Hiriketiya beach is for several reasons in our opinion one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka. Also known as Hiriketiya bay or written as Hirikiteya, this horse shoe shaped bay is located on the south coast of Sri Lanka. It is one of the best surf and yoga spots in Sri Lanka with hipster cafes, a laidback vibe and palm trees hanging over the beach. Hiriketiya beach really is a jungle paradise, perfect for peace seekers. Read everything you need to know about Hiriketiya beach in this blog post!

How to get to Hiriketiya beach

Hiriketiya beach is located on the south coast of Sri Lanka right next door to Dickwella. You can get to Hiriketiya by bus, Tuk Tuk or when you’ve rented a scooter. In our opinion renting a scooter is the best way to go because you’re way more flexible to get around. A Tuk Tuk is also a good option, because the bus stops around 20 min away from the beach.

But what is even a better idea, is to stay for a few days at Hiriketiya, like we did. We spend 4 days at this chill beach town in a beach bungalow and absolutely loved it! You can rent a scooter easily along the south coast so you can explore the rest of the beautiful Sri Lanka beaches.


What to expect at Hiriketiya beach

What was once a sleepy hidden beach town on Sri Lanka’s south coast with only a few wooden huts is quickly becoming THE place for Digital Nomads. Hip cafe’s serving smoothie bowls and vegan food, bronzed surfers riding the waves and salty-haired wanderers who found this chill place as well, are making Hiriketiya beach THE new hotspot of Sri Lanka’s south coast. But despite all this progress, Hiriketiya still manages to have the vibe of a chill laid back beach-and surf town where thick jungle meets the sea and time becomes totally irrelevant. What you can expect mostly at Hiriketiya beach are surfers, yoga fanatics and Digital Nomads.

The beach itself is not too wide, so I wouldn’t say it is the best beach for sun bathing. The waves can also be rough, so for swimming it’s also not the best bay but on the other hand, for surfers, chill sessions and the overall vibe, Hiriketiya beach is definitely a place you want to stay for a few days! 


Digital Nomad community at Hiriketiya

After traveling through Sri Lanka for 3 weeks we needed to get some work done. As in editing photos, videos and writing new blog posts! There was no better place to do this than at the co-working and living place Verse Collective right next to Hiriketiya beach! This hip cafe, restaurant, co-working space and hostel allows traveling creatives to balance work & island life. The airy communal spaces have stunning ocean & palm jungle views and the cafe offers delicious coffee and various Western and Sri Lankan dishes.


Best places to eat at Hiriketiya beach

There are some really nice cafes and restaurants in Hiriketya that you might want to check out! Here is a selection of our favourites:

Verse Collective: To eat and work.

The Grove Lanka: For lunch or dinner.

Malu Poke: For the best smoothie bowls! We loved to eat our breakfast here.

Peter’s Place: A cosy restaurant right along the sea. The food is average but the overall vibe is really chill!

Dots Bay House Hiriketiya: Yummy food and a very cosy vibe!

Salt House: Great food and a lovely setting in the garden.

Things to do at Hiriketiya beach

Because of it’s chilled vibes and good waves, many surf and yoga lovers found their way to Hiriketiya bay. Hiriketiya is even slowly becoming one of Sri Lanka’s best surf destinations because it is the perfect place to learn surfing or to take your surfing skills to the next level. Because there are many great things to do in and around Hiriketya beach, I wrote a separate blog post about all the best things to do in Hiriketiya, and surrounding towns.