Tubkaek beach is a more off the beaten path destination in Krabi. Located in an isolated area in the Krabi province, Tubkaak is a two kilometre stretch of golden sand that hosts a handful of luxury resorts. Not only the views from Tubkaek Beach on the Hong Island Archipelago and the other two islands of Koh Yao Noi and Koh Yao Yai are spectacular, but it even has a National Park as a backyard! With mostly empty beaches, Tubkaek beach is not only the perfect place to relax and recharge batteries in a luxury resort, but also a great area to explore for adventurous people who like to do hiking, for example to the Dragon Crest viewpoint, which is an absolute must do in Krabi! But for now in this blog post, you’ll find all you need to know about Tubkaek beach!

Awesome tours to do in Krabi

With plenty of things to do in Krabi you can either explore some of the spots on the mainland by yourself if you have own transport. But the most easy and carefree way of exploring Krabi is by booking tours. In this way your transport, program, a guide and sometimes lunch is taking care off so you can just enjoy without having to do the effort and research. Here some of the best tours in Krabi which I recommend:

How to get to Tubkaek beach

Tub Kaek beach is located on the western edge of the Krabi region and can be reached from Ao Nang Nopparat Thara in about half an hour by car or moped. From Krabi Town it takes about 40 minutes and from Krabi Airport about 50 minutes to get here. The only form of transport available is by taxi, private car or motorbike rental which makes Tubkaek beach a more secluded and exclusive area in Krabi to stay. Therefore mostly luxury resorts can be found along the beach and less tourists in general.


What to expect at Tubkaek beach

At Tubkaek beach you can expect an (almost) empty beach without longtail boats docked offshore. An idyllic and tranquil beach, beautiful turquoise sea and great views on the Pak Bia islands and Hong Island offshore. Perfect for people who are looking for a more quiet and relaxing getaway from the touristy places like Ao Nang beach and Railay.


If you’re hungry, you can have lunch or dinner at some of the restaurants of the luxury hotels whereof most of them are open to the public. Each resort on Tubkaek has its own ‘private’ stretch of beach but in reality, you can go anywhere you want. So if you fancy a luxury experience, you can enjoy high quality food combined with some of the best views in Thailand in one of the luxury resorts. Keep in mind that you might need to make a reservation depending on the situation and hotel guidelines. But if you just want to enjoy a local meal for a “normal” price, there are also some cozy fish and Thai restaurants directly on the beach, offering the same view, but for a lower price.

Because there are so many luxury resorts along this beach, the beach and water is kept very clean. So strolling along this beach, there is a very small chance you will see pollution such as plastic or other waste. The water is beautifully clear, calm and shallow, making it ideal for swimming, also for kids! With high tide the beach becomes narrower, but that makes it the perfect circumstances to explore the bay by kayak or stand-up paddle board!

In the northern part of the beach you will enter the conservation area. Here you will find lots of trees creating natural shade. Ideal for an afternoon nap on the beach.


Things to do at Tubkaek beach

Besides relaxing and enjoying the beautiful surroundings at Tubkaek beach, there are also some activities to do on the beach and in the direct area. Facing west, this is one of the best places to watch a beautiful Thai sunset. And where better to do this than at the Tup Kaek Sunset resort and restaurant?!


You can also visit the neighbour Klong Muang beach for a different vibe. Or go stand up paddle boarding or kayaking the Tubkaek bay. But from what we’ve heard rental prices for kayaks are pretty expensive here.

For the fit adventurous people there is an amazing hike to do right at the end of the road where the Khao Ngon Nak nature trail starts. This exhausting hike takes about 1,5 hour one way but is super rewarding. Read everything about this hike in this complete guide.

Or go on a day trip to the beautiful Hong Islands, right off shore of Tubkaek beach. You can also travel further towards the other islands such as Koh Yao Noi, Koh Yao Yai, or go to the more travelled islands such as Koh Lanta or Koh Phi Phi.


The viewpoint from Dragon Crest mountain

Where to stay at Tubkaek beach

If you like to enjoy the tranquil and secluded environment for a few days, there are lots of amazing luxury beach resorts to choose from. A few examples are the Amari Vogue resort, The Ritz Carlton Phulay Bay resort where also the wedding scene for the “Hangover 2” was filmed and the Anyavee Tubkaek beach boutique resort.