20 Amazing Viewpoints in NYC You Have To See!

New York City is famous for its beautiful skyline view. Whether you’re exploring New York City at night or during the day, you will see the impressive buildings and views from another perspective. The lit-up New York skyline at night is something magical, while staring out from one of the rooftop bars during the day or sunset will give you unending New York City views. There are paid and free viewpoints in NYC, so even if you’re visiting New York on a budget, you can still visit some of the best viewpoints in NYC for free! Find in this complete guide the 20 best skyline views in NYC.


Helicopter Tour 

A once-in-a-lifetime experience is to book a helicopter ride over New York City to see the impressive skyline and New York landmarks. You can either book a helicopter tour during the day, or around sunset and at night. If you’d love to see the city’s skyline lit up at night and the glow of sunset disappearing at the horizon, then a helicopter tour at night in New York is a must. This is without a doubt a super romantic experience in New York and a must do! 

Helicopter view – One of the best viewpoints in NYC

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

The Summit One Vanderbilt observation deck sits atop the 427-meter-tall One Vanderbilt skyscraper and is one of the best places to see the Manhatten skyline. The immersive, multi-sensory experience with art installations has floor-to-ceiling mirror windows with three levels to explore.

  • AIR: An immersive art experience that mixes transparency & reflection. Perfect spot for your next Instagram shot!
  • REFLECT: Art installation by famous artist Yayoi Kusama.
  • LEVITATION: For the ones without vertigo. This attraction has two transparent glass-enclosed skyboxes giving you a 360 view from NYC from above.  

To secure your spot for SUMMIT One Vanderbilt and skip the line to get a ticket, it is highly recommended to buy your tickets in advance online. You can choose the time slot you want to go. But for the best NYC views it is recommended to come during the day or with sunset to see the golden light. 

However, if you want to see all the city lights in the dark, then the best view of NYC skyline at night is either from SUMMIT One Vanderbilt or the Empire State Building. 

SUMMIT One Van der Bilt – One of the best viewpoints in NYC

Liberty State Park

Although Liberty State Park is not located in the city center of NY, it will give you some of the most beautiful views in NYC. And because the park isn’t that crowded you can still find some quiet spots to relax and take it all in. Great if you want to escape the busy city centre for a break but still have great New York views. 

Besides that is Liberty State Park also home to one of the most touching memorials in NYC, the Empty Sky Memorial. This beautifully made memorial is dedicated to New Jersey’s 9/11 and absolutely worth a visit when you’re visiting Liberty State Park. Especially if you’re visiting New York for 3 days, it is worth it to explore the less crowded places like Liberty State Park.

Liberty State Park – One of the best viewpoints in NYC

The Edge

This New York viewpoint is the highest outdoor observation deck in the Western Hemisphere AND the highest public balcony in NYC. The 100-story-high observation deck with a glass floor, bar & 360-degree views is well worth a visit. With not only panoramic New York skyline views but also a large, see-through glass floor of 1100 ft (340 meters) height, the Edge is an exciting New York viewpoint and attraction. 

Book your tickets to The Edge in advance

The Edge – The highest observation deck and one of the best viewpoints in NYC

Top of the Rock 

Part of the majestic Rockefeller Center, the Top of the Rock is another famous NYC observation deck with spectacular views over the New York skyline. It’s actually a three-level rooftop with the top viewing platform on the 70th floor. From there you can enjoy the great views over Central Park surrounded by beautiful modern and ancient buildings. You can see the Hudson River, New Jersey City and downtown Manhattan with the Empire State Building’s iconic shape peering over the city. In fact, you’ll have the best view of the Empire State Building from the To of the Rock!

Top of the Rock is without a doubt some of the best viewpoints in NYC and a must-visit. You can choose to see the views of the NYC skyline at night or come during the day or with sunset. The basic entry fee is $38 but for the evening ticket you pay an additional $10. And if you are feeling explorative, you can also include a Rockefeller Center tour for an extra $25 and make the most of your visit. Just make sure you book in advance to secure your space to see some of the best NYC skyline views.

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Top of the Rock – One of the best viewpoints in NYC

Manhattan skyline views from Staten Island ferry

Another fun thing to do in New York City for free is taking the Staten Island Ferry which will give you incredible New York views. Located at 4 Whitehall Street Lower Manhattan you can hop on the ferry crossing the Hudson River for an epic view of the New York City skyline and Liberty Island where you can see the Statue of Liberty from up close. That’s why I would even say that this is the best view of Manhattan! Especially at sunset or at night, when there are beautiful colors or twinkling lights from the city, the view of the New York skyline will be even more magical. 

Staten Island Ferry views – One of the best views of NYC skyline

Empire State Building 

The most famous observation deck in the city provides some of the best views of New York City. Visiting the 102-story skyscraper (located on 34th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues) is very popular, so it is highly recommended to book your tickets in advance. You can either choose to go up during the day, or see the best view of the NYC skyline at night and all its magical lights. The views stretch all the way to the One World Trade Center, Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Plaza Center, Times Square and Brooklyn Bridge. 

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Choose the ‘Sunset Admission Ticket’ option to go with sunset. This allows you to skip the ticket line to be up as one of the first with sunset at the Empire State Building. You can also choose to skip all of the lines including security, ticket, and elevator lines up and down. Then you’ll have to choose the ‘Sunset Express Ticket: Skip all the Lines’. 

Empire State Building – One of the most famous viewpoints in NYC

Central Park

If you go to New York and don’t visit Central Park, you haven’t been to New York! No but seriously, Central Park is a must visit in New York. The iconic park has so many amazing viewpoints on New York. It’s just such a beautiful contrast to see the towering skyscrapers poking through the trees. 

And with every season comes another view, especially during autumn when the colorful trees provide such a stunning contrast with the grey buildings. 

To find the best viewpoints in Central Park it is recommended to rent a bicycle or to just walk around and explore the park to find your favorite. Our favorite viewpoints were from ‘The Pond at Central Park’ and Gapstow Bridge. It’s just wonderful to see the different layers of elements in this view. From the pond to the historic bridge, trees and then the modern buildings of New York City. 

One thing you can’t miss while exploring Central Park is a quick trip to the Time Warner Building near Columbus Circle. For some of the best free views of New York City you have to go to the fourth floor, and besides that, it’s a great place to get some drinks and snacks at the food section. You can also rent a bike and explore the park by yourself or with your family which is definitely one of the best things to do in NYC with kids

Central Park – One of the best viewpoints in NYC

Dumbo, Brooklyn

The classic and iconic view of the Manhattan Bridge in between the old red brick warehouses and cobbled streets in Brooklyn is hard to beat. Logically it is an Instagram hit and almost a must-visit place in New York if you’re a photographer. The scenic viewpoint is located along Washington Street in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn. After spending time at the viewpoint you have to take a stroll along the river to see more epic viewpoints and if you have the energy, then walk across the Brooklyn Bridge as it is another one of the “best free things to do in New York City”.

Dumbo – One of the most popular and touristy viewpoints in NYC

New York City view from Governors Island

Governors Island has some of the best viewpoints in New York City with plenty of public green parks. And the best thing is, you can visit these breathtaking New York City skyline views for free! Or well, you will have to take the ferry but then you can just explore the area by yourself on foot or bicycle. It is really easy to get around with stunning city views all around. 

Another great way to enjoy Governors Island is by picnicking on the lawn with some of the best skyline views in NYC!

Governors Island view – One of the best viewpoints in NYC

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

One of the most incredible things to do in New York City at night is to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. The views of Lower Manhattan are stunning, and the experience is truly unforgettable. And the experience is completely free so that you can save your money for other New York City adventures. 

The New York City night skyline is illuminated with thousands of lights, and the reflections on the East River are simply breathtaking. Compared to the daytime, when the bridge is crowded with tourists and locals alike, walking across at night is a much more peaceful and intimate experience. 

Start at dusk so you can watch the skyline transform as the sun goes down. As you walk across the bridge, you’ll be surrounded by the city’s twinkling lights. You can start your walk from either Brooklyn or Manhattan.

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View from Brooklyn Bridge – One of the best viewpoints in NYC

One World Observatory 

One of the must-see attractions and most popular NYC observation decks is the One World Observatory. Being the tallest building in America with 546 m to the top, the Freedom Tower, also known as One World Trade Center, takes you on an exciting journey from the ground floor to the 102nd floor in under 60 seconds. Especially at night, the views over Manhattan with the illuminating lights are breathtaking. 

You can also enjoy a dinner at the One Dine and Bar located on the 101st floor of the One World Observatory. But to eat here you’ll have to make dinner reservations separately. Because visiting the One World Observatory deck is so popular, it is highly recommended to book your tickets in advance. You can also choose ‘skip the line’ tickets to save you time waiting.

Book here your tickets for the One World Observatory deck

One World Observatory – One of the best viewpoints in NYC

Manhattan Bridge view facing Brooklyn Bridge

Maybe a bit of a random New York viewpoint but definitely one that shows you the beauty of the New York skyline. While walking over the Manhattan Bridge you will pass a few great New York skyline viewpoints. When coming from Manhattan, the first one is an aerial view of Chinatown. When facing toward the Brooklyn Bridge at the beginning of the Manhattan Bridge, you will overlook the Franklin D. Roosevelt East River Drive and the Manhattan skyline. This is definitely worth a stop, and especially around sunset, the colors can get crazy! The last viewpoint gets better when you approach Dumbo as the Brooklyn Bridge will be visible in its whole length with the Manhattan skyline behind. This is another great free New York viewpoint and without a doubt some of the better skyline views in NYC!


Brooklyn Bridge Park View

Another fantastic New York viewpoint that you can visit for free is Brooklyn Bridge Park. This 80-acre park is definitely one of the best places to see the Manhattan skyline. And the best thing to do is to bring a picnic blanket, your own snacks or a takeaway, drinks and enjoy the sunset views until it gets dark and the city lights start to light up. You can also take a walk along the Brooklyn Heights promenade to see the views from different angles. Without a doubt, Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the best places to see the New York skyline, and it’s for free! 

Brooklyn Bridge Park – One of the best free viewpoints in NYC

Tudor Bridge

The Tudor City Bridge is a scenic lookout point that spans 42nd Street just west of First Avenue. This iconic New York City photo spot is famous because of the yearly returning Manhattanhenge, also inaccurately called the Manhattan Solstice. This yearly event takes place when the setting sun or the rising sun is aligned with the main east–west streets of Manhattan. But, if you’re not in New York during this unique event, then don’t worry because any other season, the view from Tudor Bridge is worth it. The symmetry in this spot with trees lining the streets on both sides and the towering skyscrapers poking behind the trees is a treat for the eye as a photographer. Make sure to add it to your New York City itinerary as it’s another one of the best viewpoints in NYC. 

Tudor Bridge – One of the best viewpoints in NYC

The High Line

In 2009 the High Line opened which is nowadays one of the most unique parks in New York City. Seen from the name, you might be able to guess what it previously was! This former rail line was used for trains delivering cargo. But because the demand became less with the rise of trucks, the railroad was abandoned until a plan got approved to transform this old rail line into a city park. 

Nowadays the Highline is a very popular promenade to visit with over 8 million visitors annually! The best time to walk along the High Line and take in the New York City views is in spring, summer and autumn. Of course you can see all the flowers and plants bloom in spring and summer, but autumn brings beautiful orange and red leaves. The beautiful murals, unique art, and rotating sculptures are there all year long, including some of the best New York viewpoints. So whenever the season, there’s always a reason to walk along the High Line. 

The High Line – One of the most unique parks in New York City with a beautiful view

Cantor roof garden 

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) is the largest museum in the USA located in Central Park. With a spectacular rooftop bar overlooking the park and New York City skyline, you can imagine why this is one of the best viewpoints in NYC. Especially during sunset it can get busy, so be prepared for that. However, visiting Cantor Roof Garden is only possible if you’ve bought the entrance ticket to the MET museum for $25. But to visit the rooftop garden you don’t have to buy an expensive drink to hang out here. So if you have planned to visit the MET anyway, then you can’t miss the Cantor roof garden! 

View from Brooklyn Bridge towards New York City skyline

The view from the Brooklyn Bridge is outstanding and a must see. Besides being another free New York viewpoint to visit, the Brooklyn Bridge in itself is a unique and famous landmark that has to be experienced when walking along. Meanwhile, you can appreciate this 19th-century suspension bridge with some of the most beautiful NYC skyline views. You can see Manhattan, Brooklyn and the New York Harbor while strolling along. 

The best views of the Brooklyn Bridge are from the Brooklyn side walking towards Manhattan. Take your time during the Brooklyn Bridge walk as there are plenty of photo spots and amazing views that you have to take in. Especially with sunset it is a magical view to see how the sun disappears behind the skyline and how the sky changes colours.


The Granite Prospect

The Granite Prospect is part of Brooklyn Bridge Park but deserves a separate mention as one of the best viewpoints in NYC. Located on Pier 1, the Granite Prospect has become an iconic feature of Brooklyn Bridge Park and offers breathtaking views of the NYC skyline. It’s also a great spot for photography of the NYC Skyline with the old pier in the foreground. You can relax on the granite terrace and enjoy the view of the New York Harbor and skyline. 


Gantry Plaza State Park

This 12-acre state park on the east riverside boasts spectacular views of midtown Manhattan including the Empire State Building. Enjoy a relaxing stroll along Gantry Plaza State Park’s four piers or through the park’s manicured gardens and take in the panoramic views of NYC. There are also food trucks in the area so you can have a picnic to enjoy the views a bit longer. 


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Besides the best viewpoints in NYC, let’s give you a little tip.

Buy a New York pass

In case you are planning to visit a lot of the NYC attractions such as the Observation Decks and Museums, then it is highly recommended to get a New York Pass. This will save you hundreds of dollars on entrance fees instead of paying all the fees individually.

The NYC attractions that are included in the New York pass are:

  • Empire State Building (General Admission (86th Floor Observatory) Plus Bonus Night General Admission)
  • American Museum of Natural History (General Admission plus one special exhibition)
  • Guggenheim Museum (General Admission) OR Top of the Rock (General Admission)
  • Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island (Reserve ticket for one Statue Cruises ferry ride to and from Liberty Island and Ellis Island and admission to Ellis Island Immigration Museum) OR Circle Line Cruises (Admission to one Landmark, or Liberty Cruise)
  • Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum (General Admission and Space Shuttle Pavillion) OR 9/11 Memorial and Museum (General Admission)

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