The beaches on Koh Phangan are absolutely beautiful. White powdered sand, hanging palm trees, fun beach and clifftop bars and calm turquoise water. Sounds like the ultimate paradise right?! We lived for more than 5 months on Koh Phangan and explored every beach on the island for several times. There is a beach for everyone. The more hidden beaches on Koh Phangan for peace seekers, beaches with direct access to luxury resorts, and beaches ideal for families with kids. In this blog post we share with you the 11 best beaches on Koh Phangan with practical information about how to get there, what to expect and the facilities on or near the beach. After reading this blog, you know which of the Koh Phangan beaches is the best for you!


Bottle beach

Let’s start with one of our favorite beaches, Bottle Beach! This beautiful white sand beach on the Northern part of the island is a true adventure to get to! You have to drive all the way down to the beach off-road, or you can hike your way to the jungle which will take you around 2 hours. Another option is to get a boat from Chaklum Beach which will bring you to Bottle Beach. Because Atiba is an experienced motorbike driver, we found our way to the beach via the unpaved road with the scooter. 

Once arrived we knew it was so worth the drive! This beach is just incredible, and because it is literally off the beaten path, there are not many people around. A perfect beach for peach seekers to enjoy a relaxing beach day. There is a restaurant where you can order food and drinks, and also a toilet available.

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Leela beach 

All the way on the other part of the island in the southern tip, you will find Leela beach. Also known as Haad Seekantang in Thai. To enter this beach you have to go through a resort. You can choose from a few depending on which part of the beach you want to chill. If you enter via Coconut resort you will see the palm tree swing where you can take some nice photos. We entered the beach via “The Cabin” all the way at the end of the beach. There we found an awesome wooden boardwalk along the rocks which provides an amazing view on the ocean and beach. 

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Haad Yuan beach

Haad Yuan beach in Koh Phangan is one of the beautiful, hidden beaches of Phangan’s east coast. It gives a real paradise feeling, as a ‘postcard perfect’ tropical beach with overhanging palm trees and some of the most clear and turquoise waters of the island. This pristine beach of only 150 meters long is surrounded on both ends by rocky outcrops and lush green jungle. The access to this beach is not easy which is why Haad Yuan is one of the least visited beaches of Koh Phangan. You either have to hike to it, where you’ll pass an amazing viewpoint, or get their by taxi boat.

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Haad Rin beach

On the other side of Leela beach, you will find Haad Rin beach. This is where it’s all happening! The famous Full Moon party is being held at this beach. Just a little tip; don’t go into the water the day(s) after the Full Moon parties as it’s generally known that many tourists use the sea as toilets… 

With that being said, this beautiful white sand beach is a must-visit for a relaxing beach day. There are many restaurants and shops located in the town of Haad Rin which you can choose from and are just a few minutes walk away from the ocean. The perfect combination of a paradise white sand beach but with all the conveniences close to you.


Haad Mae beach – Koh Ma island  

This beach in the north of Koh Phangan has a special form as it’s connected with a beautiful green island called Koh Ma. A perfect place to fly your drone or take some great pictures with the island in the backdrop. You have to enter Mae Haad beach, like many other beaches on Koh Phangan, via a resort and restaurant. There is a swing at the beach and enough shade provided by trees. There is also a restaurant and toilets. You don’t have to pay to park your scooter or to enter the beach. 

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Thong Lang beach

This small and kind of hidden beach is located on the northern part of Koh Phangan in between Koh Ma beach and Chalok Lum beach. It is obvious that this beach is not that developed yet, although there are hammocks and a swing to chill in. There were no restaurants or food stalls around at the time we were there, but this might be different in high season. Really worth it to enjoy the quiet surroundings on this cozy beach!


Chaloklum beach

Located on the northern part of Koh Phangan, Chaloklum beach is less visited than the other Koh Phangan beaches. With cafes and food-stalls located around the bay, Chaloklum Beach is a true paradise for the peace seekers. The pristine white sand and relaxing atmosphere makes this definitely one of the best beaches of Koh Phangan. Taxi boats depart from the pier of Chaloklum beach to drop people at Bottle beach if you don’t want to go by motorbike or do the 2-hour hike.


Salad beach

Salad beach, also known as Haad Salad, isn’t a busy beach, so it’s the perfect spot for people looking for a more quiet place to relax. This beach also has the perfect white powdered sand and palm trees along the beach which provides some shadow. There are some small resorts along the beach and a restaurant. You can even get a massage at this beach if you’d like to!


Secret beach (Haad Son)

This beach is really cool, but not really secret as the name suggests. Via a lush sandy path, you can enter this beautiful white sand beach. The water is, just like all the other beaches on Koh Phangan, extremely blue and the sand extremely soft. There is enough shade provided by trees and also at this beach is a small restaurant where you can order food and drinks. On the right side of the beach is a swing where you will have an amazing view over the rest of the beach. A perfect place to chill for a day! 

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Zen beach

This was our favorite beach to watch the sunset while drinking a beer and coconut. This beach is located in the Srithanu village and attracts many people in the afternoon who come just to chill, make some music with drums, watch the sunset and do yoga. It gives a very magical feeling to see people come together while playing music, enjoying the sunset and drinking a beer together. We even saw bioluminescence, a blue luminous organism which only appears in warm calm waters. This made our evenings here extra magical!


Zen beach turns into a magical place during sunset and is during the day a perfect place to relax


Hin Kong beach

Close to Amsterdam Bar Koh Phangan you will find Hin Kong beach all along the road connecting the more busy Thong Sala area with the more laid back Sri Thanu. When we were at Koh Phangan it was most of the time low tide, so we could walk far into ‘the sea’ before we arrived at the water. You can find this beach in between the Seaside cafe and Choco Villa. It’s a long stretch of sand and you can also find the “famous” Hanging Tree along this beach. Just look it up on Google Maps and you will find the exact location.


The sandbank which appears with low tide at Hin Kong beach

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