Living your dream life is something you want to pursue, I think, which is why you came to this blog post to get inspiration and direction in how you can start living your best life. Everyone’s dream life is different. From building your own business, starting your own family to traveling the world or simply by having more free time to do the things you love. 

No one is the same, so everybody has a different dream life. The most important thing is that we all do something in our lives we feel fulfilled by and which we enjoy doing, every single day. You know you are living your dream when you wake up in the morning, and you feel motivated and energised to start your day and work on your purpose. Because in the end, it is important that you have lived a fulfilled life and enjoyed what you were doing. So start taking action towards creating your dream life and read here the techniques that can help you!


What is your dream life? 

Before you can work towards your dream life you have to know how your dream life looks like. But how do you know that? The thing is, your life vision isn’t something that needs to be created. It already exists within you. You just need to get in touch with it and then turn those desires into clear actions that will then eventually lead towards living your dream life. But how do you do that? 

For some people it is easier to specify their dream life than for others. Some people have a very clear vision how they want to live their lives from a young age. Other people need to experience first some other areas in their life before they completely align with their vision and start working towards it. The thing is, we get programmed from a very young age to work in the system and live our lives around that. But what if we could turn that around? First visualise how your dream life looks like, and then find the right job or the right business that supports that dream life financially. 


Spend your days as you wish

You can go two ways from here. Find work that you truly love doing so it doesn’t feel like you’re working a day in your life. Or have a business or a job that isn’t particularly your passion. But which you can use as a vehicle, or with other words, which supports your dream life in terms of income. Most important is that you don’t forget about the balance of working and living. Because if you have a job that takes up a lot of time but provides a high income, you still don’t have the time to spend your money and days as you wish. And that’s the highest goal. To have the freedom to spend your days exactly how you wish. That’s the new wealth.   


Know what makes you happy 

I think we can all agree that the purpose of life is to be happy and to enjoy it. How much pleasure and happiness do we get from life when we can do things on a daily basis that makes us happy, fill our souls and also provides value for other people!? The satisfaction we feel about things we do is what makes us happy. So, to start living your best life you have to do more of what makes you happy! 

But, how to find what makes you happy? 

To live a fulfilled life, it is important to have a vision, a purpose, a goal in your life which you love to work on every single day of the week. That you feel the fire within when you can work on it. 

But if you are in a stage in your life that you really don’t know what makes you happy anymore, try to find calmness in your mind by meditation. For example, think about what made you happy as a kid. Or what you love to do in your free time. Think about the small and big things in life that makes you smile. Write those things down and use them to create your dream life. 

When you can match your passion with your purpose and can translate it into a service or product which you can be paid for, you can create your dream life. Because then you’ve found what you love! What you’re good at (or what you can learn improving), to be of service to other people so you can help the world with your gift and get paid for it!

Know your why and life purpose

Just like any company should have a clear mission and vision about its products and, or services, you should have a clear vision about your WHY and life purpose. The reason why its so important to KNOW YOUR WHY is because it is something to fall back on when you lost motivation or focus. Your why will give you the courage to keep going, take risks and have patience to work towards your dream life. 

Like everything in life, changing your lifestyle will come with obstacles and challenges. When you try new things it will always be hard in the beginning. You will have to step out of your comfort zone and the progression curve will come with ups and downs. When you have your ‘why’ clear, written down, for example on a vision board, you will always have something to look at which makes you realise why you started in the first place. 


How to create your dream life

When you know what makes you happy, you can specify more and more what you need, and don’t need anymore, to create your dream life. Make a list of the things that makes you happy, and make a list of the things that doesn’t make you happy. 

When you start creating your dream life, you should write the end goal down. Because only when you know what your highest vision in life is, you can make clear, smaller action steps to work towards that highest goal. You make your action plan backwards from your biggest goal, so that you write down small, everyday tasks that lead you towards living your dream life. Only if you consistently do something every single day that moves you closer to living your best life, you will be able to live your dream life. 

No one else is going to create a dream life for you. You will have to work for it, put in the energy, effort and hours, to get where you want to be. 


Enjoy the ride

It must be clear that your dream life doesn’t come to you automatically. Living a dream life doesn’t come to a fortunate few but only to those who diligently and consistently work towards their goals. This sometimes comes with sacrifices. For example if you need to save money, or not having the time anymore to meet up every weekend. You will have to put in the effort, overcome struggles and obstacles to reach your dream life. Depending on your highest goal, this can sometimes take years before you reach it. 

Therefore you should keep in mind that when at one day you are reaching your highest life goal, that shouldn’t be the day that you start enjoying life. You should enjoy your life and the challenges that comes with it every day.  Working towards your dream life is already a privilege. And when you can enjoy and celebrate the small and big victories in the present moment, learn from the failures to get better, then you are living a happy life. Every single day.  


Change your mindset 

Once you start living outside of your comfort zone you will face struggles. To overcome these struggles you will have to train your mindset. A new world opens up when you learn more about the power of mindset. It is unbelievable when you realise what we can achieve as human beings when we set our mind to it. The saying ‘you become what you believe’ is so true, and that’s why self love is so important to develop a positive mindset. To love yourself might sound strange or uncomfortable at first. But if you really want to live life to the fullest you have to embrace all your flaws and insecurities and train yourself to overcome your fears. Only when you spend time on your personal growth you can work towards living life to your highest potential. This mindset shift is important to grow into your aspired new life. 

How to develop a positive mindset 

A positive mindset is necessary to start living your best life. From a positive mind not only come better ideas, but also motivation, dedication and happiness. You will need these ingredients to start creating your dream life. 

But how to develop a positive mindset? 

When you start to practice gratitude and positive thinking you will notice that your mind will change. It is scientifically proven that we as humans are able to change our life to a positive state of mind just by controlling our thoughts. Start with practicing gratitude, focus your thoughts on the good things in life, see challenges as the ability to learn and grow and train your awareness on positive (self) talk and eliminate negative (self) talk. Meditate to calm your mind if you feel stressed or negative. Do things on a daily basis that makes you happy such as sports, walking in nature, listening to music, drawing etc. 


Unfolding the dream life with passive income

Okay, so you’ve made your action plan, you know your why, worked on your mindset so now it’s time to unfold your dream life. As mentioned before, you can’t expect overnight change. Working towards your dream life is an ongoing process and you can’t expect to reach your highest goal after a few weeks working on it. See it as your life transformation, your life project. If you’re going to the gym for a few times it also doesn’t mean you will get a sixpack instantly. Its all about consistent work. 

Although everyones dream life is different, we can see similarities at the base of most people’s dream lives. It all comes down to one important thing that is most valuable in life: TIME. 

We all want to have more time to do the things we love to do. But to have more ‘free time’, it means we somehow have to create that extra free time. This is possible in many ways, but the most lucrative way, for the rest of your life, is to let money work for you. With other words, to set up one or more passive income streams. 

Earning passive income is possible in many different ways. However you should keep in mind that passive income is not completely passive. A better understanding of passive income is ‘returning earnings from a source’. But it will always need a kind of management and maintenance. Examples of passive income are from a rental property, affiliate, dividend stocks, selling stock footage, a blog (like ours!), YouTube channel, a course and much more. Especially the last three mentioned examples need a lot of work to create new content. So I wouldn’t directly say that a blog, YouTube channel and a course are completely passive income streams. But they are returning earnings from the same source. And the returning amount can also grow (much) bigger overtime the more people are making use of your content.

Digital Nomad jobs to live your dream life

Another great way to live your dream life is to start living as Digital Nomad. This is a huge life changing choice, but for some people the best way they can live their lives. Living as a Digital Nomad gives you lots of freedom to explore the world, to experience new cultures and have awesome adventures while working remotely. Of course you need to have a job that allows you to work remotely. Or, have your own business that allows you to work at anytime anywhere in the world. This will be an important first decision if you want to become a Digital Nomad. Because if you keep working for a company, you still have the responsibility towards your employer. On the other hand, if you have your own company, you have a lot to organise and think of. 

A term which is being used more frequently to combine work for your employer while traveling are workations. A “workation” is a blend of the words “work” and “vacation,” and it refers to a trend where individuals or employees combine work and leisure during a trip or extended stay away from their usual workplace. The concept of workations has become increasingly popular, particularly with the rise of remote work and the flexibility it offers in terms of location. Read this complete guide about workations to learn more about this interesting subject, the advantages and much more!

To give you an idea of the most common Digital Nomad jobs, here’s a little breakdown. There are many articles online which explain more about the best Digital Nomad jobs. But the main motivation should always be that you do something you love, and you’re good at!

  • Programmer
  • Social Media manager 
  • Crypto & Forex trader
  • Blogger
  • English teacher 

Do you want to explore with me how to create your dream life?

If you need some guidance in creating your dream life and you want to know the options that I can give you, then don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail at [email protected]

I will be happy to jump on a 1:1 call with you to explore your roadmap towards creating your best life. After living my dream life for over 5 years now, I know the struggles and obstacles you can endure. With plenty of online business & self development experience I can give you coaching sessions to kick start your dream life.


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