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The Banyumala waterfall is one of the beautiful Bali waterfalls, so it can’t be missed on your Bali itinerary! The perfect veil like twin curtains along the rocks and a natural plunge pool to take a dip in are some of the reasons why a visit to this waterfall is recommended. The Banyumala waterfall is located in the north and could easily be combined with a visit to Banyu Wana Amertha waterfall which is very close. There are several angles to make awesome photos at this waterfall. And after that you can relax, enjoy the silent nature surroundings and cool off with a dip in the pool. Read in this complete guide everything you need to know about the Banyumala waterfall!

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About Banyumala waterfall

The Banyumala waterfall are located in North Bali in the Munduk area. The lush mountain area of Bali has many beautiful waterfalls to explore, and Banyumala waterfall is one of them! The stunning waterfall which is almost a curtain of water pouring down the rocks, has a refreshing blue pool at the bottom. Get in your bathing suit and jump into the cold water. If you are planning to spend some more time at the waterfall to enjoy the beautiful views, then make sure to bring something to drink and eat as there are no vendors at the bottom of the waterfall.


Banyumala waterfall entrance fee

The entrance fee for the waterfall is 30K per person and 2000 IDR for a motorbike.

How to get to Banyumala waterfall

The best way to explore Bali is with your rental scooter, but make sure you are a confident driver. The traffic in Bali can be crazy! Of course you can also book one of the many tours to explore Munduk, or stay in a nearby place like Munduk Moding Plantation or somewhere in Lovina or Bedugul.

Banyumala waterfall is very easy to find on Google Maps but does have a bumby, unpaved road once you’re almost at the parking spot. Once you’re arrived at the parking spot and paid the fees, the duration of the hike down takes about 10-15 minutes until you find yourself at the bottom of the waterfall. If you are visiting in rain season, then be careful because the path can be a bit slippery!

After your visit to the Banyumala waterfall, you can easily explore the nearby Banyu Wana Amertha waterfalls and Bali Twin lakes. But also the Ulun Danu Bratan temple which is built in one of the two Twin Lakes. Another amazing waterfall to put on your Bali itineray is Sekumpul waterfall which is an absolute stunner!

Best time to visit Banyumala waterfall

While the best time to visit Bali is between April and October, the island’s dry season, the best timing to visit most waterfalls in Bali is during the months of January-June. Which means during rainy season or right after. As a result of the rain, most Bali waterfalls are powerful. While during dry season some waterfalls dry out or have less power.

In terms of best timing of the day, you should plan a visit to every waterfall in Bali early morning. You will avoid the crowds and it’s better for photography. Because in the midday and afternoon the sun will shine more directly on the water which makes the falls a bit blown out.


What to expect at Banyumala waterfall

This hike to Banyumala waterfall is easy and doable for everyone. But be careful, because the man made stairs can be slippery so make sure to wear proper foot wear. Also be careful because the rocks in the water are quite sharp so bring some watershoes or sandals that you can walk into the water with.

The pool is hip deep, so you will be able to stand in the largest part of the water and in dry season you might not even really have the option to swim because of the low water level.

You can walk around over the bamboo bridge and even explore another waterfall which is a bit further down in the area.

There are no shacks around at the bottom of the waterfall to buy food or drinks, so make sure to bring your own! However at the parking lot you can order food and drinks. 


Photo tips for Banyumala waterfall

Be creative at this waterfall! Because the area is quite big, there is a lot of space to walk around and take advantage of the surroundings for your framing. Try to frame in between leaves, flowers, do something creative with the bridge. Especially when you have a ‘model’ with you that can show the perspective of this waterfall, you have to let the person stand in different places and try different angles. Find out what works the best for you!


More Bali waterfalls to explore nearby

If you’re in for a day of chasing waterfalls in North Bali, you came to the right area. There are many more epic waterfalls to explore nearby Banyumala Twin waterfalls. Some of the are Banyu Wana Amertha waterfalls, but also the Munduk waterfalls hike is a must do when you’re in the area. Looking for other things to do in the area? Check our complete guide about the 20 best things to do in Munduk.


The nearby Banyu Wana Amertha waterfalls

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