Marble beach, also known as Marble Bay is one of the beautiful beaches in Trincomalee. Because it’s 17 kilometres outside of Trincomalee located, not many people know about this place. Run by the air force, there is a resort and restaurant at the north end of the cove of Marble beach. Spend your time at the south end of the beach in beautiful emerald water and enjoy the quiet area. In our opinion this is one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka! Read in this blog post everything about Marble beach.

How to get to Marble beach

Marble beach is 17 kilometres south of Trincomalee located. If you don’t want to hire a motorbike, you can go by Tuk Tuk for 1000 LKR from Trincomalee town to Marble beach. Right before the Kinniya bridge, there’s a turn-off on the left signposted. There you have to go in a narrow road to reach the huge parking space of Marble beach. There is a naval checkpoint when you enter the beach area where you have to buy a ticket to enter the beach. But if you say you will have lunch at the restaurant you might have the chance to get waived through without having to pay the entrance.

Best time to go to Marble beach

Because the sunrise is at this side of Sri Lanka, you might want to start your day with that. But in that case, you have to be an early bird 😉 If you’re seeking for a relaxing day at the beach, you can go to Marble beach anytime, but be aware that on weekdays it can get busy with school groups in the afternoon.


What to expect at Marble beach

This beautiful pristine beach is controlled by the Sri Lankan Air Force and has beach front accommodation, an excellent restaurant and a separate bar. Unlike the other beaches at Trincomalee, this is a sheltered bay with bush down to the waters edge with good swimming and snorkeling opportunities. There is also lots of wildlife in the area. You might have the chance to see monkeys and peacocks. And if you’re going to snorkel, schools of brightly colored fish swim around.

You can wade into the water for a kilometre or more, and still the water will only be up to about your waist or lower depending on the tide. Waves are very mild, so it’s a perfect beach for kids to play. You can have a safe bath here as lifeguards are on duty. Strangely enough the water is not as salty either. Possibly because the Mahaweli River flows into the sea close by.

Things to do at Marble beach

Besides enjoying the beach, sunbathing and swimming, you can go snorkeling around the rocks at Marble beach. There are some colourful fish to spot here, and because the water is so calm you don’t have to worry about the current or big waves. If you’re hungry, the restaurant at the beach serves delicious food.

If you want to go exploring around, then there are plenty of things to do in Trincomalee. Head over to this blog post to find out about all the places you need to visit in Trincomalee.


Best time to go to Trincomalee

The best time to explore Trincomalee and the beautiful untouched Trincomalee beaches is between February and August. Around this time the weather is most pleasant. The east coast monsoon season runs from October to early January which is why most shops and restaurants are closed during this period. But when you want to come to Trincomalee for whale watching, make sure to plan your way up here between May and September / October.