Ubud is the spiritual heart of Bali and the centre of arts and crafts. The lush nature around Ubud isperfect to escape the busier parts of the island and to get a real sense of what Bali is about. There are many things to do in and around Ubud such as chasing the Ubud waterfalls, doing a rice fields walk, relax in a luxury jungle resort and admiring all the different temples and traditional Balinese architecture. But also the centre of Ubud has lots to offer such as the amazing restaurants in Ubud and the many boutique and souvenir shops. In this blog post you will find all the best things to do in Ubud!

Best time to visit Ubud

Ubud can be visited year round, but generally there is more rainfall in Ubud & north Bali than the rest of the island. Bali’s rainy season is usually from November – February which means that the best months to visit Ubud are from March – November.

How to get around in Ubud

The best way to get around in Ubud is with a motorbike. But you have to have some experience before you decide to drive a motorbike in Bali. You can rent motorbikes for around 60,000 IDR per day. Another option is to arrange a tour so you can see the highlights of Ubud in one day.


The main street in Ubud in soft morning light.

If you’re confident to drive, the best way to get around is with a motorbike.

Where to stay in Ubud

If you want to stay in central town, there are many great options for hotels, guesthouses and resorts. Despite it can get very busy in the centre of Ubud, you can still find peace and serenity in most accommodations. And there is accommodation for every budget. From really luxury, high end resorts such Four Seasons and Aman, to the affordable but still comfortable resorts such as Adiwana hotels which has some great options in and around Ubud with jungle or rice field view. Further away from Ubud town there are many amazing luxury jungle resorts to choose from. Perfect for honeymooners and luxury travellers. But for the smaller budget there are also loads of options in guesthouses where you can rent a big room for a small price.



Explore the Tegalalang rice terrace

The Tegalalang rice terraces are one of the main tourist attractions in Bali and must be on your Bali itinerary! It’s a perfect morning walk through these famous Bali rice fields. The Ubud rice terraces are impressively cut out into walls of the valley with up to 10 tiered levels of rice paddies and cascading water throughout. You will see the local farmers doing their daily routine harvesting the rice and maintaining the valley which makes it very enjoyable and picturesque for visitors. Visiting the Tegallalang rice terraces and doing a rice fields walk is a must do in Bali. During this activity you can get a great sense of the local culture. 

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Check out Suwat waterfall

Suwat waterfall is located in a small little canyon where you can enjoy the natural pool. There is even a bamboo raft which you can use to float on and take your epic instagrammable Bali pictures! It is about 30 minutes driving from Ubud and the entrance fee is 15 000 IDR per person. Suwat waterfall is about 15 meters high and flows all year round. But during the rainy season in Bali which is from October until April you can expect the water in the natural pool to be much higher and Suwat waterfall more powerful.

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Visit Goa Gajah, Elephant Cave

The Goa Gajah temple, also known as the Elephant Cave, is a historical archaeological site which dates back to the 11th century. The temple is sacred and was built to pray and meditate. When you enter the temple through the cavernous mouth of a demon, you will see fragmentary remains of the lingam, the phallic symbol of the Hindu god Shiva. The entrance fee is 15,000 IDR per person.


Admire the lightrays at Tukad Cepung waterfall

Tukad Cepung waterfall is about 50 minutes outside of Ubud centre located but totally worth the trip. Tucked away in a cave, something magical happens when the sun is shining. In the morning between 9 an 11 AM the sun will peek through the cave creating magical lightrays. Therefore it become some of the most popular instagram spots in Bali. So you can expect other tourists here, therefore make sure to be on time!

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Walk along the Campuhan ridge walk

The Campuhan ridge walk offers a nature trail that is hidden between the Jalan Raya Ubud main road and the Gunung Lebah Temple complex. It’s the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of the centre. The Campuhan ridge walk definitely showcases the natural side of Ubud and is a popular morning or evening workout spot for the locals. The complete walk is around 2 kilometers long and goes up and downhill but is doable for every age.

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Cool off at Tegenungan waterfall

The Ubud waterfalls are beautiful and absolutely worth a visit! If you want to cool off from the hot and busy centre of Ubud, then head over to Tegenungan waterfall where you can take a dip and enjoy the fresh nature. Be aware that it can get busy here as it’s a well known waterfall in Bali. If you want to have the place practically for yourself, then make sure to arrive early.

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Admire the traditional Balinese culture & architecture

All traditional buildings in Bali are designed based on the principles of a sacred place according to the Balinese Hindu traditions and belief systems. The homes are precisely built in the direction of sunrise or in the direction of the volcanoes. The cultural and religious influence on the architecture goes back many centuries. The Balinese culture actually originated in Java centuries ago. But Bali has remained the only place in Indonesia where those Hindu traditions are still followed. Today Indonesia is dominantly a Muslim society, which makes Bali very unique and different.


One of the impressive traditional Balinese architectures is the Ubud Royal Palace. Officially known as Puri Saren Agung, which is the former palace of the royal family of Ubud, Gianyar, this beautiful Royal Palace is worth a visit when you’re in Ubud. But also Pura Taman Saraswati temple which is the Ubud Water Palace is worth a visit. 

If you’re interested in Balinese Art Museums, you can visit some of them in Ubud. Next to Pura Taman Saraswati temple you will find Museum Puri Lukisan which is the oldest art museum in Bali specialised in modern traditional Balinese paintings and wood carvings. Also the Don Antonio Blanco Renaissance Museum and Agung Rai Museum are some of the famous Bali Museums worth a visit.


Take a shower under Kanto Lampo waterfall

Some of the most special Ubud waterfalls is Kanto Lampo. This multi tier waterfall is situated in a canyon and really gives you the feeling that you’re deep in the jungle of Ubud when standing at the bottom. Kanto Lampo waterfall seeps down the rocks into the river creating several streams of water which are very photogenic. If you can make long exposure photos’s it is a must to try here!

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Go cycling through the rice fields and villages

Another great way to explore Ubud and its surroundings is with a cycling tour. You will cycle downhill from the higher located Kintamani area down to Ubud village. On the way you will pass the green vegetation, traditional rice fields and native local villages. Mostly a pick up and drop off at your hotel, lunch, the guide and safety tools are included, but make sure to check this beforehand! 


Visit Taman Beji waterfall

Taman Beji Griya waterfall is a very special and sacred Ubud waterfall. With stone carvings, a hidden cave and the option for traditional Balinese purification at the waterfall, this place is a true cultural experience. This is the reason why every visitor must wear a sarong which you can rent upon paying the entrance fee. Don’t expect to walk around here in swimwear because that is forbidden. You can view Taman Griya waterfall from the top and also from the small valley below. Take your time to explore the rest of the canyon where you will find another hidden cave.

Do a hot air balloon flight

Not many people know this is possible in Bali, but if you’ve always wanted to fly in an hot air balloon, The Chedi Club in Ubud fulfils your wishes as the the only hot air balloon experience in Bali. It’s an amazing opportunity to see Ubud’s green forests and rice fields from up high. The hot air balloon climbs 50 metres high above the resort’s expansive rice fields and the flight lasts between five to seven minutes. The hot air balloon season goes from from June until November with dawn and late afternoon flights for $150 per couple including breakfast or afternoon tea. Evening trips are $200 per couple and are followed by dinner.


Do a purification ritual at Tirta Empul water temple

Tirta Empul is a sacred water temple with holy, fresh drinking water from the ground. Balinese Hindus go here for a purification ceremony in the holy waters, but also tourists are welcome to experience the healing ritual of a water purification and to understand to magical mysteries of Balinese spirituality. The entrance fee is 50,000 IDR per person.


Enjoy the beautiful Tibumana waterfall

Another beautiful waterfall in Ubud is the Tibumana waterfall. What makes this waterfall so unique is the perfect straight form of the water gushing down. A perfect photo opportunity and, early in the morning, a serene get away in nature.

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Stay at a luxury jungle resort

To indulge in the jungle of Ubud, a stay in a luxury jungle resort is really recommendable. Bali is the perfect destination for honeymooners, and has many choices in luxury jungle (boutique) hotels and resorts. All of them included with an infinity pool and endless jungle and or rice fields view.  A few of our favorite luxury hotels in and around Ubud:

  • COMO Uma Ubud and COMO Shambala
  • Capella
  • Four Seasons at Sayan 
  • Kamandalu
  • Wapa Di Ume
  • Viceroy
  • Mandapa by Ritz Carlton
  • Hanging Gardens
  • Adiwana Bisma, Unagi, Monkey Forest 
  • Goya Boutique Resort

Make sure to also check the accommodations on Airbnb. There are some really cool Bamboo houses in and around Ubud which are a unique experience to stay in.


Stroll through the Ubud market

One of the things you can’t miss during your stay in Ubud is a visit to the Ubud Market. The traditional, local, market where vegetables and other food is sold starts from 3 AM until 8 AM. Around 9 AM, the local market changes into the Art Market, mainly focussed on tourists. At the Art market you can find everything from handbags, clothes, kitchenware, decorations, paintings, souvenirs and much more. 

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White water rafting on the Ayung river

The Ayung river in Ubud is considered as the best white water rafting river in Bali. The Ubud stream is the most extended river on the island of Bali. The Ayung whitewater river has a length of approximately 68 kilometers. During the water rafting adventure you can enjoy the Bali rainforests, wildlife and lush green rice fields. These tours are suitable for beginners and available year-round.


Go to an Ubud spa for a massage

Getting a massage or a spa treatment is one of those super relaxing things to do on vacation. It’s the prefect way to relax after a day of exploring. Or when it’s raining in Ubud, getting a massage is the best way to spend the day. Many hotels and resorts in Ubud have spa facilities, but you can also get good Balinese massages all over town. Just make sure to read the reviews before you make your reservation for a massage in Ubud or do your research on the internet for the best spa in Ubud.


Swim in Taman Sari natural pool

Taman Sari waterfall & natural pool is a beautiful spot located close the road and very easy to access. It is just a few minutes walking from the parking area to get to the waterfall. Taman Sari has a big natural pool which is great for swimming. Because the pool is one level lower as the main waterfall, it is very safe for small kids, a perfect family waterfall. You can also climb to the upper level where the main waterfall is. There is also a small pool to relax in but the big pool is perfect for swimming!


Hike the Mount Batur before sunrise

This one is for the adventurous people! It is possible to hike to the summit of the Mount Batur and watch the sunrise. Definitely one of the highlights during your time in Bali. From Ubud, it’s a one hour drive to the trailhead of the Mount Batur trekking. The hike itself takes anywhere between 1 and 2 hours and is doable for most people. For more information and our personal experience hiking the Mount Batur before sunrise, head over to this complete guide about the Mount Batur sunrise trekking


Visit the Sacred Monkey Forest

One of the most popular things to do in Ubud is a visit to the Ubud Monkey Forest. This park, located in the centre of Ubud, is a big rainforest with monkeys roaming around free. It’s basically a beautiful walk through nature where you will encounter many (cheeky!) monkeys. So be aware and put all your loose items like sunglasses, hat, jewellery, phone etc. in your bag. These Ubud monkeys are known to snatch stuff from visitors. If this happens to you, don’t worry because the ‘security guys’ are walking around to help you get your stuff back from the monkeys.


Jungle Fish Pool bar

The Jungle Fish is an amazing open-air, split-level restaurant & hotel with a pool and swim-up bar in Bali. It’s a great place to relax for a day, especially if your own accommodation doesn’t have a swimming pool.
You can buy a day pass in three different categories. The regular day pass is 350,000 IDR per person from what 200,000 IDR food & beverage credit is. A day bed on the lower deck is IDR 500,000 IDR per person with 300,000 IDR credit for food & beverage. The highest category is the hanging bed (max 6 persons) or cave (max 4 persons), which costs 2,500,000 IDR per space and includes food & beverage credit for 2,000,000 IDR and a bottle of wine or a choice from their bubbly selection. The daily opening hours of Jungle Fish are from 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM.


Practice yoga at one of the yoga retreats

Ubud is the spiritual centre of Bali and a yogi heaven. There are many yoga schools and retreats, so whether you prefer fast-paced vinyasa or gentle yin, you’ll find a class that suits you. 


Take an art, or cooking class

Ubud is the the centre of arts and crafts so it makes sense that you can do lots of different classes like painting, jewellery making, cooking class and batik.

A cooking class usually involves a food market visit, how to make offerings and plenty of Balinese cooking.

Have fun at the Ubud swing

If you’ve ever seen those beautiful Instagram shots of a girl in a dress on a swing above the rice fields, then you can assume it was taken at one of the famous Bali Swings. The most popular swing is the Bongkasa Pertiwi, also known as ‘Bali swing Ubud’ to travellers. The price is $35 USD per person (500,000 IDR) and includes an unlimited number of swings and access to the instagrammable bird nests.
But more Bali swings have been added overtime, so don’t get confused when asking or looking for “the Bali swing”. The other Bali swings are:

  • D’tukad River Club & Swing; with a restaurant, bar, and swimming pool with waterfall view!
  • Aloha Ubud Swing; five single swings ranging from 10 to 60 metres above the ground with fascinating sights of the rice fields. Price is $20.
  • Terrace River Pool Swing; consisting of 15 swings, some bird nest photo opportunities and a cute couple swing that is 45 meters above the ground. But there is also an extreme swing option which is 60 meters above the ground! The price ranges between 150,000 IDR and 300,000 IDR depending on the swing you take. 
  • Tegalalang Rice Terrace Swing; located in the village of Tegalalang, this rice terrace swing is a tourist hotspot with its beautiful views on the Tegalalang rice fields. There are two swings here and the total cost is 150,000 IDR per person.
  • Uma Pakel Swing; the Uma Pakel swing also offers incredible jungle views and is adjacent to the Tegalalang Rice Terraces. The entrance fee is 150,000 IDR per person.

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