The main Unawatuna beach is the most popular among tourists and locals. Unawatuna beach offers many water activities for visitors and there are sun-beds on the beach for rent. On the west side of the beach, you can take a stroll to the Japanese Peace Pagoda statue overlooking the beautiful Indian ocean. Unawatuna beach is very well connected to the centre of Unawatuna where you will find hip cafes and restaurants.

Best time to visit Unawatuna beach

The best time to visit Unawatuna is from December – April, and from July until the end of September. In between those months you have more chance of rainfall because of the monsoon. Temperatures in Sri Lanka will be great and warm throughout the year, but on the south coast along the beaches it will always be a bit warmer than more inland.


What to expect at Unawatuna beach

Unawatuna beach is a beautiful banana-shaped beach of golden sand with turquoise water, surrounded by green palm trees. Because this beach is one of the better known beaches in Sri Lanka, it is also one of the busier places. There are lots of restaurants scattered along the beach, so if you’re hungry or thirty you don’t have to walk far to refill your body. Unawatuna is also one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka to learn surfing. For some people this beach might be a bit too busy, but luckily there are many other beach options nearby. You can explore Jungle Beach or Secret Beach Mirissa for example if you like the smaller, quieter and more hidden beaches. 


Things to do around Unawatuna beach

If you’re looking for the things to explore around Unawatuna beach, I have the best places summed up here.

Japanese Peace Pagoda

Very close to Unawatuna beach in the forest on the hillside is the impressive Japanese Peace Pagoda located. Constructed in 2005 by Japanese monks to build peace temples in conflict zones, the monument is a symbol of hope for people all over the world. It’s now a popular tourist attraction and with incredible views over the bay of Galle the perfect place to take in the impressive Sri Lankan sunsets. 


Visiti Galle

Just a few kilometres from Unawatuna is Galle, an Unesco World Heritage Site with imposing Dutch-colonial buildings, ancient mosques, churches and the famous lighthouse. It is really worth it to explore this town. Walk over the thick ramparts which were built by the Dutch merchants that controlled the city in the 17th century. There are also lots of cute boutique shops and cosy cafes and restaurants to fuel your body


Swing on the Palm tree swing

If you go to Dalawella beach, you will find the famous palm tree swing and the ship rock. Both are awesome photo spots and really worth a visit. Especially with sunset. You need to pay a little fee for the palm tree swing, but the Ship Rock is free of charge.


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