The Ravana Cave is located 2 kilometres outside of Ella town and lies 1370 metres above sea level.  It is one of the most important tourists attractions with an historical value in Ella. The history of  the Ravana cave is that King Ravana used this cave to hide the Princess Sita. If you are interested in the Sri Lankan history, and you’re ready to climb some stairs to see this cave, then you definitely must check out the Ravana Cave! It is definitely one of the fun activities to do in Ella, Sri Lanka. Find all the information you need to know about the Ravana Cave in this blog post.

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How to get to Ravana Cave Ella

Ravana Cave is located 2 kilometres outside of Ella town and lies 1370 metres above sea level. The climb up to the Ravana Cave is a steep path which is quite tough with about 650 uneven steps. Some places have broken or no steps at all, just steep rocks. The last few meters are the toughest because you have to climb up the rocks without anything to hold on. Therefore the climb is not recommended for the elderly. But the view you get from the top is just incredible and so impressive!

About Ravana Cave

The Ravana cave consists of a part of the tunnel which is connected to the Ravana Falls in Ella. Tales say that King Rama of India had a beautiful wife, Queen Sita. He kidnapped Queen Sita, brought her to Sri Lanka and hide her in the Ravana caves. The tunnels served as a quick way of transportation through the hills and also as a secret passage. They connect with all the important cities, airports and dairy farms in Sri Lanka. A closer look at these tunnels indicates that they are man-made and not just natural formations. The architectural details of these tunnels prove the brilliant way of building of King Ravana.


What to expect at Ravana Cave Ella

Once you have conquered the 650 steps, you’ll arrive at the historical Ravana Cave. The cave itself is pretty small, just to make your expectations realistic. You are allowed to go inside of the cave for only 200 meters. After those 200 meters there is a big stone that has been kept by the Government prohibiting people from going further inside. The view from the cave is impressive and if you like history and a little adventure, this is a great thing to do in Ella!


Weather in Ella Sri Lanka

Ella has an average temperature comparing to Colombo where it is very warm most of the time, and Nuwara Eliya where it can become very cold. Towards the end of the year, it will get colder in Ella. Especially in December when the temperatures will drop to around 10 degrees. There is also more change of rain in Ella than the South coast. On average, October is the wettest month in Ella and March is the driest month. But rain can fall anytime, so be prepared! That’s also the reason why it’s so beautifully green in the valley of Ella.

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