luxury resorts around Ubud.

Mid-luxury: A 3 star accommodation in Bali is already great luxury for the price. For example Hotel Green field.

Backpacker: A cheap Airbnb or a guesthouse like Pering Bungalow.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our blog post about Tibumana waterfall Bali and will put this beautiful waterfall on your Bali itinerary. Because there are so many waterfalls around Ubud, you can easily make a full day trip chasing waterfalls as you can combine a few waterfalls all in one day. For example the hidden Tukad Cepung waterfall, Tegenungan and Sumampan waterfall. With the help of our blog posts you can make your own waterfall tour day trip near Ubud!

If you have questions please let us know in the comments!

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