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Discover Porto Santo l Promo Video

We’ve spend 10 days on Porto Santo Island, the small island next to Madeira in collaboration with Visit Madeira. Porto Santo has been known as ‘the Golden Island’ for its extensive, stunning 9km-long beach of fine silky sand and beautiful turquoise waters. But there is much more to do on the island then relaxing on the beautiful beach. In this cinematic promo video about Porto Santo Island we show you the natural beauty of the island and all the activities you can do here such as hiking, horse riding, kayaking and of course enjoying all the incredible viewpoints. Porto Santo has a history that goes 14 million years back in time, but the island was only discovered in 1418. It is said that Christopher Columbus lived on the island which is why you can visit the remains of his 15th century house. Offering many diverse physical activities such as different water sports, hiking , golf in combination with a beautiful beach and rich history, Porto Santo is a the hidden gem in the Atlantic Ocean on a 2 hour ferry ride from Madeira.

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