The Thong Sala Night Market, also known as Pantip Market on Google Maps, is located in Thong Sala in front of the Thong Sala Pier. The food market opens early in the evening and is a collection of about 30 different mobile food stalls each selling a different variety of Thai food.

How to get to Thong Sala Night Market Koh Phangan

Located directly in front of the Thong Sala Pier on the West coast of the island you will find the market. You can park your scooter along the road, there is enough space and there is no parking fee.


Opening times Thong Sala Night Market

The food market opens daily from 4PM until 11PM.


What to expect at Thong Sala Night Market

The vendors have perfected their methods to prepare fresh Thai food like Pad Thai, Green Curries, vegan food and shell fish dishes.

The meals are presented on disposable plates which shows they want to contribute to a sustainable market. There are some stalls with benches or seats, but not all stalls provide them. So be prepared to stand while eating you delicious Thai meal!

The Thong Sala Food Market with incredibly cheap food was originally made for the locals of Koh Phangan. A main meal costs around 80 Baht and the juices or coconuts are super cheap as well. But not only the main meals are cheap, if you’re in for some sweet treats or a typical Thai dessert, you can get some from 20 baht!

On Saturday evening the old Thong Sala high street gets closed off between 4pm-10pm for the food, clothes & crafts  market. Stalls are scattered on the street onto Thong Sala Beach. This cute and extensive market on Saturday is worth it to check out when you are on Koh Phangan island.

Overall the Thong Sala Food Market is a great place to meet, chat and laugh with Koh Phangan residences and other backpackers. Lots of people come out for the Thong Sala Food Market. So if you want to see some smiley Thai local people while filling your belly with the best and cheapest Thai food, then definitely head over to the Thong Sala Night Market!


Koh Phangan weather

The island has a dry season and a very wet season. The weather of Koh Phangan basically has three seasons; the horrid monsoon season which is luckily short, the drier season and a hot season which has frequent heavy showers. The dry season lasts from late December through to March, with February as driest month. These months are also the main tourist season of Koh Phangan. The peak season weather is hot, bright and not too humid. Just perfect for lounging on the island’s fantastic beaches. From April until September there are some chances of downpours, alternated with bright blue skies. We were in Koh Phangan in June and only had some rain during the evening or night. The monsoon season which arrives from the south west, strikes between September and mid November. These are the months to avoid going to Koh Phangan.


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