The Botanical Gardens in Madeira are some of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. The beautiful gardens which only can be reached by cable car have a collection of 2500 exotic plants from all continents in five different areas. The views from the Botanical Gardens are marvellous overlooking Funchal and the Atlantic Ocean. You can either choose to go up to Monte with the cable car from Funchal, or go by car or bus to the cable car station and get on the cable car to the Botanical Gardens from there. It is certainly worth it to include a visit to this beautiful estate. The gardens date from 1881 and was originally a private park from the Reid family. Read in this blog post everything you need to know about the Botanical Gardens Funchal. The best time to go, opening times, entrance fee and what to expect at the Botanical Gardens Madeira.

How to get to the Botanical Gardens Madeira 

The Botanical Gardens Madeira are located in Monte, above Funchal. The address is Caminho do Meio, Bom Sucesso, Funchal. There are a few options to get to the Botanical Gardens Madeira. You can go all the way by cable car from Funchal city. This will take you about 30 minutes and costs €31,40 for a round trip.

Ticket & cable car over Funchal city


But you can also get to the cable car station in Monte by car or bus so you skip the cable car over Funchal city. At the cable car station in Monte you can get a ticket for the cable car to and entrance fee for the Botanical Gardens. This will cost you €16,50 for a round trip. You can see the actual prices here. If you don’t have a car you can go by bus to Monte which is line 42 and 29 which takes 35 min and costs 2€ – 4€.

Cable car to the Botanical Gardens Madeira

Taking the cable car up to the Botanical Gardens is a fun extra experience and well organised. Scan your ticket and you can walk through the entrance gates. The cabin has room for 4 people and you have floor to ceiling windows for a fantastic view in the valley. The cable car route is 1600 meters long and the altitude varies between 10 and 100 meters. Once arrived at the Botanical Gardens you will walk straight along some souvenir shop to the entrance.


Cable car through the valley towards the Botanical Gardens Madeira

Entrance fee and opening times Botanical Gardens Madeira 

The openings times of the Botanical Gardens Madeira vary per season so it’s good to know that per April and October the opening times change. See the opening times below. 

From October 1 to April 29 the opening time are from 9 AM to 5 PM (last entry at 4.30 PM)

From April 30 to September 30 the opening times are from 9 AM to 7 PM (last entry at 7.30 PM)

The entrance fee to the Botanical Gardens Madeira is €6 but you have to take the cable car which is €10,50 for a round trip to Monte. As said before you can add the cable car from Funchal to Monte with it for a beautiful view over the city. You can also choose to take both the cable cars up and a bus down. All the options can be found on the website of the Teleferico Jardim Botanico.


Best time to visit the Botanical Gardens Madeira

Madeira is also known as the ‘flower island’ and you can clearly see that it lives up to this name! There are many beautiful wild flowers along the roads and levadas, but of course there is a best season to see the most flowers in bloom on Madeira island. The best months to go to the Botanical Gardens Madeira are from April to August with the flowers at their best in the earlier months mentioned. On this website you can see exactly in which months you can expect which flowers to bloom in the Botanical Gardens Madeira. 

What to expect at the Botanical Gardens Madeira

The Madeira Botanical Garden covers an area of 80,000 m2 and is home to a wide variety of plants and flowers. The estate where the Botanical Gardens are located is on the Bom Sucesso Estate which dates from 1881 and was a former private park of the Reid family who created it. Nowadays the park, in Portuguese Jardim Botânico, is owned by the Regional Government of Madeira and is apart from a beautiful place of leisure also a Science and Culture Centre.


The five different areas of the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is divided in five main area with all the different origins. Below a short summary of which plants you can expect in each area. Of course you will get a map with your ticket to find your way through the gardens. 

Indigenous and endemic plants. In this area you can see plants which are only from Madeira and other Atlantic islands, such as the Azores, Canaries and Cape Verde. The 100 indigenous plants range from the typical vegetation found on the slopes of Madeira to those typical of mid-altitude vegetation and trees found in Madeira’s natural forest, the ‘Laurissilva’ forest.

The tree garden. Here you find plants from the Himalaya and tropics.

Succulents. Most of these plants are coming from South America. 

Tropical and sub tropical trees. Here you can find several tropical and subtropical fruit trees such as mango, papaya and avocado. But also coffee trees, sugar cane and popular medicine plants.

Loiro park. This area has a collection of some of the most exotic and rare birds. 

In addition to all these things, the Botanical Garden also has a Natural History museum. If you’re interested there are private tours available with English speaking guides. You can expect to walk for about 1,5 to 2 hours through the Botanical Garden. Depending on your pace of course, and how many breaks you take etc.

If you’re a big plant and garden lover, you can also check out the Monte Palace Garden which is located next to the cable car station in Monte. Here you can find other species and a different set up in the garden itself. This is also a bigger garden than the Botanical Gardens! 


Which one is better; Botanical Gardens or Monte Palace Garden?

We’ve been to both gardens and I have to say straight to the point that I liked the Monte Palace Garden more. The main reason is because we didn’t see much flowers in bloom when we visited the Botanical Gardens, and we liked the set up of the Monte Palace Garden more. There you have a beautiful lake, a man made waterfall and more. The Botanical Garden is more a collection of special plants and trees without too much varied flowers and others attractions. 

I hope you will have a good idea on what to expect at the Botanical Gardens Madeira, and I do really think that it’s worth it to visit the gardens. See for yourself which garden you will enjoy more! 


Monte Palace Garden