Hikkaduwa is the name of a small beach town which is located on the south west coast of Sri Lanka. Hikkaduwa beach is one of the best surfing spots in Sri Lanka and there are many fun activities to do. There are lots of water sports to do, delicious seafood curries to eat, relaxing massages to get and Buddhist temples to visit in Hikkaduwa. Read in this blog post everything you need to know about Hikkaduwa beach and the best things to do!

How to get to Hikkaduwa beach

Hikkaduwa is located about 100 kilometres south of Colombo and 140 kilometres away from Galle. There are a few different options to get to Hikkaduwa. With a private driver, by train, bus, or you can rent a Tuk Tuk in Colombo.


Take bus 187 from Colombo Airport to Colombo Fort Central Bus Station for 100 LKR. You will have to transfer buses here and take any bus to Galle, Tangalle, Matara or Hikkaduwa which costs around 300 LKR. The buses run every fifteen minutes. You have to get off at Narigama beach or the Hikkaduwa bus station.

Total journey time: 3-4 hours.


Take bus 187 From Colombo Airport to Colombo Fort Railway Station for around 100 Rupees. You can purchase a 2nd or 3rd class train ticket to Hikkaduwa when you arrive at the railway station for around 150 Rupees. The trains are usually always packed, so don’t expect to get a seat on this journey.

Total journey time: 4-5 hours.


From Colombo to Hikkaduwa it costs around 8000 LKR one way. So with the more people you travel, the cheaper it gets!

Total journey time: 2 hours.


Best time to go to Hikkaduwa

Because Hikkaduwa is facing west, you will be able to see magical sunsets at this side of the island. Therefore, anytime is a good time to go to Hikkaduwa beach. Considering the best season to go, the best months to visit the south coast of Sri Lanka are from January until April and from July until September.


What to expect at Hikkaduwa beach

The Narigama Beach is the most popular beach in Hikkaduwa and stretches on for about 4 kilometers long. It is a perfect surfing spot during the months from April to October. The sea water of the Indian Ocean is calm during the winters which makes it ideal for snorkelling and swimming as well. There are numerous of swim spots along the stretch of coastline, many of which have huge turtles swimming around close to shore. You will fall in love with the white sand beach and crystal clear blue waters of Hikkaduwa Beach.


Things to do at Hikkaduwa beach

Besides sunbathing and swimming there are plenty of other things to do at Hikkaduwa beach.

Snorkeling at Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary Reef

Rent a mask and snorkel and take a short boat ride over to the Hikkaduwa coral sanctuary reef to get a closer look at the marine life underwater. Because of the 2004 tsunami and poor management, some coral and fish in the area of Hikkaduwa have died in the recent years. However, the Coral sanctuary still shows plenty of magnificent flowering coral formations, and you can see the turtles year-round. The Coral Sanctuary is located a few meters away from the shore. There are many tour operators set up on Hikkaduwa beach that can help you organise a snorkeling trip. 


Scuba diving

If snorkeling is not enough, you can also book a scuba diving trip to explore the shipwrecks right off the coast. Apart from the various species of fishes and sea turtles, the coast also contains sites for four different shipwrecks, which you can explore!

Surfing at Hikkaduwa beach

Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka becomes a famous surf spot for its clean waves and consistent swell. If you don’t have your own surfboard you can easily rent one from the local surf shacks on the beach or from a shop in town.


Swim with turtles

Right from the shore of Hikkaduwa beach you can easily spot many sea turtles just hanging out in the water. They aren’t scared of people and often swim right up to you. Of course be an ethical traveler and don’t touch them or feed them! You can also visit a turtle hatchery where you can see the turtles hatching between the months of January and April. In the evening, around 6:30PM, they release the turtles and let them run for the ocean!


Eat seafood curry with a fresh juice

After all the beach life you must be hungry and thirsty. Luckily the food in Hikkaduwa is amazing, and there are many restaurants who serve delicious seafood curry. There are also many roadside juice bars where you can get your daily dose of fresh fruit juice!

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