PROMTHEP CAPE PHUKET – The best Sunset Viewpoint in Phuket

Promthep Cape is a rocky headland that sticks out into the Andaman Sea, and is the most southern point of Phuket Island. Facing west, this is the best spot in south Phuket to watch the sunset or just enjoy the views on the ocean during day time. There’s lots of parking space available and a big open space on top of the hill with a shrine and a lighthouse. You can walk all the way down on a dirt path to the end of the cape, or just enjoy the views from the road. Read in this blog post everything you need to know about Promthep Cape Phuket.

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How to get to Promthep Cape Phuket

Promthep Cape is located in the most southern part of Phuket island, not far from Nai Harn beach and on the way to Rawai beach. Google Maps will send you straight away to the parking lot where you can see lots of small, local souvenir shops where you can buy Thai handicrafts, sarongs, shawls, and batik fabrics. A set of stairs is leading up to the viewpoint where you will also find a lighthouse, shrine and the dirt path leading to the very edge of Promthep Cape.


What to expect at Promthep Cape Phuket

Once you’re arrived at the viewpoint, you will see a wide concrete walking path, the Promthep Cape shrine and the lighthouse. There is plenty of space to walk around and pick yourself a spot to watch the sunset. Later in the afternoon, more and more people gather to watch the sun unite with the sea which is a breathtaking phenomenon.

Explore the Lighthouse

The lighthouse, an historical part of the area, is worth exploring and displays interesting maritime artifacts of the region. To the locals, the lighthouse is known as the “Kanchanaphisek Lighthouse”. History says the lighthouse was used to guide Malay mariners sailing to Phuket. This mini nautical museum is air-conditioned, so it’s a great place to cool off. Sitting 200 feet above sea level, the lighthouse also offers the perfect vantage point to view Koh Phi Phi and other neighboring islands.


Visit the Promthep Cape shrine

Near the lighthouse, you’ll see a Buddhist shrine with an altar surrounded by brass elephant statues. If you’re lucky, you can even see groups of monks praying. Despite this is a sacred place, the shrine is open to all public. But be respectful near the shrine, especially when monks are praying.


There is also a beautiful old sacred tree near the Buddhist shrine. Worth a short visit and picture 🙂


Walk down the very edge of Promthep Cape

If you really want to soak in the sprawling scenes of Promthep Cape, you should definitely walk down to the very edge of the cape. There is a dirt path leading down from the road beneath the lighthouse to the very end of the cape. The path starts quite steep from the top and is rocky and slippery since it’s all loose dirt. So make sure to put on some shoes with grip, because with flip-flops on this walk is not a good idea. You can hurt yourself easily.


The views while walking down


Overall it’s a moderate walk and the stunning panoramic views are really worth it! You can spot anchored boats and sailing ships bobbing on the water. It’s a very idyllic sight and perfect for peace seekers Bring a rug to sit on, bring your own wine or beers and enjoy the sunset! (And of course always take your trash with you 🙂 Leave only footprints in nature).


Shop and eat at the souvenir store and restaurant

By the carpark, there’s a small souvenir shop where you can buy Thai handicrafts, sarongs, shawls, and batik fabrics. Before ending your trip, make sure to stop at the Promthep Cape restaurant. They offer a wide range of dishes, but the best suggestion is ordering seafood. From here, you can soak in the views of the beautiful beach of Nai Harn.


If you’re traveling to Phuket, you should not miss out on the opportunity to experience the magnificent views that Promthep Cape has to offer. It’s a perfect stop if you are exploring the south part of Phuket. You can also visit Rawai beach and Naiharn beach, or the small but very idyllic Ya Nui beach. Go to Phuket town for shopping, markets, restaurants and to Patong for  bars, nightlife and other beaches. 


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