Sekumpul waterfall is some of the most beautiful Bali waterfalls located in North Bali. Secluded deep in the jungle and with 80 meters height, Sekumpul waterfall is one of the tallest and most impressive waterfalls in Bali. The jungle surroundings and beautiful form of Sekumpul waterfall really gives you the Jurassic Park jungle vibes. We’ve been a few times to Sekumpul waterfall, and the power, height and beauty of this Bali waterfall is so impressive and will amaze you every time again. For adventure lovers and photographers this is a great spot as you have so many angles to shoot Sekumpul waterfall. Read for more photography tips at the bottom of this blog post. In this complete guide about Sekumpul waterfall you will find all the information you need about how to get there, entrance fee, difficulty of the hike and photography tips for Sekumpul waterfall Bali! 

How to get to Sekumpul waterfall Bali

The car park where you enter the trail to Sekumpul waterfall is quite easy to find on Google Maps. Once you’ve arrived at the parking lot of Sekumpul waterfall and paid the entrance fee, it is about a 15 – 25 minutes hike down to where you will find the amazing Sekumpul falls. You have to cross a little stream at the bottom, so make sure to bring shoes that can get wet or bring watershoes or sturdy sandals. The rocks here can be slippery, so walk with full attention! On the way back to the parking lot it’s a bit of a climb because the stairs are pretty steep, so have some energy left for the way up.


The Sekumpul waterfall guides scam

Things have changed at the entrance of Sekumpul waterfall. Before, you only had to pay the 20.000 IDR Sekumpul waterfall entrance fee. But since February 2019 there is a fence at the path where you enter the downstream part of Sekumpul waterfall. Locals await you there, and say that you have to pay for a “guide” who helps you down to the waterfall. They will tell you a story about a ‘new government regulation’ which is ridiculous. This is just an extra way of money making for them, and “packages” start at 125.000 IDR up to 300.000 IDR!!  This is very, very questionable because in this way they force you to pay for a guide you actually don’t need. Be sure to use your bargaining skills and lower the price as much as possible!! The stairs are well maintained and the path to the waterfall is easy to follow.

Two waterfalls for the price of one

Before you reach the fence you’ll see an amazing viewpoint on Sekumpul waterfall as seen on the picture below. On a sunny day you will even see a rainbow appear close to the waterfall. Before you arrive all the way down at Sekumpul waterfall, first you have to cross a stream where you can find a waterfall hidden in a canyon on the left side. Climb the rocks and wade a little bit through the water and you’ll see another beauty of a waterfall. See the picture below. After exploring this waterfall, you only have to walk a bit further to arrive at the bottom of Sekumpul waterfall. You will feel the power and spray of this amazing waterfall on your face, and the closer you get the wetter you get!


Sekumpul waterfall entrance fee

The entrance fee for Sekumpul waterfall is 20.000 IDR per person. But as said before, since 2019 there is a fence and local villagers oblige you to pay for a “guide”. You have to use your bargaining skills here, as their “packages” start at 125.000 IDR up to 300.000 IDR which is too much for a waterfall you don’t need a guide for…

Best time to go for photos

The (early) morning is the best time to go to Sekumpul because of many reasons. First, the light. If you arrive here around 9 or 10 am the waterfall is still in the shade, therefore it won’t be blown out by the sun and you won’t be overheated while shooting. Second, fewer tourists which give you more time and possibilities for different angles.


Photography tips Sekumpul waterfall

Sekumpul offers some of the best instagram spots in Bali. There is an awesome rock where your model can climb on to give perspective to the height of Sekumpul waterfall. But there are also many other angles to make a shot. For example where you can use leaves as a foreground to create extra depth in your picture. Or take a zoom lens and only show a little part of the waterfall as shown in the close-up picture above. Learn more what the results are of using different focal lengths in our blog about focal length.


More Bali waterfalls to explore

North Bali is waterfall paradise. If you’re out for a day of exploring the best Bali waterfalls in the northern region, then you can combine many more together with Sekumpul. Some of them are listed below.

GitGit Twin waterfall

GitGit Twin waterfall is a beautiful two tier waterfall flanked by cliffs and tucked away in a cave. Here the two river streams meet and create two separate streams of water that form GitGit Twin waterfall. With about 20 meters height, GitGit waterfall is not only beautiful to see but also has a nice pool to cool off in. There is also a ropeswing which you can use to unleash your inner Tarzan or Jane.


Banyu Wana Amertha waterfall

Still a bit of an unknown waterfall, Banyu Wana Amertha waterfall is truly a hidden gem. This collection of four waterfalls is tucked away and involves some hiking, so you need to have some time to explore them all. It feels as if you’re walking in a big garden with colorful plants around. A great activity if you’re looking for a more off the beaten path waterfall in Bali.

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Aling Aling waterfall

Aling Aling waterfall is a collection of four waterfalls which are super fun to explore. If you’re an adrenaline junkie you can go cliff jumping from three waterfalls but not from Aling Aling which is the highest of 35 meters. It is just a short trek to see all four waterfalls and really worth it. 

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Banyumala waterfall

The beautiful Banyumala waterfall is very closely located to Banyu Wana Amertha. This perfect waterfall that flows gently down the rocks like a twin curtain veil is very photogenic. At the bottom of the waterfall is a natural plunge pool to take a dip in. The wonderful surroundings make Banyumala a must visit and great family trip! 

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