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Bottle beach is one of the most seclusive and beautiful beaches on Koh Phangan, Thailand. Located on the Northern tip of the island, it might be a bit of challenge to get to Bottle beach. But we can assure you that it’s so worth it! If you like a quiet, relaxing and unspoiled beach, combined with a little adventure, then Bottle Beach Koh Phangan is what you are looking for! There are a few options to get to Bottle Beach. If you are a confident motorbike driver, you can go via the off road or you can come by boat from the adjacent bay and for the adventurers you can even hike towards Bottle Beach via the beautiful coastal or jungle trail. Read in this blog post all our tips about how to get to Bottle Beach, what to expect and much more!

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How to get to Bottle beach Koh Phangan

You have to put in some effort to get to Bottle Beach. It’s not a straight forward road or easy short hike to get to this incredible hidden gem. But, if you have the time and decide to spend a day on Bottle Beach, you won’t regret it! There are three ways to get to Bottle Beach.

Motorbike to Bottle Beach

This is only advisable for experienced and confidence motorbike drivers. There are a lot of holes in the unpaved road and there are some steep bits as well. After days of rain it can get very dangerous to drive a motorbike to Bottle beach, or you have to have an off road bike. So if you decide to go to Bottle Beach by motorbike, make sure the road is not too muddy and the driver has lots of off road motorbike experience.


Taxi boat to Bottle Beach

From Chaloklum Beach you can get a taxi boat for 150 – 200 Baht per person one way to Bottle Beach. This is a great option, if the sea is calm. The minimum number of people  is 4, but probably for some extra money you can also get to Bottle Beach with the boat with less people.


Hiking to Bottle Beach Koh Phangan

If you’re into hiking and you have the time, you can hike to Bottle Beach. There are two hike paths leading to Bottle beach, both beginning at the end of the paved road near Haad Khom. The coastline trail is the longest of about 3 kilometres which can take 2 – 2,5 hour one way, and the jungle trail is about 2 kilometres long which takes about an hour, hour and half. Both hikes are clearly sign posted. You will see that the coastline trail goes left with blue yellow arrow marking. While the jungle trail starts on the right with a blue sign saying “Bottle Beach Walk, Back by Taxi Boat” with a phone number.


The biggest difference in both trails is that the coastline trail is obviously closer to the sea with some nice viewpoints along the way. But it takes about an hour, to an hour and half longer than the jungle trail where you walk mostly covered in the jungle with less views along the way. You might see some plastic bottles attached to tree branches along the way. This is not trash. Well.. actually it is, but it was given a second life to mark the way to Bottle Beach. Which is also the reason why it’s called Bottle Beach!

Both hikes to Bottle Beach are free of charge. And don’t worry if you haven’t packed any food. There are four bungalow resorts located along the beach with each their own beachside restaurants. So after the hike you can treat yourself with a cold coconut, delicious lunch and a swim in the beautiful waters of Bottle beach.


What to expect at Bottle beach Koh Phangan

Bottle Beach Koh Phangan is definitely one of the most off the beaten beaches on the island. It is hard to get to the beach, but so worth it! There aren’t many other people around and the beach is super clean, beautiful and pure. There are only a few bungalows with beach side restaurants. So there are enough options to grab a meal and drink. 

If you plan to hike to Bottle beach, it is advisable to leave early because of the heat. With the taxi boat or motorbike you can go at any time. But make sure that the brakes of your motorbike are properly working and that the weather forecast is dry. You don’t want to get stuck on the beach because of a rain shower what makes the unpaved road slippery.


The drive to Bottle Beach on a dry is day is doable if you are an experienced motorbike driver. The surroundings are beautiful!

Despite the drive on the motorbike is a bit tricky, the surroundings are amazingly beautiful. You will pass lots of lush vegetation, green mountains and you’ll be surrounded by palm trees. There are enough signs pointing to Bottle Beach so you won’t get lost.


Once arrived we knew it was so worth the drive! Bottle Beach Koh Phangan is just incredible, and because it is literally off the beaten path, it gives a very relaxing and secluded vibe. Apart from the handful of bungalow resorts, not many people make the journey to this spot. A perfect beach for peach seekers to enjoy a relaxing beach day. There is a restaurant where you can order food and drinks, and also a toilet is available here.

If you want to be active at Bottle Beach, you can also rent a kayak, hike to the Bottle Beach viewpoint, play volleyball, go for a swim or just relax and enjoy the view!


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  1. Just completed the coastal path, although we thought we were doing the jungle path, so we’re expecting a quick hour and a half.

    Could be better signposted, but regardless, if you are up for the challenge, the Coastal path is definitely worth it. Beautiful views, but with a looooot of uphill stretches. Bring water and snacks and leave early to avoid the heat.

    The jungle spat us out right next to an awesome bar and restaurant, what a reward!

    A ferryman scheduled our return pretty much straight away too, a really well oiled machine!

    Amazing day!

    1. Awesome to read your experience, happy you got a great time!!

  2. Jacobine Timmer says:

    A very nice blog about Bottle Beach Koh Phangan. Good information how to get there. When you are not a good scooter driver, there are other options to get there. The foto’s show you a very romantic beach with a beautiful view. Thanx for sharing this secret romantic place.

  3. Ronald en Marjoleine says:

    Wow, what a beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing your info about Bottle Beach at Koh Phangan, Thailand.
    Loved reading it.

  4. Marjoleine says:

    Hello Ilse,
    beautiful beaches and pictures, thank you for sharing !

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