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The Soul of Sri Lanka l Travel documentary film 4K

After we left Sri Lanka in October last year I started editing this travel documentary film. I must confess, creatively it was one of the hardest films to edit for me. When I sorted out all the footage of the places we went to, I had a bit of a hard time working out the original concept. I missed some shots or didn’t succeed in capturing the right scenes. In between other projects pulled my attention away from finishing this edit.

A good month ago I picked it up again and decided to make a travel documentary film with the best footage I had. A mix of different scenes, shot in a documentary style (which is kind of new for me) and cinematic style. This film contains scenes of a few different religions (Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity) in Sri Lanka, the local life of the fisherman’s place Trincomalee. The vibrant streetlife on a rainy day in Colombo and the St Anthony’s church, a victim of the Easter bombings. You will be taken through the beautiful nature of Sri Lanka, from the iconic tea fields in Hatton to the impressive waterfalls of Nuwara Eliya. And…of course, the famous train ride from Kandy to Ella can’t be missed before you end on the Pidurangala Rock in Sigiriya, with sunset.

Special thanks to all the people in this film and of course my beautiful actress and love Ilse. We love the people of this amazing country and are grateful we had the chance to experience their souls.

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