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Canggu is foodie heaven and there are amazing cafes and restaurants in Canggu from Berawa until Pererenan. Most of the restaurants in Canggu are nicely decorated with tropical boho Bali vibes, great Instagram spots and comfy seating. The food options are endless. From spicey Indonesian meals at a local warung to the tropical smoothiebowls. Amazing Italian, Vietnamese, Indian, Lebanese, Japanese, Mexican and even Caribbean restaurants. But also some high end fine dining options with a culinary experience can be found in Canggu. Today you can eat Lebanese for dinner to have amazing sushi, Mexican or Jamaican food the next day. You can literally eat your way around the world in Canggu. 

After living in Canggu for over two years, during and after the pandemic, we have literally tried EVERY restaurant in Canggu. Therefore I decided to not give you a short list of the’10 best Canggu restaurants’, but to give you a complete list about the best restaurants in Canggu per category. So I’ve divided all different types of food in categories like ‘Best smoothie bowl in Canggu’, ‘Best coffee in Canggu’, ’Best Italian in Canggu’, ‘Best Mexican in Canggu’ etc. Getting hungry already?! Let’s go!

(*Note that this blog post is updated mid 2022, so all the Canggu restaurants mentioned in this blog post are operational. The restaurants in Canggu that unfortunately didn’t make it through the pandemic are removed from this post).

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General travel must haves for Bali

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Tours to explore Canggu


Best places to stay in Canggu

There are so many amazing options to stay in Canggu. From affordable guesthouses to private villa’s and luxury hotels and resorts. There is accommodation for every budget in Canggu. The best way to find great deals is on or check out this great tool to compare prices of hotels on different platforms and book your favorite hotel!


Before we dive deeper into the information of all the restaurants, lets first have a quick overview of the best cafes and restaurants in Canggu per category. 

Best coffee in Canggu

There are plenty of coffee cafes in Canggu but after trying almost every place we have a few favourites. We like our coffee – cappuccino strong, with a smooth but predominant coffee taste when having a cappuccino. Some cafes in Canggu serve their cappuccino too milky that it almost tastes as if you’re drinking warm milk. But luckily there are enough places where you can have a delicious coffee together with food.

– Revolver
– BGS Coffee
– Rize
– Anomali
– Cafe Coach
– TMO coffee
– Lusa by Suka 


Best smoothie bowl in Canggu

A smoothie bowl has to be smooth, thick and rich in flavour with great toppings. We’re real smoothie bowl lovers and tried almost every smoothie bowl in Canggu. So here you have our top picks of the best cafes in Canggu serving smoothie bowls.

– Mimpi
– Rize
– Doppio
– Cafe Coach
– Lusa by Suka
– Rise and Shine
– Urban Bites
– Matcha Cafe


Best breakfast and lunch restaurants in Canggu

There are so many options in Canggu for a great breakfast and lunch. It sometimes almost feels overwhelming to have so many choices! But to make it (a little bit) easier, hereby the very best breakfast and lunch cafes in Canggu!

– Cafe Coach
– Lusa by Suka
– Ruko Cafe
– Doppio Cafe
– Anomali
– Bokashi
– TMO coffee
– Woods
– Mimpi
– Rize
– Honey
– I am Vegan Babe
– Touché
– Motion Fitness Food
– Rise and Shine
– Brunch Club
– Urban Bites
– Matcha Cafe
– Crate cafe 


Best vegan restaurants in Canggu

There are almost always options for vegans on the menus in all the Canggu restaurants. But, if you want to go to a dedicated vegan restaurant in Canggu, then these ones are the best!

– Shady Shack
– Matcha Cafe
– Manggis in Canggu
– Oma Jamu
– I am Vegan Babe


Best restaurants for dinner in Canggu

So many new kitchens came to Canggu in the past years. It’s just amazing to be able to eat delicious Jamaican food and go for Thai or Lebanese food the next day. There is literally something for everyones taste and budget. From affordable local warungs to mid range restaurants and the more pricey, but also quality Canggu restaurants.

– Shelter
– Ulekan (high standard Indonesian food)
– Zali (Lebanese kitchen)
– Thailicious (Thai food by a Thai chef)
– Shary Shary
– Arte (Italian food)
– Smoke (great BBQ meat)
– Warung Gouthe
– Nook by Milu
– Warung La Pa Nam (affordable Indonesian / Western food)
– Santanera
– Warung Tiga
– Moana (fish eatery)
– Red Gun Powder (Indian food)
– Ji restaurant (sushi)


Best restaurants to work as Digital Nomad in Canggu

Although there are plenty of Co-working places in Canggu you can also work in some cafes and restaurants when you order food. It can be a great solution if you don’t need to work all day and just want to bring your laptop while having food in one of the cafes in Canggu. But because of the humidity and dust you might want to work in a cafe which is closed with air conditioning. So therefore below a few restaurants in Canggu with airco where you are allowed to work if you order food.

– Cafe Coach
– Wanderlust Cafe
– Hungry Laa


Best Italian restaurant in Canggu

Everyone is craving some carbs and Italian food from time to time right?! Luckily there is an abundance of Italian restaurants in Canggu. We tried many of them, and these are our favourite Italian Canggu restaurants.

– Arte
– La Baracca
– Bottega Italiana
– Garden Canggu 


Best breakfast and lunch restaurants in Canggu

Cafe Coach

At Cafe Coach you can expect very high standard food with a chill vibe. The small cafe on Jalan Nelayan quickly turned out to be one of our favourite Canggu restaurants. Thanks to the delicious healthy food which is beautifully presented, comfy seating inside with air conditioning, strong coffee and tasty juices we often return to Cafe Coach. Another huge plus is the free table water and big portions of food. You really get value for your money. Besides that Cafe Coach serves their dishes with a slightly different taste which makes their menu unique to the other Canggu restaurants. And on top of that is Cafe Coach a great place for co-working, to connect with other coaches or simply read a nice book! 

Opening times Cafe Coach: 7 AM – 7 PM


Lusa by Suka

It is one of our favourite restaurants in Ubud, and of course in Canggu, along Jalan Pantai Berawa is Suka (or actually Lusa by Suka) also one of our favourites. With an extensive breakfast menu which they serve until 3 PM, great coffee and cool vibes, Lusa by Suka has the total package. The food is always good and varies from smoothie bowls, chia puddings to Avo on toast, salads, burgers, sandwiches and more. A huge plus is the (free) table water. You can also dine in at Lusa by Suka as they serve pizza, pasta, taco’s, cocktails and more. 

Opening times Lusa by Suka: 7.30 AM – 10 PM


Ruko Cafe

A lovely small cafe along Jalan Pantai Berawa with indoor seating. Great value for money with their different menu. You can either have a delicious sweet or savoury breakfast with good coffee or a great smoothie or juice. A huge plus is the free table water and that they give a certain percentage of your coffee purchase back to the children of Bali. 

Opening times Ruko Cafe: 7.30 AM – 4 PM


Doppio Cafe

Doppio has great breakfast promo deals for 55K per dish. The open space cafe along Jalan Nelayan is often packed because of the wide variety they offer which is ideal for any time of day. From smoothie bowls, to chia pudding, savoury dishes and much more. Whatever you fancy, they probably have it on their menu. For us personally the coffee could be stronger, and because the cafe is open there is lots of noise from the road coming in. Together with the loud music in the cafe it can be a bit much on the early morning. However, this totally depends if you like high energy or want to start you morning quiet and peacefully. 

Opening times Doppio Cafe: 7 AM – 5 PM



Anomali has a breakfast and lunch menu with reasonable prices and good portions. But one thing you have to try is the Anomali coffee which is just outstanding! So strong and smooth in taste. We also loved the Almond croissant at Anomali, some of the best in Bali! You can sit in the air conditioning inside which is a huge plus as the roads in Berawa can be crazy busy. Another huge plus is that Anomali opens at 6 AM, so if you’re an early bird or surfer catching the first waves of the day, then you can grab your caffeine shot before at Anomali. 

Opening times Anomali: 6 AM – 5.30 PM



Bokashi is a fantastic unique concept in Canggu with Japanese influenced food and a little shop downstairs where you can buy all your seeds, herbs and organic veggies. Upstairs is a great breakfast and lunch place with beautiful Japanese-styled interior. Their menu has a great twist on the food which you can usually find in Canggu. Absolutely worth a visit if you want to try something different! 

Opening times Bokashi: 8 AM – 7 PM 


TMO coffee

With some of the best coffee in Canggu, TMO Coffee also serves great breakfast deals. For 70K you can have a coffee, choice of breakfast and a small juice. The cafe along Jalan Canggu Padang Linjong is easily overlooked but a real little gem. The small cafe doesn’t have a huge menu but what they serve is of great quality. Good smoothie bowls, great toast with Avo, mushroom, eggs and some other options. 

Opening times TMO Coffee Canggu: 7 AM – 5 PM



This beautifully designed restaurant in Pererenan kept the natural surroundings intact which is why you will see a few trees inside the restaurant. This creates a natural touch to the restaurant which is accompanied by a great selection of food and drinks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The presentation of the dishes is next level and looks like art. With the cozy environment and kind hosts, Woods in Pererenan is a place where you will come back to.

Opening times Woods: 8 AM – 11 PM



With a beautiful view on the scarcerice fields in Canggu centre, Mimpi Grocery is a hidden gem. Tucked away in a quiet street along Jalan Pantai Batu Mejan, Mimpi is an artsy, urban cafe with small swimming pool, great food and cool vibes. 

Opening times Mimpi Grocery: 7 AM – 8 PM


RiZe Cafe

RiZe is another fantastic restaurant in Pererenan with great breakfast options, Indian homestyle cooking, strong coffee and chai blends. The Dosa’s are incredible, smoothie bowls very smooth and rich in taste but not too cold, but also the other dishes on the menu are worth a try. Definitely one of the Canggu restaurants where you can order anything on the menu and it will be a good choice!

Opening times RiZe: 8 AM – 4 PM

RiZe Cafe
RiZe is another fantastic restaurant in Pererenan with great breakfast options, Indian homestyle cooking, strong coffee and chai blends. The Dosa’s are incredible, smoothie bowls very smooth and rich in taste but not too cold, but also the other dishes on the menu are worth a try. Definitely one of the Canggu restaurants where you can order anything on the menu and it will be a good choice! Opening times RiZe: 8 AM - 4 PM


Honey is a nice, casual place in Pererenan to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. They have some unique options on their menu such as the peach ricotta toast with honey which you will find nowhere else in Canggu. Of course there are plenty of other options on Honey’s menu which you can find in more restaurants in Canggu such as Avo on toast, pancakes, salads and more. 

Opening times Honey: 7 AM – 10 PM


Wanderlust Cafe

For fresh and healthy food or protein shakes you have to go to Wanderlust Cafe in Berawa. From egg dishes to salad bowls, protein pancakes and healthy juices, at Wanderlust Cafe you can eat healthy and clean. With outdoor and indoor seating you can eventually bring your laptop to get some work done in the air-conditioned area. 

Opening times Wanderlust Cafe: 6.30 AM – 10 PM


I am Vegan Babe

Its in the name, I am Vegan Babe is a one of the beautiful vegan cafes in Bali offering a wide variety of tasty vegan food. However, they charge for the water which is pretty unusual in Canggu. If you’re vegan you will most likely find great options on their menu, but the service could be better.

Opening times I am Vegan Babe: 7 AM – 9 PM



Pererenan has quite some new, aesthetic restaurants such as Touché. This inviting restaurant with open door concept is Mediterranean inspired with a wide range of food options. We often come here for breakfast and it’s always good. Besides that, the minimalistic interior is amazing with white surfaces, wall niches and floor to ceiling black steel doors. We love the smoothie bowls but there are plenty more options than that! 

Opening times Touché: 7.30 AM – 10 PM


Motion Cafe

For your clean fitness food Motion is the answer. Along the busy Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong you will find this small but great cafe. With plenty of healthy options on the menu, you can find protein pancakes, healthy and huge salads and you can build your own meal. Absolutely amazing for people that like a big plate of healthy stuff.

Opening times Motion Cafe: 7 AM – 10 PM


Rise & Shine

With great breakfast options on their small but diverse menu, Rise and Shine is a must try. The little open concept cafe along Padang Linjong offers big portions of food for a reasonable price. Only small down side is that they are located right along the road which is quite busy on the way to Echo beach. We love the smoothie bowls and barrel rolls at Rise & Shine. This is the only cafe in Canggu where you will get so much fruit topping on your smoothie bowl. Awesome! 

Opening times Rise & Shine: 7 AM – 3 PM


Hungry Laa

This cute purple-pastel cafe is a great instagram spot with an excellent mix of Asian food with Western dishes. They serve breakfast and lunch with a varying daily menu for the Asian food. Breakfast is a great mix of western dishes such as smoothie bowls, egg dishes, shakshouka and more. Upstairs is a nice area with hip sofa’s to relax and enjoy your meal in an air-conditioned cafe.  

Opening times Hungry Laa: 8 AM – 5 PM


Brunch Club

The Brunch Club has two locations around Canggu, namely in Pererenan and Berawa. Their unique concept makes it not ‘just another cafe’ in Canggu but serves a great variety of dishes. We love the pancakes which are the most fluffy, jiggly, soufflé pancakes you can find in Canggu. Definitely worth a try if you’re craving a sweet breakfast. Great for Sunday mornings! 

Opening times Brunch Club: 8 AM – 4 PM


Urban Bites Cafe

Great cafe in Berawa that brings a Melbourne style breakfast with a Balinese twist. Great selection of varied food for an affordable price. Smoothie bowls were surprisingly good with smooth base and not too cold. Very friendly staff and overall a great little gem.

Opening times Urban Bites Cafe: 7.30 AM – 10 PM


Matcha Cafe

If you love Matcha, then this is the place to go to!Matcha is a great vegan cafe in Berawa with a wide variety of food serving breakfast, lunch and brunch. Some of the dishes are made with matcha but if you don’t fancy matcha there are still plenty of other options. We loved the smoothie bowls here, coffee could be stronger for our personal taste.

Opening times Matcha Cafe: 8 AM – 5 PM


Shady Shack

Another great vegan restaurant in Canggu with a wide variety of meals. It feels as if you’re sitting a beautiful garden with the lush and leafy surroundings in the outdoor seating area. The menu is a great mix of healthy food including smoothie bowls, egg dishes, veggie burgers and salad bowls.  

Opening times Shady Shack: 8 AM – 9 PM


Monsieur Spoon

Monsieur Spoon has two branches in Canggu. One on Batu Bolong and the other one in Pererenan. The French bakery has every morning delicious freshly made bread, pastries and cakes. In combination with the healthy menu and good coffee it is a great restaurant in Canggu for breakfast and lunch. You can also buy bread here to take home!

Opening times Monsieur Spoon: 7 AM – 9 PM

monsieur- spoon-canggu
monsieur- spoon-bread
monsieur- spoon-coffee

Best restaurants for dinner in Canggu

Cafe Vida

Vida is for the healthy foodies. This organic restaurant serves the best local organic produce grown on permaculture farms on the volcanic soils of North Bali. All food is grown without using any chemicals or fertilisers and you won’t find MSG, palm oil or refined cabe sugar in the kitchen. Their menu is varied with colourful protein plant power superfood smoothie bowls, slow juices, organic salads and the best immune boosting detox wellness shots which you have to try!

Opening times Cafe Vida: 7 AM – 10.30 PM.


Shelter Pererenan

An explosion of flavour is what you can expect at Shelter. This contemporary Middle Eastern and Mediterranean restaurant in Pererenan provides a unique fine dining experience with plenty of options. Pricier than other Canggu restaurants, but you’ll also get a different experience. The bread from the oven is unbelievable good and the dishes we had were very tasty.

Opening times Shelter Pererenan: 12 – 12


Ulekan (high standard Indonesian cuisine)

If you love Indonesian food but don’t want to eat at a local warung, then Ulekan is the place to go. This stylish restaurant serves traditional Indonesian cuisine in a relaxed and tasteful setting with great wine and cocktails. We love the Nasi Campur which is a fantastic combination of small Indonesian dishes.  

Opening times 12 – 10 PM


Zali (Lebanese kitchen)

Zali brings the taste of Beirut to Bali! This unique restaurant serves Lebanese food which adds a great variety to all the other restaurants in Canggu serving the same kind of dishes. At Zali you can try all sorts of Lebanese favourites from mezzeh (Appetizer), tabbouleh (salad), to saj (Lebanese flatbread). The locally sourced ingredients are turned into delicious and healthy Lebanese food. Absolutely worth a try! 

Opening times Zali: 11 AM – 11 PM


Thailicious (Thai food by a Thai chef)

Whodoesn’t love Thai food?! We like to eat Thai at least once a week, so we’ve tried every Thai restaurant in Canggu. With this research we can conclude that the best and most authentic Thai food can be enjoyed at Thailicious. It says enough when you see Thai people enjoying the food as well in a Thai restaurant. The wide selection of Thai dishes instantly brings you back to Thailand. The only down side is the location which is directly along the busy Jalan Raya Canggu road. You will hear (and smell) exhausts constantly. But the further away you can sit from the main road, the better.

Opening times Thailicious: 10 AM – 9 PM


Shary Shary

This casual chique western restaurant serves great food, sharing platters, wine & exciting cocktails. We had the chicken sharing platter and it was amazing. The meat was very tasty and with enough side dishes of veggies and mashed potato.

Opening times 8 AM – 12 AM


Arte (Italian food)

There are plenty of Italian restaurants in Canggu, but after trying Arte we kept coming back. The wood fired oven sourdough pizza’s are something else. Of course it can be a personal taste how you like the crust, but the thick crust with a fluffy, sponge-like consistency of Arte pizza’s are our favourites. The atmosphere of the restaurants is very cosy and besides that they also have library where you can loan books for 50K a month!  

Opening times Arte: 11 AM – 11 PM


Smoke (great BBQ meat)

Smoke is a fancy garden restaurant concept that serves up to 18hr low and slow-cooked meats. So if you love great BBQ food, then Smoke is your place to go. The outdoor tent dining experience with slow cooked food over charcoal brings you that real smokey taste. The place to go for meat lovers! 

Opening times Smoke: 11 AM – 10 PM



Tropikale is an affordable casual chique restaurant in the centre of Canggu serving a wide variety of Western focussed dishes. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at Tropikale or combine your food with a working session on your laptop. The restaurant is spacious with comfy seating and enough sockets to charge your laptop while working. Besides that. the dishes at Tropikale are from great quality. If you’re looking for a place to have a good piece of tenderloin for an affordable price, then Tropikale is your place to go.

Opening times Tropikale: 8 AM – 10 PM


Warung Gouthe

BBQ meat on a skewer, that is basically what Warung Gouthe is about for dinner. Their brochettes are well marinate and you can choose from beef, chicken, pork, tuna and octopus. Then you can order your side dishes for which you have to pay separately. Not the most cheap ‘Warung’, you will easily pay 150K per person. But definitely nice to try once in a while. Location is a bit off along the busy road. 

Opening times Warung Gouthe: 7 AM – 11 PM


Warung Local

Warung Local is a buffet style Indonesian warung with many options that includes meat but also vegetarian and vegan items. The interior is hip with comfy seating and nice decoration. Take away is also possible. 

Opening times Warung Local: 10 AM – 10 PM


Nu Delhi (Indian)

Nu Delhi is an authentic Indian restaurant located along Batu Bolong. Here you can order butter chicken and other dishes including meat. The portions are good with the option to increase spiciness if you like. The menu is varied with the options for samosa, dosa and all sorts of curries. 

Opening times Nu Delhi Canggu:1 PM – 10 PM


Warung Tiga

With the option to either order from the menu or choose your meal from the buffet you will  have plenty of options. From local Indonesian meals to Western, there is something for everyone. However, for a Warung the prices are pretty high at Tiga. 

Opening times Warung Tiga: 7 AM – 10 PM


Casa Tua

Formerly known as Dandelion, Casa Tua serves authentic Indonesian food in a beautiful garden. The cosy atmosphere and lovely spontaneous staff will do everything to give you a great experience.  

Opening times Casa Tua: 2 PM – 10 PM


Ji restaurant (sushi)

With incredible sunset views over Batu Bolong beach, Ji restaurant offers an amazing menu of sushi with great atmosphere. The Japanese contemporary cuisine and Asian inspired cocktails are perfect ingredients for a great evening out as couple or with family or friends. If you want to sit outside on the terrace it is recommended to make a reservation due to the limited seating availability. 

Opening times Ji restaurant: 2 PM – 11 PM


Milu by Nook

If you’re looking for a quiet and atmospheric restaurant in Canggu with rice field view, then Milu in Berawa is the answer. This breezy eatery serves Balinese and Western dishes with sweeping views over the rice fields. Breakfast is also good, you can basically come at any time of the day for a good meal!

Opening times Milu by Nook: 8 AM – 10 PM

Canggu restaurants with a beautiful view

Only a few Canggu restaurants offer a really nice view on the rice fields or the ocean. Most of the restaurants in Canggu are inside or without a view, or a view on the road. So below a list of the options of Canggu restaurants with a view!

Mimpi; tucked away in a quiet street of Batu Mejan is Mimpi Grocery located with beautiful views over a small ricefield. There is even a small pool and the whole cafe has an open, urban concept.

Milu by Nook; another beautiful view on the rice fields. Almost gives you the feeling as if you’re sitting IN the rice fields!

Ithaka warung; impressive view on the beach of Pantai Batu Bolong from their rooftop terrace and great Indonesian food. 

Ji restaurant; located at the opposite of Ithaka Warung you will have a beautiful sunset view from their outdoor terrace. Sushi is high end and very tasty! 

I am Vegan Babe; with seating upstairs you will have a beautiful view on the surrounding rice fields in central Canggu.


Final note about this best restaurants in Canggu guide

I hope you enjoyed this extensive guide about the best restaurants in Canggu. Of course we selected these restaurants personally with care after eating one or more times at the mentioned places. Because we live in Canggu I will update this guide regularly. If a restaurant lacks in quality over time, I will remove it. And of course the other way around, if a new restaurant opens in Canggu and belongs to the list, I will  add it as soon as possible.

If you have recommendations for us to try a restaurant in Canggu which is not on this list yet, then please let us know! We’re always open to try new places. Or maybe you know a hidden gem which has to be on this list as well. Then drop a comment below or send us a DM on Instagram!

More Bali travel inspiration

We hope you enjoyed this blog post about the best Canggu restaurants. If you have any more suggestions of places we need to check out, let us know in the comments!

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