Nungnung waterfall is an incredibly powerful waterfall and one of our favorite Bali waterfalls together with the beautiful hidden Tukad Cepung waterfall, Sekumpul and Tibumana waterfall. To reach NungNung waterfall Bali Indonesia you have to put in some effort! More than 500 steps down lead you to the falls, so it is a proper work out the way down and to come back up. But I assure you, it is SO WORTH IT!! This waterfall is one of a kind and one of the best places to visit in Bali. With spectacular power the water gushes down, resulting in a lot of spray. You can swim in the pool, but don’t go too close to the waterfall as the power of the water can injure you seriously.
Important to know is that there are no ‘safety guards’ at this place to watch over people who are going for a swim at Nung Nung. So please be careful at the slippery rocks, don’t swim too close to the waterfall and take enough water and eventually some snacks with you. There is also no toilet, locker or changing room at the waterfall. So be sure to do everything (sanitary stop, put your swimsuit on and eat enough) before you head down to the Bali Nungnung waterfall. Read on to find all the information you need to know before you make your journey to the impressive NungNung waterfall!

How to get to NungNung waterfall

Located right above Ubud this waterfall is a great stop when you travel to North Bali. From the Canggu and Kuta area it is a 45 kilometer drive which makes your journey around 80 minutes long, depending if you drive a scooter or go by car which mostly takes longer because of traffic.

You can also perfectly combine a visit to NungNung waterfall with a visit to Jatiluweh rice fields and Leke Leke waterfall which are both super close. Getting to NungNung waterfall is actually half the fun. During the drive you will follow minor country roads, weaving in and out of local villages and markets, slowly climbing the lush green mountains of Central Bali. Surrounded by rice fields and coconut palm trees, this drive is truly scenic. You will feel that it gets cooler up in the mountains and that there is more oxygen in the air.

NungNung waterfall can be easily found on Google maps


About Nungnung waterfall

Visiting NungNung waterfall could be a perfect day trip in combination with visiting other waterfalls or the Jatiluweh rice terraces. Once you reach the parking lot of Nungnung waterfall and you payed your ticket, you can start your way down the stairs to the waterfall. In total there are 509 steps which takes about 20 – 30 mintutes. Probably the way down goes a bit quicker than the way up… If you get tired, or it starts raining while walking, there are some shelter benches where you can rest or hide from the rain.

At the bottom of the stairs you’ll find a trail running along a stream and a small waterfall on your left hand side. Of course, this is not the majestic NungNung waterfall of 50 meters height! You have to walk a little bit further, cross a wooden bridge across the stream and you will have a perfect view on Air Terjun NungNung. Did you know that Air Terjun is the Indonesian name for waterfall? Air means water in Indonesian, how funny 🙂

There are rocks near the pool and along the two banks of the stream, offering great spots for photo opportunities. You can swim in the pool, but be careful because the waterfall is very powerful and the current will push you away. On a windy day there will be spray from NungNung waterfall all over the place, so make sure to put your valuable stuff in a waterproof bag.

Nungnung waterfall entrance fee

The entrance fee for waterfall NungNung is 10.000 IDR for your ticket and 2. 000 IDR for your motorbike.

Best time to visit Nungnung waterfall

Nungnung waterfall is open year round during  both rainy and dry season. But the waterfall is particularly strong and spectacular during the rainy season. Although its power makes it hard to swim in the pool and to take long-exposure pictures. Unlike other waterfalls that almost disappear during the dry season, the water stream of Nungnung waterfall is very strong and never really dries out.

The best time to visit Nungnung Waterfall (Air Terjun Nungnung) is in the morning between 9am-1pm for the best lighting from the sun. Also you will have the chance of enjoying the magic of the waterfall with less people.

Opening hours NungNung waterfall are from 9AM – 4PM.

Best time for photos

The best time to explore and photograph NungNung waterfall is in the morning and early afternoon between 10AM – 1PM. There are several reasons for that, as number one is the best light for your pictures. The sun will shine beautifully through the trees creating some magical light rays in combination with the spray. Second reason is that most tourists arrive around 12PM, so that’s the best time for you to leave 😉 And the third reason, in the morning it’s not (yet) that hot to hike the 500 stairs down and back up.

There are several angles to shoot from, our personal favorite is with someone in the foreground so you can see the perspective of the impressive Nungnung waterfall. But be prepared of the spray around because it can soak your camera lens, so take your lens cloth with you!


Photo tip

If your camera is not splash proof, be aware that there will be a lot of spray here from the waterfall. Especially when it’s a bit windy. So take a GoPro with you if you really want some pictures here. If you do have a splash-proof camera than don’t forget to take a lens cloth with you to dry your lens. See at the picture below how our camera looked like after shooting at this spot! There are several angles which you can try to capture this beauty from. For example with the bamboo bridge in the foreground, and right in front of the waterfall. But for a shot right in front of the waterfall, you have to cross the stream to get to the other side and definitely take a lens cloth with you!


How our (splash proof) Panasonic G9 Lumix camera looked like after shooting at Nungnung waterfall.

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