Alaska is renowned for its breathtaking scenery with sprawling glaciers, towering mountains, lush forests, pristine lakes, and an abundance of wildlife. Helicopter tours in Alaska give you the opportunity to take in these stunning landscapes that are often inaccessible by other means. It’s truly a breathtaking experience to witness the majestic wonders of nature from a bird’s-eye view. And if you book one of the Alaska helicopter tours including glacier landing or heli hike, you can explore these icy wonders further up close. Walking on a glacier, surrounded by towering ice formations and shimmering blue hues is an unforgettable experience and must do on your Alaska vacation. But, choosing the right Alaska helicopter tour can be confusing with all the different options. That’s why we share this complete guide about the best Alaska helicopter tours. Here you will find an extensive overview of the best Alaska helicopter tours, the differences, costs and other important things you need to know about helicopter tours in Alaska.

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Differences between the Alaska helicopter tours

Before you book your once-in-a-lifetime Alaska helicopter tour or scenic flight, it is important to understand the differences between all the tours that are advertised. This will help you to make an informed choice that aligns with your expectations.  

Here is a short breakdown of what you have to ask yourself before booking the Alaska Helicopter Tour: 

  • What are the main highlights I want to see or do during my helicopter tour or scenic flight in Alaska? This could be wildlife (bear) viewings, landing on glaciers, heli hiking on a glacier, dog sledding, ice climbing, paddle boarding in a glacier lake and more!
  • From which destination do I want my helicopter tour or scenic flight to depart? If you are visiting Alaska on a cruise, this might influence from which place you can book your helicopter tour depending on where your ship anchors. If you are flexible in choosing the destination to depart on your scenic flight, you just have to choose what you prefer to see! More about this later what you can expect to see in which area of Alaska. 
  • What is my budget for an Alaska helicopter tour or scenic flight? The cost for Alaska helicopter tours and scenic flights vary depending on the length of the tour, amount of landings and other activities you can combine during the tour. This helicopter tour from Ketchikan to view the Mahoney Falls is the cheapest option for $253 and 50 minutes flight time. This scenic flight in a plane from Talkeetna is the cheapest with $270 for a 1.5-hour flight. 

Choosing between Scenic Flights and Helicopter Tours in Alaska

If you are flexible in the location of your Alaska helicopter tour, you obviously want to choose the best possible helicopter flight. However, what is best for you? This depends on what you wish to see and the activities you’d like to do during this unique experience. Let’s break it down into the following helicopter tours and scenic flights with optional activities you can do. I will explain all these tours more in-depth in the next paragraph. 

Alaska helicopter tours

Alaska scenic flights in a fixed-wing plane

How much is a helicopter ride in Alaska?

The price for a helicopter tour in Alaska depends on the flight time and other activities you can combine with the tour. Prices for the Alaska helicopter tours are roughly between $270 and $1900 per person. The last mentioned includes glacier hiking, and there is also another helicopter tour including bear viewing. The cheapest Alaska helicopter tour is this 30-minute Glacier and Mountain viewing flight to Godwin Glacier, from Seward for $263 per person. With only 5-star reviews, this is the best value for your money. However, if you have more budget to spend for a helicopter tour in Alaska, I would definitely recommend a longer tour including several landings such as this 2 hour Grand Glacier tour including 3 landings for $720 per person!

The Best Alaska helicopter tours

Helicopter tour & Glacier dog sledding from Palmer | 1,5 hour

Tour length: 90 minutes | Rating: 5 stars | Check current availability and prices here 

Experience Alaska with the local dogs! During this 90-minute helicopter and dogsled tour you will discover the breathtaking scenery of Church National Forest, including the famous Knik Glacier. Then you will descend to the Troublesome Glacier for an exhilarating ride with 40 sled dogs. Traversing the glacier surrounded by amazing scenery with this type of transport is a true Alaskan experience. Along the way, you might be lucky enough to spot native animals such as moose, black bears and mountain goats. 


If you want to, you can stand on the runners and drive your own dog team. Or if you want to relax, the guides will be happy to let you take it all in while they run the dog team. After the dogsled tour there is plenty of time to meet the lovely dogs and take pictures. After dog sledding, the helicopter takes you back while you fly over the lower glaciers so you can see the blue melt pools and crevasses.

Your total flight time in the helicopter is about 30 minutes while the dog sledding experience will take about 60 minutes. There is also a fantastic helicopter tour including dog sledding in Juneau if you stay in that area.

Price: $617 per person

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Helicopter tour to Grand Knik Glacier incl 3 landings | 2 hours

Tour length: 2 hours | Rating: 5 stars | Check current availability and prices here

Looking for the ultimate glacier tour without the effort of hiking? Check out this helicopter tour to Grand Knik Glacier. It’s one of the perfect flightseeing tours for people who just want to enjoy the spectacular glacier view and don’t want to do any combined activity on the glacier. Therefore it’s even wheelchair accessible tour! Including 3 landings, you will have a very unique experience of witnessing the breathtaking scenery of Knik Glacier from up close. It’s one of the ultimate glacier tours! 

You will make an alpine landing and also land on top of an ice wall. There you have the chance to see mountain goats, moose, and if you’re lucky in the summer months, bears and wolves! Note that during the winter months from  October – April it is not possible to land on top of the glacier due to snow cover. But you will land next to the glaciers near the massive ice formations to get a spectacular view of the glacier.  

Price: $720 per person

Secure here your seat for the helicopter tour to Grand Knik Glacier incl 3 landings


Helicopter tour and Glacier paddle boarding (private) | 4 hours

Tour length: 4 hours | Rating: 5 stars | Check current availability and prices here

Are you looking for a unique way to explore the Knik Glacier? Then check out this private helicopter tour including glacier paddle boarding! The huge advantage of this tour is that it is private, which means a more personalized experience and you’ll have the entire area on the glacier to yourself. Get away from the more accessible locations and explore the wilderness of Alaska during this 4-hour tour. 

First, you will fly over the stunning icy landscape to a remote glacial pond. Here you will put your drysuit on so you can go paddle boarding in the unbelievably blue water of the Knik Glacier Pools. Take in the pristine views of the snow-covered wilderness.


The total time of this helicopter tour is 4 hours from which you will have about 30 minutes of flight time. The rest is up to you to enjoy the glacier, paddle board and float in the pools, and take in this unique landscape. 

Price: $1029 per person

Secure here your seat for this unforgettable helicopter & glacier paddle experience


Helicopter tour and ice climbing (private) | 4 hours

Tour length: 4 hours | Rating: 5 stars | Check current availability and prices here 

A fantastic adventurous Alaska experience including a helicopter tour and ice climbing! Perfect for couples and families seeking unique adventures and experiences. Embark on a scenic flight over the majestic Chugach Range, Knik Glacier, and Colony Glacier. Take in the stunning views of these ice formations, glacial crevasses, Knik River and waterfalls.


Then you’ll land on the glacier and climb across its ice formations. You’ll have the option of choosing the steeper ice wall or the easier option. The total tour takes 4 hours from which about 20 minutes flight time. Both in summer and winter the tour takes place, but you’ll have to make a different booking.

Price: $1029 per person

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Helicopter tour and guided ice field walk from Juneau | 2.5 hours

Tour length: 2,5 hours | Rating: 5 stars | Check current availability and prices here

Go on this unforgettable ice field walk from Juneau including a 30 minute helicopter flight. First, you will fly over icefalls and rock formations before landing on Herbert Glacier. Here you will explore the remote icy landscape by foot. Your knowledgeable guide will tell you more about the surrounding Alaskan wilderness providing you with lots of insights about Alaska’s natural history and meteorology. With a heart full of unforgettable memories you will then fly back to the departure point. 

Price: $405 per person

Secure here your seat for the helicopter tour and Icefield walk from Juneau


Helicopter & snowmobile glacier tour (private) from Seward | 4 hours

Tour length: 4 hours | Rating: 5 stars | Check current availability and prices here

Combine two epic excursions into one day with this helicopter tour and snowmobile experience from Seward. Hop on the helicopter that will take you to a remote part of the Godwin Glacier. Fly over Resurrection Fjord past the blue ice face of the glacier until you descend to the dog sled base camp. Here you will begin the snowmobile ride on the snowfields of Godwin Glacier. You will drive about 10+ miles around the Godwin Glaciers snowfields and zip around at your own pace. Then you will go to several overlooks of Day Harbor and the Pacific Ocean providing mesmerising views of the Alaskan wilderness. 

Secure here your seat for the private helicopter tour and snowmobile experience


Heli hiking in Denali National Park from Denali | 5 hours

Tour length: 5 hours | Rating: 5 stars | Check current availability and prices here

Embark on this half day heli hiking adventure tour in the Alaskan backcountry of Denali National Park. Fly over the scenic Alaskan wilderness by helicopter and explore remote areas that are normally unreachable in a day. You will land in an area located just beyond the boundaries of Denali National Park. Here you will go hiking above the tree line with a local naturalist guide and discover the park’s flora and fauna. Learn more about the local ecosystem from your guide and admire wildlife along the way. Although this is a gentle hike, you must be able to walk on uneven terrain for up to 3.5 hours. 

Price: $529 per person

Secure here your seat for this half day heli hike adventure in Denali National Park


Helicopter Flight with Glacier Landing in Denali National Park | 2 hours

Tour length: 2 hours | Rating: 5 stars | Check current availability and prices here

Explore the granite peaks and snowy summits of Denali National Park and Preserve that cover 160 miles of the Alaska Range. Soar through the tundra and venture above the rugged Alaska range during this 2 hour helicopter flight in Denali NP. Your destination is the massive Yanert Glacier where you will land to admire the snow-capped peaks and rolling tundra. Here you will enjoy 20 minutes of glacial exploration with fantastic photo opportunities. Keep an eye out for local wildlife such as caribou, moose, bear, and Dall sheep.

Price: $603 per person

Secure here your seat for this helicopter flight with glacier landing in Denali National Park


Helicopter tour from Ketchikan including Mahoney Falls | 2hours | $432

Tour length: 2 hours | Rating: 5 stars | Check current availability and prices here

Combine two top helicopter tours in one and save time and money! During this helicopter tour from Ketchikan, you will see some of the best sights around Ketchikan from the air. Soar over stunning mountains and get a closer look of the 1,500-foot Mahoney Falls. Then you will traverse along the George Inlet and up to a mountaintop helipad for views of the Canadian Rockies and Prince of Wales Island.

Price: $432 per person

Secure here your seat for this helicopter tour including visiting Mahoney Falls

Best Alaska scenic flights in a fixed-wing plane

Flightseeing and bear viewing from Homer | 6 hours

Tour length: 9 hours | Rating: 5 stars | Check current availability and prices here

Homer is one of the most densely populated brown bear areas in the world. So it is without a doubt the best place in Alaska to spot bears! During this amazing 6 hour flightseeing and bear viewing tour from Homer you will have the unique opportunity to witness bears in their natural habitat. 

First you will fly above the glaciers and mountains of Alaska before touching down in Katmai National Park and Preserve. Here you will go on a hike for 3 to 5 miles (4.8 to 8 km) with your guide to watch them eat salmon from the river. 

Price: $995 per person

Secure here your seat for this incredible 6 hour bear viewing & scenic flight


Misty Fjords Flight Tour from Ketchikan | 1 hour | $369

Tour length: 1 hour | Rating: 5 stars | Check current availability and prices here

Fly over the glacier-carved fjords and see the cascading waterfalls pouring from misty mountains during this 1 hour scenic flight from Ketchikan. With guaranteed window seating for all passengers, you won’t miss a thing! Experience this unique flight in a fixed-wing Alaskan bush plane, as you take in the spectacular views of lush mountaintops and pristine fiord waters. Meanwhile, your pilot will provide interesting information about the ancient geologic history and wildlife of this spectacular landscape.

Price: $369 per person

Secure here your seat for this awesome 1 hour scenic flight to the Misty Fjords


Grand Denali scenic flight with optional Glacier landing from Talkeetna

Tour length: 1,5 – 2 hours | Rating: 5 stars | Check current availability and prices here

Without a doubt, the most spectacular scenic flight in Denali National Park is this 1,5 – 2 hour flight tour! You will not only fly above North America’s tallest mountain but also see the Wickersham Wall of Denali. This is one of the world’s highest continuous mountain faces, rising 14,000 feet from the Peters Glacier! Add an optional glacier landing to your flight to experience the exhilaration of standing among the majestic peaks of the Alaska Range. Here you can play in the snow, take photos and take in the mesmerising scenery. Glacier landings add 30 minutes to the total tour duration.

Price: $414 per person

Secure here your seat for this amazing scenic flight to Denali National Park


Floatplane and Glacier Hiking Adventure from Kenai | 6 hours | $1917

Tour length: 6 hours | Rating: 5 stars | Check current availability and prices here

This epic 6 hour backcountry fly-in glacier hiking tour brings you to the unrivaled natural beauty of the Alaskan backcountry. With a professional mountaineering guide, you will fly with a floatplane into the National Park to start your glacier hiking adventure. Don’t worry about glacier equipment, because that’s what has been taken care of by the tour company. You will get a small backpack, crampons, a harness, a helmet, and trekking poles to embark on your glacier hiking adventure. Book this epic glacier hiking adventure for unforgettable memories! 

Price: $1927 per person

Secure here your seat for this epic 6 hour glacier hiking and scenic flight adventure


Scenic flight & bear hiking experience in Lake Clark NP from Kenai 

Tour length: 6 hours | Rating: 5 stars | Check availability and prices here

Embark on this fascinating 6 hour bear watching experience in Alaska’s Lake Clark National Park. First you will enjoy a scenic flight over the breathtaking Alaskan wilderness. When touching down in the National Park, an adventure awaits on a completely unscripted, freestyle tour with the famous bears of Alaska. Your professional bear-seeking local guide will guide you through the breathtaking landscape and tell you more about the environment and the role the bears play in the local ecosystem. There is a high chance to spot both brown and black bears because Lake Clark National Park is famous for its higher-than-average concentration of bears in a small area!

Price: $1281 per person

Secure here your seat for this scenic flight and bear hiking experience


Heli Flightseeing & Reindeer Tour day trip with Lunch

Combine an unforgettable experience of a helicopter flight and a reindeer tour! First you will fly over the vast, untouched Alaska landscapes while looking for moose. After the flight, you will meet the experienced reindeer handlers who will introduce you to the herd of reindeer at Borealis Basecamp. Then you will go for a short walk through the forest with these incredible animals. 

Price: $379 per person

Secure here your seat for the heli flightseeing day trip with lunch and reindeer tour

Most asked questions about Alaska helicopter tours

Is a helicopter tour in Alaska worth it?

Yes, absolutely yes! If there’s one place in the world that is totally worth the money doing a helicopter tour, it’s in Alaska. The diverse landscapes of Alaska, including glaciers, mountains, and wildlife make a helicopter flight a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is the best way to get a unique and unparalleled perspective of these natural wonders. Also, a helicopter tour offers the opportunity to access remote areas that are difficult to reach by other means. Landing on glaciers or flying over untouched wilderness is a memorable experience.

Are Alaska helicopter tours safe?

All helicopter tour companies in Alaska adhere to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards. And besides that, many of the flight-seeing pilots have logged hundreds, if not thousands of flight hours. If you’re in doubt about a certain company, don’t be afraid to ask for the pilot’s credentials. While most of the helicopter flights are low altitude, you might want to monitor the weather yourself as well before you fly. Wind can play a factor in the channels and the mountain passes, but the helicopter company you’ve booked with has the responsibility to make the final choice if it’s safe to fly. Nevertheless, if you still don’t feel comfortable flying in a helicopter, you can also opt for fixed-wing scenic flights in Alaska.  


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