Nunggalan beach Bali is a beautiful hidden white sand beach along green cliffs in Uluwatu. It takes some effort to get to the beach by walking down a rocky path. So you won’t see many tourists here which makes a visit to Nunggalan beach very serene. So if you love a little adventure and work out to get to some of the beaches in Uluwatu, then definitely check out Nunggalan beach. Because the beach is so secluded, you can expect it to be very quiet. There are no facilities around except a little beach shack that sells coconuts and where you can rent an umbrella. So Nunggalan beach is without a doubt some of the best beaches for peace seekers and off the beaten path adventurers. It also has a ship wreck on the beach and therefore Nunggalan beach is also known as Shipwreck beach in Uluwatu. Read in this blog post everything you need to know about Nunggalan beach. 


How to get to Nunggalan beach Uluwatu

Nunggalan beach is located on the southwestern side of the Bukit Peninsula next to Nyang Nyang beach. It is easy to find with Google Maps and well signed along the main road. Drive all the way to end where you will see Villa Plenilunio, here you can park your vehicle. The parking fee is 5000 IDR. After grabbing your stuff for some relax time, it’s first a 20 min hike down the cliff. Follow the dirt path along the building that goes down to the beach. You can do this hike on flip-flops or sandals, but be careful for the rocks and slippery parts. The direction to the beach is clearly marked, so as long as you follow the path you can’t get lost. You’ll walk mostly in the shade, but nevertheless I would suggest to go to this beach as early as possible. 

Best time to go to Nunggalan beach Uluwatu

Because its a hike down the cliff to get to Nunggalan beach it is advisable to head there in the morning. There is some natural shade along the way down as you partly walk underneath the trees. But that doesn’t mean it can’t get hot. The same is when arriving on Nunggalan beach. There is almost no natural shade on the beach but luckily there are umbrellas for rent. Take into account that it can get super hot during the day, so bring enough sunscreen, eventually some water and a towel. 

What to expect at Nunggalan beach Uluwatu

Once you have parked your vehicle at the parking spot and face Villa Plenilunio, you have to turn right and follow the dirt, rocky path down the cliff. You will pass a few warungs selling coconuts, beers and snacks. The path is well signed so you can’t get lost. If you need more stabilisation you can grab a wooden stick somewhere to keep you balanced while making your way down. 

Halfway you will come to an intersection where it is clearly marked that to the right is Nunggalan Beach and to the left is to the surf break. If you think hiking up and down is hard, think about the surfers that walk here with their surfboards! Talking about a work out…


When you’ve made it almost down to the beach you will first pass a big cave. This is absolutely worth a stop. If you get closer to the cave you can eventually smell sulphur. Crazy to think how this cave has been originated many years ago by volcanic activity! 

Exploring Nunggalan beach

Once down at the beach you will see the beautiful white sand stretch with the green cliffs as backdrop. In the rainy season the cliffs will be bright green and in the summer season more brownish because the foliage is less grown. 

Close to where you enter the beach you will see a shipwreck covered in graffiti. This is a very cool photo spot, as well during the day with blue skies as with sunset. However, keep in mind that if you watch sunset at Nunggalan Beach you will have to make your way back up in the twilight or dark. 


The beach shack where you enter Nunggalan Beach offers umbrellas for rent. This is much needed as during sunny days it gets so hot here and there’s almost no natural shade. We got 1 umbrella for 50.000 IDR and 2 coconuts for another 50.000 IDR. 


It is possible to swim in the ocean here as the waves are not too big. Surfers will head out further into the ocean where the waves break on the reef. But be careful when you go swimming here as there is mostly reef. So wear water shoes or be very careful when walking in the ocean. 

Explore Nyang Nyang Beach from Nunggalan Beach 

You can get to Nyang Nyang Beach from Nunggalan Beach with low tide. Then you have to walk to the right along the beach for about 15 minutes until you get to the cliff which you can pass with low tide. Nyang Nyang beach is quite similar in scenery but you won’t find a shipwreck at this beach. 


Things to do around Nunggalan beach Uluwatu

There are many other fun things to do in Uluwatu and close to Nunggalan Beach. Below some of the must things to do in the near area. 

  • Visit Uluwatu temple. At the Uluwatu Temple you can see the unobstructed views of the ocean, but around sunset an exciting event takes place. The traditional Kecak Fire Dance which is a form of Balinese Hindu dance and music drama that was developed in the 1930’s in Bali. It involves dancing, chanting, elaborate costumes and loads of excitement. It’s a cultural experience in Uluwatu you can’t miss! The entrance fee for the Kecak Fire Dance show is 150,000 IDR per person and it only takes place during sunset.
  • Watch sunset at Karang Boma cliff. The Karang Boma cliff, also known as Uluwatu cliff, is a jaw-dropping 70-meter high limestone cliff which goes straight down into the ocean. With an incredible 180 degrees view on the Indian ocean, this is one of the most impressive Bali viewpoints and some of the best places in Bali to watch the sunset. 
  • Chill in a bean bag at sunset point Uluwatu. If you’re looking for a super chill cliff bar where you can sit down on a bean bag overlooking the ocean with reggae music playing, then head to Sunset Point Uluwatu. This place became some of our favourite spots in Uluwatu to watch sunset. You overlook Jaran Cliff and the ocean towards the west, so it’s the perfect sunset spot. 

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