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MUNDUK WATERFALLS HIKE – Guide to 4 epic Munduk waterfalls

The Munduk waterfalls are a collection of four beautiful waterfalls tucked away in the jungle of Munduk. During the Munduk waterfalls trek you can see all four waterfalls but there are different options to do the trek. All of the Munduk waterfalls are beautiful and definitely belong to the most impressive Bali waterfalls to explore. So if you’re in Munduk village and you like some hiking, then check out this amazing trek! The total time for the waterfall hike will be about 3 hours but it’s not too strenuous. So bring your hiking shoes, grab your camera, fill your water bottle and head out for this fun waterfall adventure in North Bali. Hiking to the Munduk waterfalls is absolutely one of the best things to do in Munduk! 

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Best tours in Munduk Bali

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General travel must haves for Bali

Before we dive into the Munduk waterfalls hike, let’s check a few things to make your travels in Bali easy and safe.

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Best time to visit the Munduk waterfalls

Whenever you go to explore the Munduk waterfalls, make sure to check the weather forecast for Munduk. The weather in North Bali can be totally different from the south area. It’s also highly recommended to start the hike as early as possible, especially when it is a hot, sunny day. 

If you can wait for a bit more of a cloudy day, then I would advice to do the hike then. There is some incline involved, so the warmer the temperature the harder it will be.

In terms of best seasons to do the Munduk waterfalls hike, you can expect the waterfalls to be more powerful after rainfall, so during or after the rainy season. We went to Munduk after some heavy days of rain and were treated with powerful waterfalls which was perfect for photography! 

How to get to the Munduk waterfalls 

As mentioned earlier, there are several options to do this waterfall trek. There is not a particular entrance as you can start the walk at several points along the road. Keep in mind that this is not a loop trail, so you either have to walk the same way back or organise something with pick up. Or, there is another option that we did which I will explain here. 

How we did the Munduk waterfalls trek

Coming from the twin lake direction, the first waterfall you will encounter is the Golden Valley waterfall where also the Golden Valley waterfall Eco Cafe is located. This is a great place to end your hike as here you can have a drink and lunch with views on the Golden Valley waterfall. (If the cafe is open..)

So what we did was parking along the road which is signed as ‘Munduk waterfall parking’. From this spot it is only a 10 minute walk down towards the Red Coral waterfall. After the Red Coral waterfall you can then continue the hike towards Labuhan Kebo waterfall and Melanting waterfall. Then you will have to hike back to the intersection where you go to Red Coral waterfall. Here you will see a sign pointing towards Eco Cafe. If you continue hiking from this point but you have your scooter parked at Red Coral (Munduk waterfall parking), you will have to hike back later. Another option is to pick up your scooter and then drive to Eco Cafe via the main road. Be careful because the road down to Eco Cafe is very steep. We drove all the way down with the motorbike, but that’s because Atiba was a professional motorbike race driver. Walk down if you’re not very experienced with the motorbike. It’s very steep, so be prepared for the incline on the way back! 

Where to stay near the Munduk waterfalls

There are a few great accommodations in Munduk to stay. Munduk Moding Plantation is a luxury villa with private pool and scenic views over the mountains. Another newly built accommodation are the Munduk Cabins where you can also enjoy wonderful views and beautifully designed cabins. There are also more affordable options in Munduk such as Aryautama Garden Villa and a few homestays. 

Hiking to the Munduk waterfalls  

As mentioned earlier, you can start the Munduk waterfalls trek at several points. There is no particular Munduk waterfall entrance. You can either start at the Golden Valley Waterfall, Red Coral waterfall or Melanting waterfall. Nevertheless, you will have to hike the same route back or arrange transport to bring you back to your vehicle wherever it’s parked. You can easily follow the hiking trail via and along the trail are also some signs pointing you towards the waterfalls. Because we started this hike as explained earlier from the Munduk waterfall parking, I will explain the trail in the order of Red Coral waterfall, Labuhan Kebo waterfall, Melanting waterfall and as final stop the Golden Valley waterfall. 

Red Coral waterfall, also known as Munduk waterfall 

The Red Coral waterfall is only a 10 minute walk down from the Munduk waterfall parking. This waterfall is also known as Munduk waterfall and is very easy to access. Surrounded by gorgeous greenery, the beautiful single stream waterfall has a beautiful scenery for photography. The pool is very shallow so it’s not suitable for swimming. None of the Munduk waterfalls is great for swimming in comparison with other Bali waterfalls which have a great pool to swim in such as Banyumala Twin Falls

Entrance fee for Red Coral waterfall is 20.000 IDR


Labuhan Kebo waterfall 

From Red Coral waterfall you can continue the hike to Labuhan Kebo waterfall. It is about 15 minutes hiking until you reach the bottom of the Labuhan Kebo falls. Don’t go back up the path you came from at Red Coral, but continue along the river stream and cross the river. Here you might get wet feet.

When at the intersection a few minutes later, you will see the sign pointing towards Labuhan Kebo and Melanting waterfall. You will pass a warung and some other local houses before you will get to the 100 stairs leading you down to Labuhan Kebo waterfall. Here you will have to pay another entrance fee of 10.000 IDR.

Labuhan Kebo waterfall is a beautiful multi tier stream situated in a lush green valley. You can photograph it from many different angles which you can see below in the shots we took here. Be careful when you walk over the bamboo bridge because it can be super slippery, especially after rainfall! It is possible to dip in the shallow pool at Labuhan Kebo waterfall, however it doesn’t look very comfortable and isn’t a very deep pool for swimming.


Laan Melanting waterfall 

Melanting waterfall is the Bali Munduk waterfall you will go to after (or before, depending how you start the hike) Labuhan Kebo waterfall. This is the highest waterfall of all Munduk waterfalls and very impressive to stand close to. I estimate Melanting waterfall to be about 100 meters high. Absolutely one of the more beautiful waterfalls in Bali to visit.


From Labuhan Kebo waterfall you continue the path down until you get to the stairs. Walk these 450 steps down until you get to the bottom of Melanting waterfall. Be careful because the cement stairs can be slippery due to the moss that has grown on them. 

Once you’re down in the valley at Melanting waterfall you can see and feel the power of it. Surrounded by beautiful greens, it is a wonderful jungle setting for photography.

Entrance fee 10.000 IDR.


Golden Valley waterfall

Another option is to start the hike from Golden Valley waterfall. But as I mentioned earlier, here is a Cafe which would be a great ending point if you’re looking for a cold drink, a meal and beautiful view on a waterfall. Once you are at the intersection at Red Coral waterfall you can continue the hike towards the Golden Valley waterfall. Another option is to pick up your scooter from the Munduk waterfall parking and drive to the entrance of Golden Valley waterfall. Keep in mind that this is a very steep road. So if you’re not comfortable driving the scooter down, walk. Golden Valley waterfall is also a beautiful fall to see, but maybe not as impressive as the other Munduk waterfalls. 

Entrance fee 10.000 IDR


What to prepare for the Munduk waterfalls trek 

To start the Munduk waterfalls hike well prepared, the most important tip I can give you is to put on proper shoes. Preferably some with a grippy soles because the stairs can be very slippery. Below some extra tips to start the hike well prepared. 

  • Hiking shoes with good grip that can get wet 
  • Sunscreen
  • Drinking water
  • Your camera, or phone, to capture the beautiful falls 
  • Download the maps-me app 

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