Canggu is the coolest and most laid back beach town to hang in Bali. Full of healthy hipster cafes and restaurants, surf vibes and digital nomads, this small town along the west coast of Bali is perfect to chill for a few days when in Bali. Or when you’re thinking about staying in Bali for a longer term, Canggu might be the best option for you! Especially Digital Nomads and travel bloggers find their way to Canggu. This guide will show you all the best things to do in and around Canggu so you’ll know what to do in Canggu! 

Canggu weather

Bali has two seasons: dry and wet. Although you can expect mostly warm and humid days throughout the year, the “official” dry season is from May to September. This offers sunny days and an average temperature of 31 degrees Celsius. Most consider the mid-year period to be the best time to go to Bali. You can expect a good balance between sun, sand and surfing during this time. The wet season is from October to April with occasional downpours and overcast skies. Windy months are between June and August. We have seen the best sunsets from August until January. This also has to do with the overcast in the other months. 

Learn surfing in Canggu

One of the things where Canggu is famous for are its perfect circumstances to learn surfing. A lot of surf schools are scattered along Canggu beaches. You will see motorbikes with surfboards attached driving towards one of the beaches to hit the waves all day long. This laid back digital nomad/surfers paradise has three well-known surf spots:

So if you want to learn surfing you have to start at Batu Bolong beach. My personal experience learning how to surf is with Surf With Aldo Bali. We made a promotional film which you can watch below. This was also my very very first timing surfing! If you want to read more in-depth about surfing in Canggu, read this blog post.

Healthy eating – try all the best Canggu restaurants and cafes

Canggu is a foodie heaven. There are so many healthy restaurants to choose from, you can have mouth-watering meals every day. Or even better, 2 – 3 times a day haha! From Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Vegan, and of course Indonesian, all top class food is available in Canggu. You won’t get disappointed if you visit one of these restaurants! Read in this blog post about all the best restaurants in Canggu!

Here a short list of our favorite Canggu restaurants:

  • Secret Spot. Best coffee in Canggu Bali and amazing smoothie bowls and buckwheat waffles (don’t tell anyone else, it’s secret!)
  • Duatiga. Also great coffee, but not as good as Secret Spot. Also amazing smoothie bowls, burritos and other great food. 
  • The Mocca. The way they decorate the food almost makes you feel sorry to eat it! 
  • Shady Shack for the best vegan lunch or dinner. Even Atiba as a real meat lover has approved this restaurant and think this vegan food tastes great!
  • Ji restaurant for sushi. It’s more expensive than a normal evening in Canggu but really worth it if you want to treat yourself and loved one! 
  • Peleton Supershop. Also like Shady Shack the best vegan meal for a great lunch or dinner!
  • Warung Gouthe. Best meat on a skewer!

Explore the rice fields around Canggu

If you want to escape the buzz in Canggu, you can either go to a more quiet beach, or to the rice terraces around Canggu! Explore the area from Jalan Pantai Pererenan to Jalan Raya Seseh for the best ricefield views. When you enter these street names on Google Maps you’ll see where to drive to. These terraces are not as spectacular like Jatiluweh or Tegallalang, but it’s a perfect escape to nature and especially during sunrise and sunset the rice paddies are magical! Even on a clear day you will see the Mount Agung and other mountains appear in the distance! 

Getting there: From Jalan Pantai Pererenan to Jalan Raya Seseh you will have the best ricefield views. 

Entrance fee: Free. 

Best time to go: With sunrise or sunset. During the day it’s too hot and there’s no shade. 

Photo tip: A drone is amazing to have here, you will have a completely different perspective from the rice terraces. We also took our telephoto lens with us one morning, and the result was very interesting. When we zoomed in, the volcano appeared closer in the frame and made it look a lot bigger. Have a look at the picture below!


Shop at the Canggu markets and boutiques

Batu Bolong, the main road leading through Canggu, is a shopaholics heaven. From hip bikinis and boho chic dresses to board shorts, there is everything you can think of for both genders in this paradise of boutique shops. Also, there are a few weekly organic markets in Canggu where you can buy local fruits and vegetables, baked treats, fresh juices, organic coffees and chocolates. There is also music, clothes and jewellery available. It’s a nice variation to go to on a Sunday morning. All the markets are different in their own kind of way.

A few of the current markets in Canggu are:

  • Samadi organic Sunday market (every week)
  • Love Anchor market (every day)
  • Old Mans market (every last Saturday or Sunday of the month)

Read in this blog post about the 8 best Canggu markets!


Eat at the local Warungs

If you’re traveling on a small budget through Bali or Indonesia, but still want to eat healthy local food, you can eat at the local restaurants called “Warungs”. Besides all the pricey instagrammable foodie cafes in Canggu, there are also lots of great local Warungs where you can eat for under €2. But of course there are also more expensive Warungs with a better quality of meat for example. Below you will find our favorite cheap Warungs in Canggu.

  • Oma Jamu (vegan): With an amazing view on rice paddies you can choose your own vegan meal here for around €2
  • Warung Gouthe: This warung is a bit more expensive, but they have amazing beef and chicken on a skewer with fresh cut fries and a salad on the side. Price around €10
  • Warung Dua Umalas: From behind a shop window you can put together your own meal. They have plenty of options, from vegan to meat and fish. For around €6 you have a complete and healthy meal! This warung is located a little outside of Canggu, in Kerobokan.
  • Warung La Pa Nam: Cheap food for a good price. Especially their curries are good! Around €4 for a decent meal 
  • Warung Cucu: Great price for great quality on Batu Balong. For around €4 you’ll have a complete dinner including drink. 
  • Warung Varuna: The cheapest warung on Batu Balong. From behind a shop window you can choose your own meal. The food is certainly not bad, but also not the healthiest in terms of how they prepare it (sauce with MSG and sometimes cold chicken skewer because they have been there for too long). 
  • Warung Ithaka: Like Oma Jamu this is also a Warung with an amazing view. From the rooftop of this warung you’ll have an amazing view on the beach and sunset. This warung doesn’t have an extensive menu, but the food they have is really good. Especially their desserts are very much worth the price!! 

Read in this blog post about all the best restaurants in Canggu


Join a beach clean up

If you want to give back to Bali and nature you can join a beach clean up. Unfortunately, they are needed all over the world as plastic pollution is a really big problem in our ocean nowadays. In rainy season there is a chance you will see the beaches in Canggu covered in trash, mainly plastic. The problem starts at the big companies of course, and the local people who are not educated and don’t realize that plastic is not biodegradable. But we can help, and luckily companies like 4Ocean, TrashHero and the Adventurebag Crew organize weekly cleanups. It is easy, you meet new people, you help Bali to become cleaner and inspire others to do the same. Find all cleanups here. And watch the promotional movie we made for Jackson Groves and the Adventurebag Crew below.

Have a drink at one of the many beach bars or clubs

The perfect way to spend a Friday & Saturday night is in a bar or beach club. Luckily there is enough choice in Canggu for everyone’s budget and taste. Old Mans is together with Pretty Poison the most famous and busiest bars in town where you can have a drink and a (little) party every night. Go to Old Mans on a Wednesday for the famous beer pong tournaments or any other night for a late one. Go to Pretty Poison for a surf/skate vibe where the party goes off on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night! 

Other beach bars and clubs are:

Read here about the 7 best Canggu beach clubs!


Visit Pura Tanah Lot temple with sunset

The Tanah Lot temple is a very popular tourist attraction only 10 km west from Canggu. During the day this site can get very busy, so we would recommend because of several reasons to go here with sunset. The view with sunset is breathtaking as the site is facing west where the sun goes down. And when the sun is set, there will start another show. Thousands of bats will fly out of their caves and put on a show you might have never seen before!

As the site is pretty big, you might not know where to go the first time (as we had.. we walked to the wrong side…) When you’ve parked your bike in the car park, you have to go to the right side. There you will see the ‘main’ temple where you will have the best view on the ocean, temple and sunset. Read about the best sunset spots in Bali here!

Getting there: Easily to get there with Google Maps, this famous tourist attraction won’t be hard to reach.

Entrance fee: 60.000 IDR per person and 2.000 IDR per motorbike.

Best time to go: An hour before sunset to have enough time to walk to the spot, explore the site a bit more and get ready to shoot and enjoy the sunset!

Photo tip: When it’s low tide you can see the temple from the beach and get a completely different perspective!


Stay fit at one of the many gyms

There is a real ‘fit, healthy and mindful lifestyle’ vibe in Canggu. With all it’s amazing healthy cafes, yoga studios and gyms there are plenty of opportunities to stay fit and healthy in Canggu. If you have a small budget or want to work out for yourself you can easily buy a day pass at one of the local gyms for €2. Be prepared, the local gyms don’t have aircon, only a fan and the windows are open for some fresh air. But if you want to do a cross fit class you have to pay around €12 and you’ll work out in an air-conditioned gym. Body Factory Bali is the newest gym addition in Canggu and absolutely the best, but also most expensive one. Other options are Avenue, Surya Gym, Victory Gym or Finns recreation Club. 


Watch the sunset at Pigstone beach

This long stretched black sand beach is a nice and quiet getaway from the busy beaches in Canggu. Only thing is, on this beach it is allowed to drive with motorbikes. So there are some moments where you might see, and hear, motorbikes crossing over the beach. But, the main reason why you’re going to Pigstone beach is to enjoy the beautiful view during sunset under that one palm tree on a small hill. When you’ve parked your scooter and enter the beach, you have to walk to the right side for 10 minutes. There you will see the single palm tree on top of a little hill. Another instagrammable spot in Bali! 

Getting there: Located 12 km west of Canggu, you will reach this beach in more less a 30 min drive.

Entrance fee: No entrance and parking fee. 

Best time to go: An hour before sunset (or even earlier if you want to escape the crowded Canggu beaches). 

Photo tip: This is a cool spot to have a single palm tree in your frame. It’s minimalistic but beautiful. You can put your camera on a tripod and frame the hill and its palm tree from a lower perspective. Or when you have a drone, you can get another perspective with the palm tree, beach and the sea during sunset. Both examples can be seen below in our pictures.  


Watch the sunset at Pasut beach

Palm trees & sunsets, isn’t that what we all want during our tropical vacation? Pasut beach is a long stretch black sand beach 25km west of Canggu facing the tip of Java. With a hanging palm tree on the beach and a bunch of palm trees together on a grass-field, this is the perfect spot to just sit back and enjoy the sunset. And of course snap some cliche shots of palm trees with sunset.  

Getting there: An hour drive from Canggu is Pasut beach located. When you enter the beach, you’ll see the hanging palm tree on your right. On the left side you will see a bunch of palm trees which is also a really cool place to just hang out. 

Entrance fee: No entrance, only a parking fee of 2.000 IDR.

Best time to go: Best is to leave Canggu at 4 to have enough time to explore the beach and its surroundings. Colors of the sunset might go wild when the sun disappeared behind the horizon. So don’t leave the beach directly after the sun is gone. When you’re lucky you might see the sky on fire! 

Photo tip: There are at least 3 awesome spots where you can take your sunset pictures. See our pictures below. 

Photospot 1: the hanging palm tree. Climb in the tree and find the right angle to have the palm tree, beach and sea in your frame. You need a wide angle lens here.

Photospot 2: the palm tree forest. Also here you will need a wide angle lens. 

Photospot 3: Reflection near the shore where the waves roll out. If the water pulls back into the sea, you will see that the sky reflects on the sand because its still a bit wet. That is the perfect timing to take a shot and take advantage of the reflections on the sand.   


Relax on the beaches and watch the sunset

One of the best things to do on vacation or during traveling, is relaxing on the beach. Canggu has a few beaches which are great for relaxing, surfing and watching the sunset. Canggu is facing West so you’ll have a chance of watching the sunset every day! The beaches on the west coast don’t have white sand and turquoise water like the ones in Uluwatu. However, the beaches in Canggu offer a chilled vibe with a huge surfing culture. The four main beaches in Canggu are:

All are perfect to watch the sunset from. Some beaches are a bit more crowded than others. 

Berawa beach has a laid back vibe with beach bars where you can sit on bean bags, order a Bintang and just chill. It can get busy, but still is a cool place to hang and watch the surfers catch their last waves in the soft sunset light. 

Batu Balong & Echo beach are mostly very busy with sunset. There are lots of beach bars, there’s live music and also bean bags to sit on and drink a Bintang. 

Pererenan Beach is the quietest one of these. There are no beach chairs or bean bags, so it’s the best place to take a stroll or if you want some time for and with yourself (and your loved one). 


More Bali travel inspiration

We hope you will enjoy your time in Canggu! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments.

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