One of the must things to do in Ella is climbing up Little Adams Peak. The view from the mountain is just incredible, and you don’t have to walk as far as when trekking up the big Adams Peak Sri Lanka. The best view, and light for photography is when you go with sunrise. Sunset is of course also an option. If you want to enjoy some of the best views of Sri Lanka without the need to hike for hours, Little Adams Peak is the perfect trek. Find in this blog post all the information you need before climbing Little Adams Peak Ella.

How to get to Little Adams Peak

From the main street in Ella it is only 1.5 kilometres until you reach the startpoint of the trail to Little Adams peak. The trailhead is right next to Ella Flower Garden Resort, so if you put your navigation on that resort, you can’t miss the car park and signs.


The way up to Little Adams Peak is very easy to find and the trail is clearly marked with signs showing the way. You will pass a local village and the dirt road goes through beautiful green tea fields. Enough spots to stop and take some pictures! It took us around 45 minutes in total to get to the top.

There is no entrance fee or parking fee for Little Adams Peak.


What to expect at Little Adams Peak

Little Adams Peak is 1141m above sea-level, although you already begin at a high elevation so you will only hike up a few hundred meters along the trail. The whole way up to the top is a well-maintained dirt path and stairs to the first set of viewpoints.

The trail begins with a moderate incline as it winds through tea plantations and a local village. Before sunrise they played beautiful local music through the speakers in this small village, which was so special to witness. An incredible way to wake up!

Once you get closer to the peak, there are multiple platforms, rocks and viewpoints which are perfect photo opportunities. But you have to keep going along the ridge of Little Adams Peak as the view only gets better!


As you continue along the ridge the trail gets a little wilder and steeper which might results in getting a little dirty. When you managed your way up and down to the final viewpoint, you will be amazed by the impressive view. 


Can you imagine that, after I changed my hiking outfit for the picture outfit, I hiked this last wild part in my white dress for this picture?!

It did turn out amazing as we may say so. Wearing a color that stands out from the landscape is always a plus, especially if the person becomes so small like me in this shot!

Best time to go to Little Adams Peak

The opinions are divided about the best time to go to Little Adams Peak. One thing is for sure; don’t do it at the middle of the day! We went with sunrise and had an absolute magical sunrise with the best colours and light we could wish for. It might also depends on the season you’re visiting Sri Lanka. Because during our stay in September, it rained a lot during midday and evening, while we had dry mornings. That made us decide to go for sunrise instead of sunset. But I also did hear about beautiful sunset experiences here. So decide for yourself if you want to wake up early or go for a sunset hike! Either way for just a short hike, Little Adams Peak gives you unbelievable views and is the ideal way to spend sunrise or sunset in Ella!


Photography tips

If you have a zoomlens, definitely take it with you to the top! There are amazing spots to use it, especially if your model stands on a rock further up on the mountain ridge with the other mountains looming in the background. Also the layers you can catch using the zoomlens is just something magical! A drone is also a perfect photography tool to use here, but be aware of the signs that drones may cause bee attacks. 


Weather in Ella Sri Lanka

Ella has an average temperature comparing to Colombo where it is very warm most of the time, and Nuwara Eliya where it can become very cold. Towards the end of the year, it will get colder in Ella. Especially in December when the temperatures will drop to around 10 degrees. There is also more change of rain in Ella than the South coast. On average, October is the wettest month in Ella and March is the driest month. But rain can fall anytime, so be prepared! That’s also the reason why it’s so beautifully green in the valley of Ella.