Yes they do exist! The Teletubbie hills. These green rolling hills on Nusa Penida island are a fun stop while exploring the east coast. There are a few viewpoints on Bukit Teletubbies along the way, so you don’t have to walk far to see them. However, if you do like a bit of adventuring you can go on a little hike up the hills to see the sweeping views even better. And if you like to fly the drone you can see the Teletubbie hills even better. In this complete guide we share some of the pictures we took at Bukit Teletubbies and some more information on the best time to go and how to get on top of on of the Teletubbie hills. 

How to get to Bukit Teletubbies

The Bukit Teletubbies are located on the eastern part of the island and take about 45 minutes of driving from the main town Toya Pakeh. You can perfectly combine a visit to the Teletubbie hills while exploring Nusa Penida’s east coast. The hills are easy to find and there are several viewpoints located directly along the road. So you can just park your vehicle or even see the rolling hills while passing along. It just depends how much time you have to explore. Because if you like a bit of hiking then I’d definitely recommend to walk up one of the hills! 

Best time to go to Bukit Teletubbies

The best time to visit the Bukit Teletubbies are with sunrise or around sunset. During the day it’s very hot and there is little shade around. Also if you want to take some nice pictures here the early mornings and moments around sunset are the best because the light will be softer. During the day it tends to get cloudy often.

Considering the best season to visit the Bukit Teletubbies you will have the most lush green hills during and right after rainy season. The bright green color is in these months at its best. During and especially after the dry season the Teletubbie hills can be turned into brownish hills because most of the grass has dried up. This will give a different view and experience than you can see on our pictures where the Teletubbie hills are beautifully green. We have visited in March 2022 for your information. 


What to expect at the Bukit Teletubbies

You can either have a quick look from of the viewpoints next to the road and continue your journey, or do a bit more of a deep exploration. The last thing is what we did. We were prepared and had our sneakers on which is recommended if you’re planning to do a bit of hiking. It’s actually a great place if you’re looking to be a bit more active. You can explore around the Bukit Teletubbies by following the pathway into the bushes which will lead you around the hills. 


We also climbed up one of the hills to get a better perspective on the surrounding hills and enjoy the sweeping views towards the ocean. Especially with a drone you can get such a cool perspective of the sloping hills. It’s a very unique view which you don’t even see in Bali. So in our opinion definitely one of the must things to do on Nusa Penida!


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I hope you enjoyed this complete guide about Bukit Teletubbies Nusa Penida.

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