Bukit Cinta in the East of Bali is (one of…) our favorite sunrise viewpoints in Bali. On a clear morning, you will have an incredible view of Mount Agung, the active volcano of Bali. Mount Agung is the highest and holiest peak of the island that stands at 3,031 meters above sea level. The first rays of light shining on the top of the volcano are magical. So if you’re up for an early adventure, you have to go to this spot! In this blog post you will find all our tips to visit Bukit Cinta, the magical Mount Agung sunrise viewpoint!

How to get to Bukit Cinta Bali

Bukit Cinta is located in the East of Bali and is easy to reach and find. You don’t have to hike to get to the viewpoint as it is located right next to a local road. If you come from the Canggu – Denpasar region, take into account that you have to drive for around 2 hours before you reach the viewpoint. It is highly recommended to go to Bukit Cinta with sunrise, because then you will have the best chance of a clear sight on Mount Agung. Even better is to stay in Amed for a few days, because from Amed, the drive to Bukit Cinta is only 30 minutes. While from the South-West of Bali it takes you 2 hours. Not everyone likes to drive for so long in the dark. And Amed, or East Bali in general, is also a very nice area in Bali to explore for a few days. If you download Google Maps offline, it will take you to the right spot. Have a look here to see where the exact viewpoint is located so you’re not driving to the wrong one. Once you arrive at the viewpoint, park your bike by the side of the road and walk towards the tall grass. There is a path through the grass so it’s easy to enter the field.


What to expect at Bukit Cinta

Just to clarify the title a bit more; you won’t see the sun at this viewpoint literally rising. This spot is best visited with sunrise because then you’ll have the best chance of seeing the Mount Agung volcano in clear sight. Later in the morning and during the day, the Mount Agung volcano is most of the time covered in clouds. We’ve been to Bukit Cinta a few times during our 6 months stay in Bali. With sunrise, during midday and with sunset, but we can conclude that sunrise is without a doubt the best time to visit Bukit Cinta.

Once you arrive, you will see a vast stretch of rice fields and the impressive Mount Agung over the horizon. This is the perfect viewpoint to get an impressive photo of a typical Balinese landscape with Mount Agung in the backdrop.

See below an example of a picture we took when we visited Bukit Cinta during midday. Where is Mount Agung? Covered in clouds…

What to prepare

When you make the drive up to Bukit Cinta with a scooter, be prepared that it can get (very!) cold. Wear long pants and put on a warm jacket, you will thank us later. Also make sure you have enough gas in your scooter, there is no gas station open that early.
There is no entrance fee (yay!) and if you are lucky you will have the spot all for yourself. Of course bring your photo gear and make sure you leave your accommodation on time so you won’t have to hurry or miss the best light!

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Photography tips Bukit Cinta

If you read this blog post because you want to go to this amazing viewpoint, you certainly want a good photo of it! Here some photography tips for you so you’re well prepared to take your best shots! If you want to catch the first light, make sure you arrive around 15 minutes before sunrise. It would be a shame if you drive all the way up to this viewpoint and the best light is gone…

  • If you have a drone, take it with you! You can get an impressive drone shot of the Mount Agung volcano. Read here what the best travel drone is!
  • Don’t forget your tripod if you take pictures together with your travel buddy
  • Use a high aperture if you want to have the volcano completely in focus
  • Frame your photo behind the grass (if it’s high enough) to create more depth in the picture
  • Use ND filters when the morning light gets too bright
  • Take your pictures a bit underexposed. The light changes quickly in the morning, and you don’t want to overexpose the sky as you might lose the beautiful colors. In post-production you can adjust the shadows and get the colors back